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Crypto consensus summit


crypto consensus summit

The 5th Stanford Blockchain Conference (SBC) will take place on Aug. , Learn more New Research. Collaborative ZK proofs. Description Consensus is an annual gathering of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology designed to be a big tent for the industry. Since , Consensus has been recognized as the most influential event in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Consensus will bring together thousands of. IS IT A GOOD TIME TO INVEST IN BITCOIN

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Successful cases analysis. Business coaches: Natalia Grace — a business coach, psychologist, consultant, author of memory and speech development techniques, self-esteem specialist, author of 15 books. There will be: Walking on coals to the drum show, which strengthens the will, psychological endurance, self-confidence.

For many, this is a powerful psychophysical push, a step to new achievements and changes in life. Walking on broken glass, activating reflex points, helping to remove muscle clamps, eliminate psychological and emotional blocks.

It is also accompanied by a powerful release of energy. Fire show — a dance and tricks with fire Concert and entertainment program, with the participation of Renat Mansurov, musicians, DJ, PJ! Closed program for TOP partners. DAO is based on smart contracts, where every transaction is transparent, and each member of the community can influence the decisions by voting. Summit Partners. The kittiehats team did not need to ask for permission to build on top as the open development standard enabled them to do just that.

Community based software development is taking over from siloed firm driven development. Ownership redefined through open development standards If all this talk of kitties and accessories seems a bit too ridiculous, remember that it is just a first implementation of what the technology can enable. New standards and practices of software development are being created that have powerful, far reaching implications. Good governance is a key value driver The Placeholder team of Joel Monegro and Chris Burniske are particularly interested in governance tokens because they represent power to change the rules of the game.

As cryptonetworks scale, so too does the overall cost and value of governing the network. There is more at stake, so network participants will place larger value on tokens that give them influence over decision-making. Governance when executed correctly is also a good defense to forks, which risk splitting the community and fragmenting original network value across multiple networks.

Tokens as a combination of currency and capital They also noted a foundational property of tokens in that they have both currency and capital functions baked into them. Currency e. Interesting idea, but I would argue that specific token designs such as work tokens, or even governance tokens, will induce concentrated ownership as well. Regulation A result of the increasingly widespread interest in the space is heightened regulatory scrutiny, so it was clear that regulation would be a topic of the day.

Governance and compliance: a business opportunity David Sacks of Craft Ventures and Harbor kicked off the conversation by saying that good regulatory adherence can be a business opportunity. The reason Coinbase is so successful he argued, is that they have paid close to regulation since inception.

If tokens are to be classified as security tokens, these foundational elements of the new Internet infrastructure would lose fluidity and their ability to coordinate open networks. Good governance can also serve as a defense to securities regulation.

A project that enables a wide token distribution and governance model that allows for people to decide the direction of the protocol will be at the bottom of the list for regulators to take a closer look at. Bitcoin, which regulators generally agree is not a security, provides a good model for projects to follow: there was no pre-mine or concentration of tokens in the hands of a few, and tokens were issued progressively through functional software.

With projects such as Harbor emerging, we are at the cusp of seeing an explosion in the tokenization of real-world assets. The powerful implication of this is not just the tokenization of the assets, but what they can enable going forward. Once you can collateralize with more stable assets such as tokenized real estate, or art, you will no longer have to over-collateralize. We are really at the beginning of a revamp of the current financial system. New exchanges will likely emerge that specialize in different types of securities tokens as traditional exchanges will be too slow to adapt and cater to the market.

Link to the whitepaper here Preethi Kasireddy took the lid off her new project TruStory, a platform for users to discover and validate claims people make. More to come on the project. An overarching feeling you get is that the industry is extremely eager to show off progress in terms of usage of the technology, but reality remains that most of the use cases so far are still investment focused.

While interest in the space has grown exponentially since last year, not too much has changed in terms of production of live networks with meaningful adoption. That being said, the quality of people and unrelenting impatience to deliver, makes me confident that the narrative will be very different next time around.

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