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Swiss forex brokers review


swiss forex brokers review

Dukascopy and Swissquote are two of the premier Switzerland-based Forex trading platforms. While Dukascopy is a significantly smaller company than its. And since Swiss banks remain so popular and trustworthy, the opinion about Forex brokers that are based here cannot be different. Indeed, Swiss-based Forex. Forex brokers from Switzerland are also popular among the wealthy traders as a synonymous of quality and hi-end service. Swiss brokers are thoroughly regulated. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP LINE BETTING FOOTBALL

Highly recommended, love it. The costumer service was well. The platform is better then either. I recomend it for everyone! RomanKh, Ukraine Jul 9, Excellent service for trading and a wide selection of instruments for investment strategies. In today's economically difficult situation, I do not consider commissions too high. Perhaps the web-portal is a bit overloaded with graphic elements. Sincerely, RomanKh. I deeply recommand this broker for every one who is looking for a honest and serious broker.

I have been improving myself by participating in this brokers contests. I am very satisfied with the broker because they always make their best to help. Gold Accounts — Dukascopy Bank clients can deposit physical gold if they choose. In the case that Dukascopy's algorithm results in two or more possible fees only the lowest will be charged to clients.

The commission on U. External Manager — Commissions on accounts using an external manager are much higher than for standard accounts. Binary Options — Binary options are not charged commissions, but traders will be charged a small premium with each trade. The premium is subtracted from client accounts before trades are placed, if the account cannot pay the premium trade sizes are automatically adjusted. SMS Fees — Dukascopy's clients are charged a small, 0.

Bitcoin withdrawals are charged the equivalent of USD Foreign Exchange Fee — The base fee for foreign exchange is 1. Fees decline with larger exchange sizes. The fee for exchanges greater than 1,, of the base currency is charged only 0. Overnight Policy — Dukascopy charges overnight rollover fees based on the currency involved and the target rate of the central bank that issues it.

The condition is that no withdrawals can be made for 1-year from the time the discount is applied. Deposits Dukascopy will accept deposits in 23 global currencies, Bitcoin and gold. Deposits are insured for up to , CHF per account. Wire transfers — Dukascopy usually receives wire transfers within 2 days of issuance. Dukascopy does not charge a fee for deposit but the bank's processing partner will. Trading Platforms Dukascopy's standard trading platform is the JForex platform. JForex is a Java-powered web-based platform that does not require a download.

Dukascopy also offers clients the opportunity to trade on the MT4 platform or on their mobile trading platform. JForex — is recommended for manual and automated trading and traders interested in back-testing their strategies. It is an advanced trading package suitable for beginners and experienced traders. Clients can use over technical indicators and studies, chart trading, and multiple chart types.

JForex 3 — An newer version of JForex optimized for quick access and fast trading. This platform is a streamlined version compared to the original JForex and does not have all the same features. Mobile — Dukascopy clients can trade from their phones and tablets using the JForex mobile trading app for iOS or Android.

MT4 — MT4 is recommended for traders already using the platform or those who only want to trade leveraged FX. Assets Available FX — Clients can trade all major and minor pairs and most exotics.

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