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Best forex news twitter feed


best forex news twitter feed

DailyFX is a popular trading website with each market analyst at DailyFX having their own Twitter account, with all views are combined in one. Top 10 Best Forex Twitter Accounts In · 1. @Schuldensuehner · 2. @GoForexApp · 3. @LizAnnSonders · 4. @NorthmanTrader · 5. @bySamRo · 6. @ErikFossing · 7. @. The trusted source for everything in the world of foreign exchange, central banking and economic news. The fastest forex news and analysis. Worldwide. JIMMY SONG BITCOIN DEVELOPER

How to Search on Twitter Twitter, unlike Facebook is not setup for or about friending, rather, it is about following. Users can follow people they know personally, artists, projects or in this case, traders or trading accounts that they are a fan of. Users may already be following some people or accounts if they have selected them during the account set up. Users can search in the top right-hand box for personalities they like.

Twitter will continue to offer suggestions for users to follow as they continue to use it based on recent activity and these suggestions will appear in their feed if they are making use of the app, or on the side of the screen if they are using the website. If a user is making use of the mobile app, they can also click on the Connect feature, which will offer them suggestions based on what they have tweeted or liked.

Users can keep adding people as there is no limit. In Conclusion The community of financial traders on Twitter has substantially grown over the last few, and there are now many professional traders, both retail and institutional, who engage with the public on a daily basis on this popular social media platform. They offer a constantly updated rundown of the best stock, forex, crypto for traders to follow and this can be a fantastic way for new traders to learn about how professional traders approach the market as well as gleaning useful insights from the regular market commentary.

Our compilation list is of the best traders and trading account available on Twitter which we feel traders should be following. Why should I use Twitter for forex trading? Twitter is an immensely powerful information channel with a massively large community of traders, including professional traders in both the retail and institutional that engage with the public on a daily basis on this platform.

Is Twitter good to use if you are a newbie trader? Yes, you will learn how professional traders approach the market and gain insight from regular market commentary. Peter L. He has been a Forex trader since and provides extremely useful chart analysis in his feed. Mohamed A. El-Erian elerianm As a chief economic advisor at Allianz and author of New York Times best-selling books, El-Erian tweets about economic issues and gives easy-to-understand explanations of complex topics that could impact financial markets.

Whether you want to know more about harmonic price patterns, reversal patterns or continuation patterns, Acampora is the account to follow. He also tweets about trade setups and other trading topics. Jim Cramer jimcramer The only account on this list with more than a million followers, Jim Cramer is a former hedge fund manager and Wall Street legend whose Twitter feed is packed with valuable information for stock traders.

Do you have any recommendations for this list? Contact [email protected] Get started in trading Why spend hours upon hours scrolling through Tweets for nuggets of information?

Best forex news twitter feed investing in stocks for the first time best forex news twitter feed

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Best forex news twitter feed forex system reviews uk

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