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Is for better or worse on bet plus


is for better or worse on bet plus

Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse, a sitcom series starring Tasha Smith, Michael Jai White Watch it on The Roku Channel or BET Plus on your Roku device. BET+ is a premium online streaming service with over 2, hours of your favorite Black content from the best Black creators. For Better or Worse ( TV series) ; Tyler Perry · Tasha Smith · Michael Jai White · Crystle Stewart · Jason Olive · Kiki Haynes · Kent Faulcon · Cocoa Brown. TRADER FOREX YANG BERJAYA

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Comedy First Wives Club — An African American reboot of the classic movie comedy about three divorced women who seek revenge on their former husbands, who left them for younger women. Bigger — The half-hour comedy, set in Atlanta, centers on a woman who is about to marry her boyfriend, but who then has to deal with the sudden death of a college acquaintance. Bruh — This Tyler Perry-created dramedy follows four long-time male friends as they navigate through their lives and support each other.

The second season of the show will debut on September Kiss Me for Christmas — A Christmas-themed original movie about a woman who has a one-night romantic experience with a man. The fourth season is exclusive to BET Plus. She will play a fictional version of herself, a former convicted felon who now lives in Atlanta. She is now a suburban housewife having to deal with more typical family problems. Upcoming: Birth of Cool — A dramedy that centers on the activities of a fictional predominately Black high school.

She plays a high-end Los Angeles entertainment lawyer. Influence — Another original movie, which tells the story of a well-known female singer who is charged with murdering her husband. It centers on a woman who becomes involved in a sex cult. Diggstown — This six-episode series centers on a woman who was a high-powered corporate attorney.

However, after a family tragedy, she makes a big change in her life. Trigger — A new original movie about a criminal who gets out of prison and goes to visit his brother and his wife at their home. Things quickly turn bad.

Troubled Waters — A married comedian who is becoming more popular puts all that in jeopardy when he has an affair with a younger woman. Never and Again — An original movie about a couple who got together as teenagers and were then pulled apart by tragedy. Years later, can they rekindle their teen romance?

This will likely be the final appearance of Tyler Perry playing his well-known character Madea. American Skin — A movie about a black man who sees his son shot and killed by a white police officer. The father decides to his own trial of the cop. Favorite Son — A movie about two brothers who form a gospel music group Unscripted American Gangster: Trap Queens — An unscripted series that tells the stories of the biggest female gangsters in the history of the US.

All the Way Black — This series takes a comedic look at black culture themes from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. It also offers a mix of older and more recent movies and TV shows directly aimed at the black audience. It also has a growing number of original scripted and non-scripted programming as well. Netflix Netflix The biggest of all the streaming services, Netflix has a growing number of older and new movies and shows for a Black audience.

There does not appear to be a limit for how many users can stream on one account at the moment. The fifth season of the series premiered on April 1, The second half of season 5 premiered on September On January 30, OWN announced that the show will end after the sixth season. The sixth season premiered on Saturday, June 10, The series ended on July 22, The series had a total of episodes.

Cast[ edit ] Tasha Smith as Angela Williams: Marcus's sparkplug of a wife, the affluent and successful owner of Lady Angie's hair salon and hair care products; originally from Camden, New Jersey , she has a degree in chemistry. In season 1, Angela deals with Marcus's infidelity issues. Marcus tries prove his innocence. It was confirmed in the season 2 premiere.

She has hatred for Marcus's ex-girlfriend Keisha throughout the entire series. In season 3, Angela finds out that she has cancer, caused by a mass in her mammogram, but later is misdiagnosed. In the season 4 episode "The Results", Angela finds out she is pregnant, but later in the season 6 premiere, she had suffered a miscarriage.

Michael Jai White as Marcus Williams: Angela's husband, a former professional football player and owner of a highly rated sports television show C-Sports Now. Season 1 focuses on his infidelity struggles with Angela, Marcus proves his innocence and it was confirmed at the beginning of season 2. In season 4, he unknowingly fathered another child. In the season 4 episode, "The Results", Marcus finds out his wife, Angela is pregnant and is expecting his third child.

In the film, Marcus was working for Angela before owning his sport business. Towards the end of season 2, he and Leslie break up over their sexual attraction with each other and feelings for marriage, but still has feelings for her and determines to win her back throughout season 3. In the season 2 finale, Joseph suffers from a motorcycle accident on Leslie and Chris's wedding day trying to stop it. In season 3, they get back together. And in season, Joseph finally proposes to Leslie.

Leslie has doubts about her and Joseph's relationship in Season 2.

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BET vs Netflix - BET PLUS - Tyler Perry Exclusive Deal is for better or worse on bet plus

The sitcom details the relationships of three couples who are in different stages of their relationships.

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Is for better or worse on bet plus Are you ready to watch For Better or Worse streaming? In season 5, she starts developing feelings for Richard. Are you looking for the For Better or Worse channel? HBO and Cinemax, are an additional five dollars a month, for each channel. Local channels are also included, though most of the country will receive them on-demand.
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