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Life on the line sports betting documentary 2022


life on the line sports betting documentary 2022

Gamble on Super Bowl? Here's the riveting inside story of the world's top pro sports bettors in Las Vegas, during the biggest betting event of the year. Sports betting is not just about placing your wager on the team or Directed by Isaac Feder, the “Life on the line” documentary. Fantasy Sports Gambling 3. Now Place Your Bets 4. 30 for The Legend of Jimmy the Greek 5. Life on the Line. Since the sports betting. SIEGFRIED EIFRIG INVESTING

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Life on the line sports betting documentary 2022 betting on today`s football


It also offers a valuable insight into how and why sports betting has become as popular as it has. The documentary is free to watch on YouTube. Action follows the sports betting industry as it adapts to the Supreme Court decision that shone a new light on everything from rogue sportsbooks to honest oddsmakers during the 99th season of the NFL. The series is made up of four episodes and details the real lives of professional gamblers and those who make a living from setting the odds.

The documentary includes exclusive and personal appearances by Las Vegas oddsmaker Jay Kornegay and sports radio hosts Ken Thompson and Brian Blessing. Produced by Scott Pearson Eberly, it focuses on the NCAA basketball tournament , and offers an honest insight into the lives of professional bettors and gamblers. Some of them tell us about amazing betting strategies, others warn gamblers what not to do when it comes to betting. Luckily for us, many of these stories have been documented.

So, today we will tell you about five films that focus on real people and events from the betting world. The Best of It This documentary focuses on four professional bettors who tried to win fortune by betting on the NCAA tournament in And yet, they still had to deal with the unforgivable nature of the betting business.

Ken Weitzner and his wife in particular lost so much money during March Madness that they committed suicide shortly after they were interviewed for the movie. Fantasy Sports Gambling When Frontline , which was a popular investigative series on PBS, teamed up with The New York Times in , they released an episode about the skyrocketing fantasy sports betting. As it turns out, this relatively new segment of the industry began to grow thanks to a legislative loophole.

The episode is one hour long and features interviews with gamblers, regulators, and other involved parties that shed light on the dark side of this business. Now Place Your Bets If you want to know how the legal betting business started in Las Vegas, you will definitely enjoy this documentary.

Life on the line sports betting documentary 2022 khl hockey betting picks

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life on the line sports betting documentary 2022

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