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How does sports betting work point spread


how does sports betting work point spread

A point spread in sports is a way for oddsmakers to make a matchup between two unbalanced teams more balanced by giving points to or taking points away from. For point spread betting purposes. In a point spread, you are wagering on the point margin between two teams. Let's say you have bet on the underdog to cover the spread. Once the game is over, if. UK SPORTS BETTING NEWSLETTERS

A point spread helps even the gap between the favorite and the underdog of a game. For point spread betting in football for example the Philadelphia Eagles are playing host to the Miami Dolphins, you would likely be inclined to pick the Philadelphia Eagles to win the game. But sports betting sites will put a point spread on the football game, giving the underdog Miami Dolphins points, to help even the betting odds.

A points spread betting line also will move throughout the week as more information comes in to help give sportsbooks the most efficent points spread. This approach in sports gambling is especially common for football and basketball spread betting. You've got mail. Check your inbox! However, what if the Patriots were given seven additional points to begin the game? It evens the playing field. It also evens the NFL betting odds. For example, a team might have a good record but had won numerous close games, so they might not be as good against the spread.

This statistic is also worth keeping an eye on. Keep in mind, that there are other types of sports bets worth taking into consideration. What Is a Push in Spread Betting? A push is when the final result of the game lands precisely on the number of the spread. For example, if I bet on the Toronto Raptors -4 over the Orlando Magic and the Raptors win by four, I would push my bet, which means that my money is refunded and the bet ends in a tie. Games with halves in their point spreads, like the Dallas Cowboys Favorites vs.

Underdogs The favorite is the team projected to win the game. They are assigned a point spread with a minus symbol - in front of the number, such as Pittsburgh Steelers If you were to bet on the Steelers to cover the spread in this instance, Pittsburgh would need to win by seven or more points for you to win your bet.

The underdog is the team that is projected to lose the game. In this case, the Panthers would need to lose by five points or fewer or win outright for you to win your bet. How to Bet the Spread Online Log in to your preferred legal sportsbook Click the sport that you would like to bet on Examine the list of games with point spreads Click on the favorite minus points or underdog plus points Determine how much you would like to risk on this game Place your bet Be sure to learn how to bet on sports before wagering.

A touchdown, for example, is worth seven points, while a field goal is worth three points. The key numbers are three, seven, and ten points. The difference between a 2. If a home team is favored by But, at the same time, be careful with high spreads in the NBA. Betting on a favorite of 10 or more points can come back to bite you in the NBA, as teams tend to send in their subs when up double-digits in the fourth quarter, which can allow the opponent to cut down the lead — resulting in something called a back-door cover.

These exist in the NFL as well. However, it could be profitable since you get some solid value on the favorites. Spread vs. Moneyline Point spreads involve a winning margin. If you bet on a favorite, they need to win by more than the assigned spread. For example, if a spread is

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For more on what Betting Against The Spread is click here. When two teams meet on the field or on court, one team is typically better than the other. There was little doubt New England was the better of the two teams; all anyone had to do was look at their records: New England was for the season, while New York was just The Patriots had already beaten the Jets earlier in the season. So, if all you had to do was pick the winning team, nearly every bettor would have taken the Patriots. Instead, the oddsmakers established a point spread to make both teams equally attractive in the eyes of bettors.

In this case, New England was installed as a point favorite, commonly designated as New England — If you bet the favorite, the Patriots had to win by 17 points or more in order for you to cash your bet. Since the Patriots were favored by 16 points, you subtracted 16 points from their final score for betting purposes. If New England was to win , by 17 points, Patriot bettors would win their wager. If you bet the underdog, the New York Jets, you won your bet if New York won the game outright or if they lost by 15 points or less.

Because the Jets were the underdogs, you added 16 points to their final score for betting purposes. In the end, the Patriots made sure their bettors were rewarded, defeating New York , and covering the point spread. The goal of the point spread is to even the playing field between two teams in a game.

When both teams attract an equal amount of betting action, sportsbooks are able to offer higher payouts, especially with games that feature lopsided opponents. In order to do that, handicappers establish a margin of victory and loss that both teams must cover in order to win the bet.

Represented as a number, the point spread wager acts in three ways: There is the actual point spread. If the team you picked still wins after the point modification, your spread bet wins. Common Example of Point Spreads in Action For example, with a 4-point spread, the favorite team must win by more than 4 points for bettors to get paid. Conversely, the underdogs can lose by 1, 2, or 3 points or win the game outright and still win the bet. However, if the underdogs lose by more than 4 points, the bet is a loss.

Point Spreads and Payout Odds How much you get paid on your point spread bet depends on the odds listed at the time of the bet. Beside every point spread in parentheses are the odds that determine the payout. In order to figure out your payout, first look at whether the odds are negative or positive.

You can bet however much you want within the maximum and minimum betting parameters outlined in a sportsbook, and the payout will be scaled up or down based on how much money you stake. Rules for Point Spread Betting Rules for point spread betting include locking in odds, scenarios that result in a push and the inclusion or exclusion of overtime.

When placing a spread bet, the odds you take at that time are the odds that are used to determine your payout. Point spreads are either whole numbers, or they can include a half-number like 4. Overtime and penalty shots in the case of NHL are included in spread betting outcomes for all major sports except tournament soccer-like World Cup. This distinction can be seen with two different kinds of point spreads: Flexible point spreads Systematic point spreads runline and puckline Flexible point spreads can be any number the oddsmaker thinks is appropriate for the game.

These types of spreads are used for sports with lots of scoring like football and basketball. Systematic point spreads, on the other hand, are used with sports that have lower point or goal totals-like baseball and hockey. In these scenarios, the spread is the same for every game. The spread is always negative for the favorite and positive for the underdogs. With the 3-point spread restraining New England, the Patriots must beat Kansas City by more than 3 points for their bets to pay.

On the other hand, the Chiefs can either win straight up or lose by 1 or 2 points and still cover the spread. Overtime is included in the outcome. A third outcome is possible. If the Patriots beat the Chiefs by exactly 3 points, say the final score is , the result is a push, and the money staked is returned to bettors. Often, oddsmakers will use spreads that incorporate a half-point in order to avoid pushes because there are no half-points awarded in hockey, baseball, basketball or football.

Point Spread Pushes Point spreads that are whole numbers can result in a push. In this scenario, if a different pitcher plays, the bet is marked No Action, and the money staked is returned to bettors. Some sportsbooks offer MLB runline bets where no pitcher is included, and the odds will reflect the uncertainty through lower payouts.

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Sports Betting 101: What is the Point Spread?


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What Is Point Spread Betting? - Betting The Spread Explained - Sports Betting 101 how does sports betting work point spread

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