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Forexindo price action logical method


forexindo price action logical method

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Price Action traders are taking the live price, as it is continually being printed onto their chart, and making trades. What is Price Action? Put very simply; Price Action trading is the skill of being able to read the price and make trades on any chart, in any market, in any time frame, and without the use of any indicators at all.

Price Action is everything that price is doing on any trading instrument, being represented on a chart for a trader to see. In very basic terms, Price Action illustrates in a way that a trader can see exactly on a chart what a certain pair did for a particular time frame.

For example, the individual candle sticks or bars will show how high the pair went, how low the pair went, and also, the open and closing prices. Most charting platforms can produce candle sticks and bars for time frames varying from 1 minute to 1 month. Another way to think about it is; Price Action is everything traders are doing and how they are doing it, shown in a chart form. This basic explanation of Price Action is not subjective. What I see on my chart is exactly what another trader will see on their chart, providing they are using the same charting equipment.

Below is a chart showing a really clear example of a price action chart that you want to be using in your trading. There is not a heap of indicators and moving averages crossing over and who knows what going everywhere. The price is the most important factor and we need a clean chart, so that we can analyze the price action story. An example chart of how a lot of traders have their charts set up with indicators and mess everywhere: An example of how a price action trader has their charts setup with a major emphasis on the price action: What is a Price Action Trading System?

Price Action trading is a method that is commonly used by professional traders. Price Action is a system that is very logical and has clear rules in place. Instead of using indicators that cannot adapt to different types of markets, price action involves the trader making trades based on key signals forming in the market. Traders have been using price action in different markets for literally hundreds of years to trade with.

Price action was first traded successfully hundreds of years ago. The same just cannot be said for other flash-in- the-pan methods. Price action trading is a logical trading method that has been around for a long time and will continue to be around for a long time to come.

Price Action traders are using the information gained from the price action chart to make their trading decisions. Traders have their key signals that they are looking to present in the market for them to make a trade. A few examples of what a price action trader is looking for in their charts are: Has price formed a false break? Is there a trend?

Is there a range? Is price at or near a major support or resistance level? Has price formed a key reversal trigger signal indicating that the market is going to make a move? Using the price data, the price action trader can plot the key supply and demand levels on their charts. They can also identify when price is about to either break out or reverse, and they can use this information to take profitable trades.

Price action traders use key candlestick patterns at key areas on their charts to enter into trades. One example of a price action trigger signal is the Pin Bar. The Pin Bar is a reversal signal that can be found on any chart and on any time frame. A Pin Bar is a powerful price action signal when entered from the correct areas on the chart, and it is made up of 1 candle.

The Pin Bar is just one price action pattern of many that the price action trader can use. Other price action setups can include engulfing bars, 2 bar reversals, inside bars, continuations, breakouts, and false break patterns. Price Action traders use more than just the last candle to decide whether to take a trade or not. The whole price chart is information that the trader will take in when deciding to make a trade or not.

Below is an example of a Pin Bar at a key resistance level. As I said above, Price Action is more than just looking at the last candle or the trigger signal to make a trade. That is what pattern traders do, but successful price action traders use the whole chart to make trading decisions. Price is always telling us something, and learning how to use that information is critical in learning how to read and trade the whole price action story.

Trend Trading When trading with the trend, traders are looking to take trades in the direction of the current trend. Whilst a very simple strategy, it is quite often overlooked by many traders. The best trades will be found when trading with the trend.

The very best way to start increasing your chances of placing winning trades, and also, having those trades be bigger winners when they do win is to always trade with the trend. It is simply amazing how often this super simple, yet super powerful strategy gets overlooked. The best trends to be trading with are the most obvious ones because the more obvious they are to you, the more obvious they are to everybody, and it also means that they are strong and clear cut.

There are many methods for identifying both trends and trend changes, but all that is needed is price action and nothing else. Shortly after the traditional NYSE cash open a. Using Fibonacci retracements, Trader A applies the following strategy: Trader A quantifies the 38 percent Fibonacci retracement level from the intrasession high to the low Trader A places a buy limit order in the queue at or slightly above the 38 percent retracement level On the order being elected, Trader A evaluates evolving price action in real time In virtually all forex price action trading methods and strategies, a trader must read price successfully to make a profit.

In the example above, being proficient in the third step is imperative to success. This involves properly interpreting the two types of price action: Positive: Positive price action represents unrealized profits. This occurs when price moves from a market entry point in a beneficial manner, creating an account gain. Negative: Negative price action signifies unrealized losses.

This occurs when price moves against a market entry point, creating an account drawdown. The biggest mistake that many price action traders make is that they accept drawdowns for far too long. The general rule of thumb for forex price action trading methods and strategies is this: If price is moving in your favor, then your methodology is at least temporarily valid. If price is going against you, cut your losses and move on! The price action strategy we broke down above is only one of the thousands that traders can implement.

If you think that this type of trading appeals to you, a little due diligence will offer you an array of options. For more information, schedule your free one-on-one consultation with a Daniels Trading market professional today. Established by renowned commodity trader Andy Daniels in , Daniels Trading was built on a culture of trust committed to a mission of Independence, Objectivity and Reliability.

StoneX Financial Inc. SFI is registered with the U. Trading swaps and over-the-counter derivatives, exchange-traded derivatives and options and securities involves substantial risk and is not suitable for all investors. The information herein is not a recommendation to trade nor investment research or an offer to buy or sell any derivative or security.

It does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation or needs and does not create a binding obligation on any of the StoneX group of companies to enter into any transaction with you.

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How To Master The Art Of Price Action In Forex Trading


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5 Price Action Rules EVERY Trader NEEDS To Know

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