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warren buffett books investing

Books about Buffett · Robert P. Miles (). Warren Buffett Wealth: Principles and Practical Methods Used by the World's Greatest Investor. · Tavakoli, Janet M. 10 Value Investing Books That Makes You As Smart as Warren Buffet · 1 & 2. The Intelligent Investor & One Up on Wall Street · 3 & 4. Think Fast and Slow &. 7 Best Warren Buffett Books [Updated ] · The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life · The Warren Buffett Way · The Real Warren Buffett: Managing. 0.08 BITCOIN KAC TL

Buffett became close friends with Katharine Graham , who controlled the company and its flagship newspaper and joined its board. In , the SEC opened a formal investigation into Buffett and Berkshire's acquisition of Wesco Financial , due to possible conflict of interest.

No charges were brought. Antitrust charges started, instigated by its rival, the Buffalo Courier-Express. Both papers lost money until the Courier-Express folded in In , Berkshire began to acquire stock in ABC. The two companies also owned several radio stations in the same markets.

A rogue trader , Paul Mozer, was submitting bids in excess of what was allowed by Treasury rules. When this was brought to Gutfreund's attention, he did not immediately suspend the rogue trader. Gutfreund left the company in August Greenberg at AIG in Gen Re also made a commitment to implement "corporate governance concessions," which required Berkshire Hathaway's chief financial officer to attend General Re's audit committee meetings and mandated the appointment of an independent director.

Buffett discussed the difficulties of knowing when to sell in the company's annual report: That may seem easy to do when one looks through an always-clean, rear-view mirror. Unfortunately, however, it's the windshield through which investors must peer, and that glass is invariably fogged. Not only has the economy slowed down a lot, but people have really changed their habits like I haven't seen". Additionally, Buffett feared that inflation levels that occurred in the s—which led to years of painful stagflation —might re-emerge.

Alice Schroeder , author of Snowball, said that a key reason for the purchase was to diversify Berkshire Hathaway from the financial industry. I in no way anticipated the dramatic fall in energy prices that occurred in the last half of the year.

But so far I have been dead wrong. Even if prices should rise, moreover, the terrible timing of my purchase has cost Berkshire several billion dollars. That's the nature of bubbles — they're mass delusions. I'm on my way to an unknown destination in Asia where I'm going to look for a cave. If the U. Armed forces can't find Osama bin Laden in 10 years, let Goldman Sachs try to find me. This unanticipated investment raised his stake in the company to around 5.

Buffett had said on numerous prior occasions that he would not invest in technology because he did not fully understand it, so the move came as a surprise to many investors and observers. During the interview, in which he revealed the investment to the public, Buffett stated that he was impressed by the company's ability to retain corporate clients and said, "I don't know of any large company that really has been as specific on what they intend to do and how they intend to do it as IBM.

At the Berkshire shareholders meeting in May , Buffett explained that he did not expect to "move the needle" at Berkshire with newspaper acquisitions, but he anticipates an annual return of 10 percent. Buffett also advocated further on the issue of wealth equality in society: We have learned to turn out lots of goods and services, but we haven't learned as well how to have everybody share in the bounty.

The obligation of a society as prosperous as ours is to figure out how nobody gets left too far behind. He also stated that the markets and the economy will likely be unpredictable well into the post-pandemic recovery period, even with the Biden administration and the United States Federal Reserve having a plan in place.

Buffett is recognized by communicators [94] as a great story-teller, as evidenced by his annual letters to shareholders. He has warned about the pernicious effects of inflation: [95] The arithmetic makes it plain that inflation is a far more devastating tax than anything that has been enacted by our legislatures. The inflation tax has a fantastic ability to simply consume capital. It makes no difference to a widow with her savings in a 5 percent passbook account whether she pays percent income tax on her interest income during a period of zero inflation, or pays no income taxes during years of 5 percent inflation.

In addition to himself, Buffett named Walter J. Buffett is skeptical that active management can outperform the market in the long run, and has advised both individual and institutional investors to move their money to low-cost index funds that track broad, diversified stock market indices. Buffett said in one of his letters to shareholders that "when trillions of dollars are managed by Wall Streeters charging high fees, it will usually be the managers who reap outsized profits, not the clients.

By , the index fund was outperforming every hedge fund that made the bet against Buffett. Personal life Buffett with Gary Green in In , Buffett developed a crush on a young woman whose boyfriend had a ukulele. In an attempt to compete, he bought one of the instruments and has been playing it ever since.

Though the attempt to capture her attention was unsuccessful, his music interest became a key part of his becoming a part of Susan Thompson's life, and led to their marriage. Buffett often plays the instrument at stockholder meetings and other opportunities. His love of the instrument led to the commissioning of two custom Dairy Queen ukuleles by Dave Talsma, one of which was auctioned for charity. They had three children, Susie , Howard and Peter.

The couple began living separately in , although they remained married until Susan Buffett's death in July Their daughter, Susie, lives in Omaha, is a national board member of Girls, Inc. Buffett Foundation. All three were close and Christmas cards to friends were signed "Warren, Susie and Astrid". Although his first wife referred to Nicole as one of her "adored grandchildren", [] Buffett wrote Nicole a letter stating, "I have not emotionally or legally adopted you as a grandchild, nor have the rest of my family adopted you as a niece or a cousin.

This act was a break from his past condemnation of extravagant purchases by other CEOs and his history of using more public transportation. Modeled on the Ryder Cup in golf—held immediately before it in the same city—the teams are chosen by invitation, with a female team and five male teams provided by each country. He supported the hire of Bo Pelini , following the season , stating, "It was getting kind of desperate around here".

The series features Buffett and Munger and teaches children healthy financial habits. Buffett's speeches are known for mixing business discussions with humor. Each year, Buffett presides over Berkshire Hathaway's annual shareholder meeting in the Qwest Center in Omaha , Nebraska , an event drawing over 20, visitors from both the United States and abroad, giving it the nickname "Woodstock of Capitalism". Berkshire's annual reports and letters to shareholders, prepared by Buffett, frequently receive coverage by the financial media.

Buffett's writings are known for containing quotations from sources as varied as the Bible and Mae West , [] as well as advice in a folksy, Midwestern style and numerous jokes. In April , Buffett an avid Coca-Cola drinker and shareholder in the company agreed to have his likeness placed on Cherry Coke products in China. Buffett was not compensated for this advertisement. In a letter to shareholders, Buffett said he felt "great — as if I were in my normal excellent health — and my energy level is percent.

He once commented, "I want to give my kids just enough so that they would feel that they could do anything, but not so much that they would feel like doing nothing". I have no problem in releasing my tax information while under audit. On these occasions he will name a very low price, since he is terrified that you will unload your interest on him. If his quotation is uninteresting to you today, he will be back with a new one tomorrow. Transactions are strictly at your option.

Under these conditions, the more manic-depressive his behavior, the better for you. But, like Cinderella at the ball, you must heed one warning or everything will turn into pumpkins and mice: Mr. Market is there to serve you, not to guide you. It is his pocketbook, not his wisdom, that you will find useful.

If he shows up some day in a particularly foolish mood, you are free to ignore him or to take advantage of him, but it will be disastrous if you fall under his influence. Market concept firmly in mind. Margin of Safety as the Central Concept of Investment The core of this idea to know what a business is worth and pay less.

Again Buffett explains in his own words. When Mr.

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The trick is to buy stock in any company whose products were at an early stage of their life cycle, when profits and revenues were just about to take off. The difficulty here is in accurately forecasting rates of growth.

The Warren Buffett Way - Page 3 - 3. Margin of Safety Approach always tried to garner an accurate picture of relative Invest only in companies which have a large margin between strengths and weaknesses by his research. In a downturn, that company is Fisher suggested it was better to hold stock in a few most likely to ride out a recession well.

Applying this concept outstanding companies than a large number of average to a stock, buy shares only in a company for which the share companies. He always invested within his own circle of price is below its intrinsic value as determined by assets, competence - that is, with companies he understood and felt earnings, dividends and future prospects.

Graham strongly advocated the margin of safety approach with investment in common stock of growth companies. His 3. His is a very that approach. Therefore, Graham suggested that identifying patient investment strategy based on the value of the business. It is hard or real assets plus the future Supporting Ideas value of the earnings those assets will produce. There is a large difference between investing in a particular Graham advocated two approaches to buying shares: stock and trying to predict the direction of the general market.

In spite of technology, it is still people that make markets. Focus only on low price-to-earnings ratio stocks. Investor sentiment has the largest influence over short-term These stocks will generally be out of favour with market market direction and stability. However, the long-term value sentiment. The market inefficiency, created by emotions, of a stock is ultimately determined by the economic progress generates valuable opportunities for the rational investor.

Philip Fisher 2. The Mr. Market Allegory. Author of Common Stocks And Uncommon Profits, Fisher Imagine you are the owner of a small business in partnership was a stockbroker who set up in business just after the with Mr. Every day, Mr. Market quotes you a price at crash. While the business is sound and makes good and profits over the years at rates greater than the industry progress, Mr. He classified these types of companies as: mood he is in.

Fortunate and able. When he is in an upbeat mood, his price is exceptionally high. Companies which work aggressively to create larger markets Conversely, strike him on a bad day and he is very for their products, and are in a position to benefit from events pessimistic and quotes an unusually low price. If you were in business with Mr. Market and you tried to take 2.

Fortunate because they were able. Rather, it is Mr. It is disastrous if you fall under his influence. He also looked at A successful stock market investor should put aside the profit margins and accounting controls. Fisher believed emotional whirlwind Mr. Market unleashes on the general marginal companies never succeeded over the long run.

He market every day and exercise sound business judgement. Investors must be financially and psychologically prepared their competitive advantage and strengthening their market to deal with the everyday market fluctuations. Unless you can position. If a company expanded succeed. Price declines are a welcome way to add more shares to your expanding its capital base, Fisher thought that augered well portfolio at a lower price. As long as your are investing in a for the future.

He saw as a good sign any 5. The management should also have an ability to businesses on the strength of a rumour, Buffett buys and develop good working relations throughout the company. His approach is always to wait each company. He looked for clues by interviewing patiently until a truly great investment opportunity surfaces customers, vendors, competitors and consultants. He and then go to it.

The Warren Buffett Way - Page 4 - 6. Investment success is not the same as infallibility. Instead, Key Thoughts success comes about by doing more things right than wrong. Peter who told him there was no room for him to come in. Peter was impressed and invited the man in now there sometimes pervasive, sometimes specific to a company or was plenty of room.

There just might be because we like pessimism but because we like the prices it some truth to that rumour after all. With every investment decision his him, and does not lose confidence when they disagree. An investor and a businessperson should look at a company in the same way. The investor between enterprises about which one knows little and has no would benefit by using the same business purchase crieria special reason for special confidence.

Instead, look at: unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. One day on land is worth a thousand years of talking about it and That is, use economic criteria rather than price changes.

Relationship investing is critically important. With this -- Warren Buffett approach, investors act like owners of the companies they own shares in. Warren Buffett usually assigns voting rights for shares he style with which he runs Berkshire - and the quality he often finds purchases to the management of the company. That sends lacking in other corporations. He avoids -- Carol Loomis, Fortune Magazine companies in need of major overhauls.

He also avoids confronting management to improve shareholder returns. If history books Buffett simply will not invest in any company which he were the key to riches, the Forbes would consist of considers requires a change in officers before true value can librarians. Brown to validate long as the prospective returns on equity capital of the our well being. Why, then, should we need a quote on our 7 business is satisfactory, management is percent interest in Coke?

Generally speaking, Buffett sells only when the stock price shows the market is appreciably overvaluing the business by his reckoning. The Warren Buffett Way - Page 5 - 4. Business Tennets Business Tennet 1. Main Idea Is the business simple and understandable from the Rational allocation of capital is the key to any investment perspective of the investor?

Do you understand how the company generates sales, The Buffett approach to investment is: incurs expenses and produces profits? That means you need to understand revenues, expenses, cash flow, labour relations, pricing, flexibility and capital 2. Manage a portfolio of businesses you want to own. Supporting Ideas An investor need to be realistic about what they do not know. Never follow the day to day fluctuations of the stock Above average results are most often achieved by doing market.

In essence, a stock market exists simply to facilitate the Business Tennet 2. Anytime an investor tries to turn Does the business have a consistent operating history? One-off windfalls homework or not. If you know more about a company than generated by unusual events are just too hard to reasonably the market does, then why give any attention to what the predict.

An investor should never ignore a current business reality Secondly, if you buy a share because you believe a company because of some vision of future success. Look to buy a has sound financial prospects and you intend owning it for a business which has shown it can reasonably weather number of years, what happens in the market on a day to day different economic cycles and competitive forces.

This share purchase they have completed. Does the business have favourable long-term 2. The economic world is divided into a large group of If it is impossible to predict what the stock market will do from commodity companies and a small group of companies that day to day, how can it be even remotely achieveable to own the franchise for their product or service.

As well as the traditional The problem is some investors begin with an economic oil and gas companies, the commodities group now includes assumption about the direction of the economy and select computers, automobiles and airlines. In this way, the predictions By contrast, companies which own the franchise have a become both self-fulfilling and limiting. A business which has type of company. These companies have an appreciable the ability to profit in any economic environment is very margin of safety whereby prices can be raised to offset valuable.

The only problem is a strong franchise holder soon attracts An investor should only buy shares in a company which he competitors and substitute products, which in turn leads to would be willing to purchase outright if he had sufficient the creation of a commodity market around that product or capital. From this perspective, an investor should look for a service.

Whenever that happens, the value of the company with business operations that are understood, has management becomes even more critical to the economic favourable long-term prospects, is operated by honest and performance of the company. If it is not possible to purchase a franchise company, the next The decision to buy a business is based on: best option is to buy the lowest cost supplier in a commodity -- Business tennets market.

Over the long-term, the lowest cost supplier always -- Management tennets comes to dominate a commodity market. Miller has done a superb job of researching and dissecting the operation of Buffett Partnership Ltd. If you are fascinated by investment theory and practice, you will enjoy this book. As the story goes, Marks published this book at the urging of Warren Buffett.

I always learn something, and that goes double for his book. After an incredible investment career of his own, fellow Omaha, Nebraska native Charlie Munger first met Warren Buffett at a dinner party. This meeting of these two incredible minds helped propel Berkshire Hathaway into the history books, as Buffett and Munger would constantly bounce ideas of each other for the several decades as their investments made them both incredibly rich.

Munger edited by Peter D. Munger put this together at the urging of his pal, Warren Buffett. The book is essentially a collection of many different essays, speeches, and other public works Charlie has put together in his career. Charlie has a very unique mind, and I found it interesting to see how he connects so many different areas of life into his investment philosophy.

Books about himself that he endorses Not surprisingly, the most successful investor in history has drawn quite a few biographers. Over the years, Buffett has complimented a few of those authors in particular. It sums up what Charlie and I have been saying over the years in annual reports and at annual meetings. This one is a quick read, topping out at just 81 pages. Here are his favorites. Buffett sent Gates a copy of Business Adventures.

Limping on Water by Phil Bueth and K. These two were the best managerial duo — both in what they accomplished and how they did it — that Charlie and I ever witnessed. Much of what you become in life depends on whom you choose to admire and copy. Secretary of the Treasury during the Great Financial Crisis of The Outsiders by William Thorndike, Jr. Buffett praised The Outsiders in his letter.

This book profiles eight different CEOs and their different paths to management. The Outsiders, by William Thorndike, Jr. In the book, Bogle argues that risky, speculative investment has invaded the national retirement system. In his Letter , Buffett had this to say about the book: I recommend MiTek, an informative history of one of our very successful subsidiaries. Fun Books Recommended by Warren Buffett Occasionally, Buffett recommends memoirs and off-topic writings that are only loosely related to business.

Here are the most notable.

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The 7 Greatest Books for Investing \u0026 Money (RANKED!)

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