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Green prophet better place realty


green prophet better place realty

Learn earthen architecture of the Middle East. This one-month training course will use Al Ain, UAE as an open-air laboratory for participants to learn. As a result, they're issuing more and more of it, on the assumption that somehow money constitutes wealth, instead of realizing that money. Let it all out in your own customised space, perfected for your needs. There is no better place for an escape than one's own home. For Pre-Booking: Call: AKASA CRYPTO MINI ITX

Protecting Your Augmented Real Estate All this raises some mind-bending questions about the eventual meeting point between digital content and physical location. As augmented reality increases in usage, could we see potential turf wars between physical retail businesses and digital businesses vying for consumer attention in the same locations?

Could this collision of the real and the virtual test the definition of what constitutes real estate? One of over 20 augmented reality shops worldwide by French brand Hostage Wear. Lens-Fitzgerald is growing at a dramatic pace. With over Layar developers worldwide, the potential for rapid escalation in the number of augmented reality projects is significant.

So, could we see a time where digital space associated with a specific location is bought and sold like physical real estate? Given that there are no limits to the amount of digital content that can be associated with a particular location; he does not foresee digital space having the same finite characteristics as real estate. However, he does see augmented reality advertising space being sold in and around specific high traffic geographic locations. Start Now And what can retail brands do to stake out the digital space around their locations?

He maintains that brands should be developing augmented reality experiences now. Extra-biblical parallels In the Ugaritic texts 13th—12th century BCE , three out of the six real estate contracts discovered were for the sum of silver shekels, and the terms of sale in them parallel the Biblical description of the sale of Machpelah.

Apparently shekels was a common price for Canaanite real estate transactions in this period. Herod's building, with 6-foot-thick 1. Under Byzantine rule, a simple basilica was constructed at the southeastern end and the enclosure was roofed everywhere except at the centre. During this period, the site became an important Christian pilgrimage destination. The Pilgrim of Bordaux , c.

Its purpose is unknown but one historic account claims that it marked the spot where Joseph was buried see Joseph's Tomb , the area having been excavated by a Muslim caliph , under the influence of a local tradition regarding Joseph's tomb. During this period, the area was given a new gabled roof, clerestory windows and vaulting.

When the Crusaders took control of the site Jews were banned from using the synagogues. And they discovered " the bodies of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob", "their shrouds having fallen to pieces, lying propped up against a wall Then the King, after providing new shrouds, caused the place to be closed once more". Similar information is given in Ibn al Athir 's Chronicle under the year ; "In this year was opened the tomb of Abraham, and those of his two sons Isaac and Jacob Many people saw the Patriarch.

Their limbs had nowise been disturbed, and beside them were placed lamps of gold and of silver. On that day, I stood in the cave and prayed, praise be to God, in gratitude for everything. Abram de Bron. He reported: "Here that there is the great church called St. Abram, and this was a Jewish place of worship at the time of the Mohammedan rule, but the Gentiles have erected there six tombs, respectively called those of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Leah.

The custodians tell the pilgrims that these are the tombs of the Patriarchs, for which information the pilgrims give them money. If a Jew comes, however, and gives a special reward, the custodian of the cave opens unto him a gate of iron, which was constructed by our forefathers, and then he is able to descend below by means of steps, holding a lighted candle in his hand.

He then reaches a cave, in which nothing is to be found, and a cave beyond, which is likewise empty, but when he reaches the third cave behold there are six sepulchres, those of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, respectively facing those of Sarah, Rebekah and Leah, upon which the names of the three Patriarchs and their wives are inscribed in Hebrew characters. The cave is filled with barrels containing bones of people, which are taken there as to a sacred place.

At the end of the field of the Machpelah stands Abraham's house with a spring in front of it". In Saladin conquered the area, reconverting the enclosure to a mosque but allowing Christians to continue worshipping there. Saladin also added a minaret at each corner—two of which still survive—and added an existing minbar pulpit from Ashkelon to the mosque's interior.

A cenotaph in memory of Joseph was created in the upper level of the kalah so that visitors to the enclosure would not need to leave and travel round the outside just to pay respects. The Mamluks forbade Jews from entering the site, allowing them only as close as the fifth step on a staircase at the southeast, but after some time this was increased to the seventh step.

Ottoman period During the Ottoman period, the dilapidated state of the patriarchs' tombs was restored to a semblance of sumptuous dignity. Ali Bey , one of the few foreigners to gain access, reported in that, all the sepulchres of the patriarchs are covered with rich carpets of green silk, magnificently embroidered with gold; those of the wives are red, embroidered in like manner.

The sultans of Constantinople furnish these carpets, which are renewed from time to time. Ali Bey counted nine, one over the other, upon the sepulchre of Abraham. Ermete Pierotti, in described the great jealousy with which the Muslims guarded the sanctuary and the practice of sending petitions to the patriarchs: The true entrance to the Patriarchs' tomb is to be seen close to the western wall of the enclosure, and near the north-west comer; it is guarded by a very thick iron railing, and I was not allowed to go near it.

I observed that the Mussulmans themselves did not go very near it. In the court opposite the entrance gate of the Mosque, there is an opening, through which I was allowed to go down for three steps, and I was able to ascertain by sight and touch that the rock exists there, and to conclude it to be about five feet thick.

From the short observations I could make during my brief descent, as also from the consideration of the east wall of the Mosque, and the little information I extracted from the Chief Santon, who jealously guards the sanctuary, I consider that a part of the grotto exists under the Mosque, and that the other part is under the court, but at a lower level than that lying under the Mosque. This latter must be separated from the former by a vertical stratum of rock which contains an opening, as I conclude, for two reasons : first, because the east wall being entirely solid and massive, requires a good foundation; secondly, because the petitions which the Mussulmans present to the Santon to be transmitted to the Patriarchs are thrown, some through one opening, some through the other, according to the Patriarch to whom they are directed; and the Santon goes down by the way I went, whence I suppose that on that side there is a vestibule, and that the tombs may be found below it.

I explained my conjectures to the Santon himself after leaving the Mosque, and he showed himself very much surprised at the time, and told the Pacha afterwards that I knew more about it than the Turks themselves. The fact is that even the Pacha who governs the province has no right to penetrate into the sacred enclosure, where according to the Mussulman legend the Patriarchs are living, and only condescend to receive the petitions addressed to them by mortals.

In the s, Jordan renovated the area surrounding the mosque, destroying several historical buildings in the process, among them, the ruins of the nearby Crusader fortress built in In Hebron he realized that the Arabs had surrendered and quickly made his way to the Cave of the Patriarchs. He shot at the doors of the mosque with his Uzi submachine gun.

But when that was ineffective in prying the doors open, he attached chains to his Jeep and the doors, proceeding to pull them down. He entered the mosque and began to pray, becoming the first Jew to enter the compound for about years. While praying, a messenger from the Mufti of Hebron delivered a surrender note to him, whereby the rabbi replied "This place, Ma'arat HaMachpela, is a place of prayer and peace.

Surrender elsewhere. The first Jewish wedding ceremony to take place in it was on 7 August This led to a hand-grenade being thrown on the stairway leading to the tomb on 9 October; 47 Israelis were injured, 8 seriously. The city of Hebron and the rest of the major Palestinian population centers in the West Bank were not included in the initial agreement. The resulting riots resulted in a further 35 deaths.

Jewish bride praying at the site before her wedding, The increased sensitivity of the site meant that in the Wye River Accords , part of the Arab—Israeli peace process , included a temporary status agreement for the site restricting access for both Jews and Muslims. This includes the whole of the southeastern section, which lies above the only known entrance to the caves and possibly over the entirety of the caves themselves.

As a consequence, Jews are not permitted to visit the Cenotaphs of Isaac or Rebecca, which lie entirely within the southeastern section, except for 10 days a year that hold special significance in Judaism. One of these days is the Shabbat Chayei Sarah , when the Torah portion concerning the death of Sarah and the purchase by Abraham of the land in which the caves are situated, is read.

The Israeli authorities do not allow Jewish religious authorities the right to maintain the site and allow only the waqf to do so. Tourists are permitted to enter the site. Security at the site has increased since the Intifada ; the Israel Defense Forces surround the site with soldiers and control access to the shrines.

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For instance, she claimed Rep. Gretchen Whitmer and Brian Kemp were also involved in stealing the election. Her prophecies have a special place for Mastriano and Pennsylvania. I know it seemed like I had forsaken you, all your hard work, and all the time you put forth to get to the truth in election integrity.

You know the truth, and you have seen so much evidence of what really happened. It is now time to move forward with the plans you have been given. Yes, Doug, I am here with you. I will not forsake you. The time has come for their great fall and for the great steal to be overturned. On March 15 , Mastriano invited Green to give the opening prayer at a campaign event.

Mastriano campaign aide Vishal Jetnarayan introduced Green by saying he was sent her prophecy. I thank you for giving them strength. I thank you for giving them everything they need, Father God, to cross that finish line. Every lie will be revealed, everything will be exposed. And I thank you, Father God, those people that have been up against this campaign, up against each and every one of these people, Father God, will fall and be exposed in Jesus' mighty name.

The time has come for their great fall; for the great steal to be overturned. So keep your faith in me. By drinking this blood, they believe they will receive a longer life. Yes, a true witch she really is. She was part of sacrificing the children to Baal.

They know she is a drunk but they know she is dying and they helped with that. They are now disposing of anyone they feel is no longer useful to them. She failed the puppet masters with her two impeachments that didn't work. So now she is seen as a failure. Her days are coming to an end, and she will not last until the midterm elections. She will be visited by the angel of death for her crimes against my nation.

And the blood is dripping from her hands. She loved murdering for him. Well, now she will pay the ultimate price with her life. And her life is now over for the facts against you, and the babies she killed along with giving money from her bills to help with trafficking the children and of course to finance Epstein island and that lifestyle. After he has a major gaffe that Obama is president and speaks in his ear to tell him what to say, he will even give his real name, and it's not Joe.

The real Joe, I told you, has already been judged and is no longer alive. And you will see the video that has been suppressed from you and the supposed administration. Kamala has seen it and couldn't believe an imposter took the place that she was guaranteed. She has to stand next to an actor, a fake, a fraud, and she has to contain her composure to not give it all away. Exposures will rip any influence you had left.

You will be removed from your place of power. Major breaking news and visual evidence of who you really are and how you stole from the people in your state. The video that is about to surface shows you receiving money for November Yes, they rewarded you nicely to sell your soul to the devil. You are a traitor and a liar. I gave you time to make these things right, and you refused to, so now judgment is upon you with no way to stop it. Governor, you will be no more, and treason will be written on you for all eternity.

Ducey, and you, too, will fall. Your end is the same. Thank you Mason!!! He worked hard with us for over 5 months as we tried to find just the right home, and eventually we were successful. We looked at dozens of homes, made 5 offers and with Mason's help we have just moved into just the right home in Claremont Village.

Without his guidance we would never have held firm to find this house. If you want a real estate agent who is neither pushy nor too laid back, who will spend time finding out what you want and then work hard to find it and show it to you before someone else gets it, give Mason a call. He can adjust to every type of personality, and has the ability to be courteous even in the most difficult negotiations - without giving anything away for his client.

I think his instincts for the market are impeccable, and he knows the process backwards and forwards. It seems impossible to me to imagine a better agent. His knowledge of the area was great , which was important to us, and he was always available to answer our questions. A big plus these days - he answered phone calls promptly and was available by email as well. Both transactions went extremely well and we would recommended him to anyone interested in buying a home in this area.

I have worked with many real estate agents, buying and selling a home, some good and some not so good but Mason stands above the rest. Although a busy agent, he made us feel like we were his only clients. It is obvious that Mason takes pride in his work and helped us through what has usually been a very stressful process.

We were always informed, updated and met personally when needed. There was never pressure, unnecessary stress or unanswered questions. I will recommend everyone I know to Mason! He was always professional, easy to talk with and flexible with his time. His knowledge of the area was helpful and steered us in the right direction.

We have only good things to say about Mason.

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