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Banker deaths forexpros


banker deaths forexpros

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Fourth, government should adequate manpower in police and judiciary to ensure that pendency of FIR and court cases in Thana and courts respectively is brought down from 50 millions to 50 thousand and lower. There should be fear of law in the minds of all evil doers. Action should be sever and quickest against those who violate rules. There should be honesty in execution of laws too. Law enforcing agencies if found on wrong path should be severely punished.

Officers and politicians who hold top post and commit mistake or indulge in illegal practices should be punished more so that subordinates working under them do not dare to think of taking bribe or illegal money from any citizen. Fifth root cause of all corruption is dishonesty in recruitment, promotion, posting and transfer of staff working in government offices.

Corrupt officers humiliate honest officers and reject them in promotion processes or post them at the most critical places. Due to this fear of humiliation and social denigration, culture of flattery and bribery takes the root in all organization. Property of all top ranked officers and ministers must be checked and those found to be guilty of earning money through bribe either in cash or in kind must be brought to task immediately and severely to demonstrate his subordinates that evil workers are not spared.

Such corrupt officers should be removed from the services and those honest officers who have been sidelined should be brought back in mainstream to give a moral boost up those who are devoted workers. For this purpose all officers who have been elevated violating seniority should be given their due award and on the contrary officers who promoted this unhealthy culture should be demoted and posted at critical places. Expenses on all types of election should be banned. Any Indian citizen who is recognized in an population area of say should be allowed to contest and do door to door campaigning to prove his caliber and popularity.

Each such elected person out of a cluster of say popular votes should form a body and then they should elect one person for each black and each district. No rally, no pamphlets, no car rally, no processions, no banners, no show business, no temptation, and in brief no expenses either on nomination or on campaigning. Politicians are very clever and it is they who promote black money and it is they who taken huge money from corporate houses, top ranked traders, high profile servicemen, professionals and businessmen to enrich their political fund.

Crores of rupees are spent by all contesting persons in a general election and all these money are nothing but black money. Users of black money cannot allow stopping of creation of black money as long as government do not ban all types of expenses. Politicians always talk of government funding and never talk of reducing expenses.

It is these hard core politicians who by dint of their huge money power purchase voters, give them temptations of various types of gifts and strangulate democracy. In fact democracy and secularism are two words which have been used by politicians as tools to befool and loot Indian citizens. These clever politicians divide the voters on caste and communal grounds, backwards and forward ground, poor and rich ground, regional and religious ground and finally win the election to perpetuate their job of looting the nation.

They know very well that Indian laws are in their stock market essay and they can manipulate police, judiciary, law enforcing agencies, vigilance agencies and administration by dint of their money power and by dint of their post.

Corrupt practices and use of black money is so much deep rooted that one can how to earn black money in delhi without any doubt that democracy and secularism are meant for corrupt people only. Government is made of corrupt persons, made for corrupt persons and made by corrupt persons.

Government should teach a lesson to Doctors who are earning money through medicine manufacturers and owners of Pathological laboratories. Doctors prescribe costly medicine antibiotics are available in Rs. Teachers and professors who are not attending schools and colleges but earning huge money through coaching classes.

They leak the question papers to earn money and declare a student fail or pass as how to make money in goonzu his whims and fancies. They charge exorbitant fee for raising marks of a fail student. CAs should be booked to task who are earning huge unaccounted money from businessmen for tips on tax evasion they provide and IT tax officials support them from behind the scene.

It is Chartered Accountants who certify balance sheets of companies, firms and organization even if there is huge concealment of income and creation of black money. Lawyers should be taught a lesson who in nexus with judges twist the direction of judgement. Judges should be punished call forwarding iphone 4s vodafone deliver judgement only after taking bribe or go on postponing decision in collusion with advocates. How to earn money online in Delhi with and without investment? Politicians spend crores of rupees in politically motivated rallies and for this purpose they forcefully collect money from local inhabitants, forcefully collect vehicles to bring people from villages for attending their rallies.

They force businessmen to earn illegal money, apply illegal source to earn money and promote black money. Bank officials who are sanctioning loans to unscrupulous persons and firms after taking bribe and due to whose bad lending more than one lac crores of banks assets is categorized as Non Performing Assets in the banks, CMD, GMs who are members of Interview panels constituted for various internal promotion processes and who give full marks after taking bribe or gifts should be severely punished.

Recruitment, promotions and posting based on flattery and bribery is very common in all offices, not only in banks. How to earn black money in delhi fact this gives bangladesh forex reserves to corruption in all offices. Government should restrain and regulate businessmen who are earning abnormal profits on their products and services. Government has to stop pilferage in mines, coal, steel, copper etc and punish who are indulged in unaccounted sell of minded goods directly to unscrupulous businessmen.

Illegal mining and illegal cutting of forest must be stopped immediately. Government should stop large scale corruption in process of compensation to western union euro rate pakistan owners whose property has been acquired by the government for any project. Police officials who take lacs of rupees for posting a junior police officer or Hawaldar to desired place should be punished to stop use of black money. Online FIR registration should be allowed even zoo tycoon 2 making money a few fake complains are submitted by unscrupulous and anti social elements for vested interest or due to business rivalry.

Schools and colleges who provide quality education and higher education charge huge amount of illegal and unaccounted money as donation should be stopped by any hook or by crook. And so on …………………Government has to ensure rule of law in all its offices. Last but not the least government has to demonstrate their good intention by actions not by making false promises in public rally. Cleaning process should start from top and not from bottom as usually happens.

Government has to ensure that officers and babus how to get cash in tetris battle facebook in all its offices work honestly for the country and at the same time all elected representatives like MLA and MP should move in the field to ensure complete, perfect and judicious executions of plans and policies formulated by the government. Top ranked officer should not expect red carpet welcome from their juniors and all types of expenses on show business must be stopped forthwith so that flattery culture in employees is transformed into work culture.

Love for the country should be made inevitable and not negotiable on caste or communal ground. Pardon Our Interruption Black Money in India, in Indian banks and invested in real estate sector is many many times greater than total of black money parked in various foreign banks including that in Swiss Bank. UPA Government in Delhi has been making various lame excuses for its failure in declaration of black money held in foreign banks as National assets.

But do they fail to stop game of black money in India itself. It may be difficult for the government to force foreign banks to declare details of account holders. Government has threatened to take action against Anna Hazare and his team if they start fast unto death from 16 th of July as proposed by Anna to force government to accept their draft for Lokpal.

I am unable to understand why the government is bent upon teaching a lesson to those who are selfless leaders, who are fighting against corruption, who have raised voice against corrupt system, who want nothing but change in the system and who are well wishers of the country.

Imports in emerging economies grew 7. The manufacturing sector has continued to expand as well. Importantly, growth also appears to be extending into services. The U. Despite these improvements, however, private sector demand growth in the advanced countries remains fragile and overly dependent on government stimulus amid high unemployment, weak housing markets, and hesitant consumers. Declining external deficits and surpluses represent another encouraging development that enhances the sustainability of the recovery.

Total current account imbalances, the sum of current account balances across deficit and surplus countries in absolute value terms, narrowed to 3. Imbalances are expected to expand only marginally in Given the relative strength of the recovery, however, the U. Dollar Index, which tracks the dollar against a trade-weighted basket of currencies, has risen by about 8 percent since November.

Returns in equity and bond markets there have also been spectacular, with the MSCI Emerging Markets Index doubling over the last year, though there has been little change since December Strong growth and balance sheet fundamentals appear to justify these advances. The Brazilian Bovespa and Mexican Bolsa, for example, are only 6.

In China, property prices in 70 cities rose Though it is too early to speak of a speculative bubble in emerging markets, prospects for very low interest rates in the advanced countries continuing well into and the wide growth gap favoring emerging markets suggest that the classic conditions for a bubble may be starting to build. A sovereign debt crisis affecting all or a subset of these countries will slow European growth, depress the euro, and could eventually spill over into a global confidence crisis that would affect some vulnerable emerging markets Turkey is one example and other advanced countries.

Europe Under Stress Greece is likely to be rescued by the IMF or its European partners, or at least supported in an orderly restructuring of its debt, but its competitiveness problem will persist for years to come. Even if its structural adjustment measures succeed, they will take years to complete and Greek growth will remain depressed. The same will apply— though to a lesser degree—in the other vulnerable European countries. These problems will severely test the political support for the European project in the vulnerable countries as well as in Germany and the other countries that will have to come to the rescue.

One or more countries leaving the Euro area, though still a low probability scenario, can no longer be ruled out. Exit Strategies Will Remain Cautious Though countries are already paving the path to exit from stimulus, and some, like Australia, have taken steps along it, the larger advanced economies are maintaining expansionary monetary and fiscal policies and are likely to continue to do so at least into , reflecting the weakness of private sector demand.

Although the Fed may raise U. Given the serious risk of prolonged stagnation in the European periphery, there are worthy arguments for Germany, and other countries that can afford it, to increase fiscal stimulus in the coming years, and for the European Central Bank to maintain its expansionary stance for the foreseeable future.

Monetary policy will remain expansionary in Japan as well. In emerging Asia, where the recovery began, policy makers have already begun to wind down stimulus efforts. Over the past two months, China has increased reserve requirements several times and repeatedly urged banks to curb lending. As economies continue to recover at different speeds and international interest rates remain low, the coming years will be marked by increased carry trades and exchange rate fluctuations, implying a heightened risk of bubbles and speculative attacks.

Sovereign debt problems, which had disappeared from sight in the pre-crisis years, have again become a central source of risk—underscoring the need for policy makers to develop credible, long-term fiscal consolidation frameworks and to build the political consensus necessary to execute them once the global recovery is on firmer footing. Posted on Sustainabilitank.

The Japanese economy posted growth in the last quarter, but I would like to make a few observations about the components of the growth. The revised figures for gross domestic product in October-December , announced on March 11, showed that economic activity grew 0.

While faster than anticipated progress in inventory adjustment was one of the factors that contributed to the downward revision of the preliminary quarterly GDP figure of 1. But closer examination of the data behind the rosy results raises some questions. First, it should be noted that the 0.

Personal consumption — the largest component of GDP — expanded a robust 0. However, we need to be aware that these programs are eating into future demand. Consumers are believed to be pushing up purchases of new cars and TVs to beat the deadline for the popular programs whether their older products are still usable or not.

Naturally, these programs cannot be continued indefinitely. Similar campaigns in other advanced economies show that spending can drop off rapidly once the incentive programs end. This time the optimism was muted — perhaps because officials are well-aware of the risk of a fallback in consumer demand. A second point is that governments are pushing for these incentive programs not just as environmental campaigns, but also as a way to shore up consumer spending battered by recession.

The global financial crisis jacked up unemployment in many advanced economies as competition against emerging economies climbed and much of the world entered recession. As the effects of globalization sink in, wages are decoupling from earnings in many advanced economies. A household may be able to halve its electricity bill by buying a new, energy-efficient air conditioner, but if the savings are canceled out by the cost of the energy needed to make the new appliance and get rid of the old one, can you say the process is really environment- friendly?

Of course we need to save energy. But we should also take a look at the additional burden being placed on the global environment by the introduction of energy-saving products.

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