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This posts contains all information about ethereal gear in Nioh I am personally aware of. This may, or may not be a work in progress and. /r/nioh, , Have: Full ethereal Red Demon, Heavy armor parts (potential Amaterasu); Want: Ethereal /r/nioh, , All values at level PART 1: OLD GRACES Grace of Amaterasu 2PC Damage Reduction % 3PC Life + 4PC Close Combat Damage +%. FOREX END OF DAY TRADING SYSTEMS

The first one is a diamond-shaped cutout showing off her cleavage. The second ones bares her buttocks, to go even further then the first one in using her figure to remind a viewer of her connection to peaches. Due to Climbing Climax , several boss battles take place on high platforms, giving her after-action victory howl this flavor. Also implied to have happened to Waka when he tried to take on Yami unaided. Clockworks Area : The Wawku Shrine is built around a frozen giant clock, and features numerous gears and clock faces.

Clothing Damage : During the fight with Orochi, Susano's clothes are torn to reveal his butt. Cloudcuckoolander : Amaterasu herself doesn't seem totally in touch with events most of the time, and acts more like a dog than a goddess. Usually she's in the habit of taking naps or trying to play fetch with ancient and priceless artifacts during long conversation. Collapsing Lair : The Moon Cave and the Water Dragon's body must be escaped after they destabilize from your actions in completing the objective.

Collection Sidequest : You can collect Stray Beads throughout the course of the game to obtain the Infinity Plus One Accessory , but it's really really hard. Only the first 99 Beads are available during a first playthrough; the th Bead is rewarded upon finishing the game. This makes them an utterly worthless collectible for at least the first time you play, and probably several subsequent playthroughs , as well.

Combined Energy Attack : The collective power of prayer all over Nippon restores Amaterasu to full godhood. Compressed Hair : Waka, which only comes out before his apparent death. Concept Art Gallery : Upon clearing the game for the first time, you'll unlock the game's concept gallery, which includes art from characters, locations that appear in the game, and locations that were planned but scrapped during development.

The Spirit Gate leads to the past, the Devil Gates lead to enemy gauntlets, and Golden Gates create soft-saves within dungeon areas. There are also larger gates that, when passed through, change the reality to open passage to spiritual zones.

Onigiri Sensei, a demanding, tough master whose head turns upside down when he goes badass. Also Mr. Orange, who has some mean dance moves. Cordon Bleugh Chef : Moon Cave has an Oni chef who sends the disguised protagonist out to fetch various monster bits to make an appetizer for his boss. Upon making the dish, the chef declares that it is the perfect appetizer because anything else will taste excellent in comparison.

These affected areas tend to feature Cursed Zones, which are so saturated in red mist that they physically harm Amaterasu, drowning her if she stays in them for too long. At one point, Ammy finds Kusa Village completely enveloped by a Cursed Zone, but because it's stretched out over a much larger area than normal, the worst it does is drain her ink without letting her recover it until she leaves or purifies the area. Additionally, during the battle against Orochi, his shadow-element head attacks by spitting out purple buds that spray out clouds of red mist, temporarily turning the battlefield into a mild Cursed Zone on-par with Kusa Village.

He does it again during the battles with True Orochi years in the past and on the Ark of Yamato. Cosmetic Award : Completing the game unlocks skins that allow the player to change Amaterasu's appearance.

These range from simply altering her coloring such as a skin that removes her Facial Markings or makes her black to shape such as the skins that turn her into various breeds of dog. Cosmic Plaything : Susano becomes convinced he's one. He's not really far off, since most of his feats miss without Ammy providing a boost with her powers.

Counter-Attack : Whenever Amaterasu successfully blocks an opponent's attack with her Reflector which must be set as a sub-weapon , she can counter with an izuna drop for massive damage. She can still perform this counter in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Creepy Doll : The game has some of these in the Sunken Ship dungeon. They aren't exactly creepy on their own right, but combined with the surroundings, occasional chest-monsters and the sound world that at first makes them seem like they're laughing at you, we can't really blame you if you feel like Power Slashing them, just to be sure.

Crossover : Amaterasu is a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 : Fate of Two Worlds. Yami is the final boss in Tatsunoko vs. Cryptic Conversation : Every single one of Waka's prophecies, and most of his regular conversation too. Crystal Ball : Queen Himiko uses a giant and very powerful one, allowing her to figure out a way to predict where Oni Island will appear next. She succeeds, but only after sacrificing her life.

Cue the Sun : Not only can Amaterasu invoke this at will, it's how she defeats the True Final Boss , who smothers the arena in darkness. Cunning Like a Fox : Dark Lord Ninetails is an evil fox that spends more time on complex plots than most of the other villains. Curb-Stomp Battle : The silver demon Nechku doesn't stand a chance once Shiranui starts attacking him.

Cute Kitten : The game provides lots and lots of cats to feed in the game's strangely endearing "Animal Feeding" mini-quests. The game goes as far as to reinstate the Cat as a Chinese Zodiac constellation, and this Brush God gets along quite well with Amaterasu despite the latter being a canine. D-F Dangerous 16th Birthday : Averted, in case you were wondering if Oina children Lika and Otter Mask boy already know how to shapeshift into their animal forms; they do just cast Bloom and watch what happens.

When Lika references "what kind of Oina" Oki wants her to become, this is meant spiritually, not physically. Not only that, but the blizzard in Kamui gets ten times stronger and threatens to freeze the entire village. As he becomes dangerously obsessed with slaying strong monsters to awaken his Ancestral Weapon , this is replaced by the off-kilter remix "Oki's Destiny". Once he comes to his senses and pledges to fight by Amaterasu's side, this is again replaced by the upbeat and heroic song "Brave Warrior Oki".

Daruma Doll : Daruma dolls can be found in the overworld. They only have one eye, so drawing in the other eye will open the doll to reveal a treasure. The Day the Music Lied : Happens at the end, when it seems like the final boss is defeated after four phases, complete with victory music playing and you starting to do your victory howl, when suddenly the music stops as the boss comes up from behind and proceeds to strip you of your Brush Techniques again!

After they do and she receives the Fox Rods, Ammy and Issun are shown a vision of Rao being attacked by a monster. Racing to the temple, they follow an apparition of Rao to a secret passage, where a skeleton in her clothing lies. The Rao seen thus far is a demon in disguise who killed her and took her place, with that vision showing the real Rao's death long before. Death Course : Oni Island is a huge deathtrap There are even rules for these areas posted on a small, hard-to-miss sign right before them.

They're hosted by Tobi, the game master for the largest of these death courses. Degraded Boss : The Bandit Spiders, which are optional minibosses found in holes scattered throughout the land. They are all upgrades of the Spider Queen boss fight. Demon Slaying : This is Amaterasu's mission, along with restoring Nippon to its former beauty.

Depower : It's only natural after nearly dying and being Sealed Good in a Can for a hundred years It's not entirely clear. Tube Foxes are capable of draining your ink supply until you're forced to fight them with nothing but claws and fangs. Despair Event Horizon : Amaterasu comes perilously close to crossing it during the final Yami battle, with her powers being stolen twice.

Developer's Foresight : If you try to raise the sun before you receive the tutorial, it won't work, but Issun will remark on it when you gain the ability, noting that you seemed to know what you were doing. Enemy arenas can be escaped by attacking a rift in the edge and jumping out. Because some battles may start near walls, there are two rifts in each arena so you aren't trapped by a rift you can't jump out of.

Every member of the Oina tribe in Kamui has an animal form — even the merchants! Just cast Bloom on them and they'll transform for you. When carrying either Susano, Kushi, or Nagi on your back, you can run around Kamiki Village and the villagers will comment about it. And if you take Susano all the way to the statue of Nagi past the River of the Heavens, he's completely unphased by the experience; Issun even wonders if he's been there before.

If you go out of your way to the Cave of Nagi during the Kamiki Festival, Susano and Kushi are there with extra dialogue. Diagonal Cut : The training dummy in the Dojo falls apart with such a cut each time you complete an attack chain against it.

Anything you can Power Slash will fall apart with a specific cut angle, regardless of the direction you drew the stroke which can also be mildly diagonal. Played straight with the last boss, though—few things are as satisfying as punching out some kind of unholy creature of pure darkness a fish-shaped Disc-One Final Boss : Despite being the apparent villain in the story, re-enacting the legend from years ago and defeating Orochi is only a third of the game's story, with new evils being unleashed afterward and much more story ahead.

Disc-One Final Dungeon : The game leads you to believe that Orochi is responsible for all the evil present in the world, and the supposed final dungeon is Moon Cave. But it's only all the evil represented in a small area of the world. Exploring the rest of the world leads to Oni Island, and an epic dungeon where you meet the Lord Of Darkness. Surely that's the end? Only when reaching the Ark of Yamato, home of Yami, you're finally on the true last stage.

Disc-One Nuke ; You can buy the third reflector as soon as you reach the second town, only a few hours in. It is somewhat pricey, but as long as you have been saving it should not be out of your price range. You won't even see the third tier rosary or glaive or even the first tier glaive for many hours.

Slap some gold dust on that reflector and you will cut through enemies like butter for a good while. Doomed by Canon : In-universe example — when Amaterasu and Issun wind up in Kamiki Village years ago, they find themselves having to re-enact the very battle with Orochi as told in legend.

Issun, remembering how this one ended with "Shiranui" dying, is very nervous about it. They defeat Orochi without incident but Shiranui appears in time to save Nagi from a falling boulder — and Shiranui, as we find out later, is already dying from a mortal wound inflicted elsewhere. Double Jump : Acquired from the Ryoshima Dojo.

At the Kamui Dojo, you can even upgrade it to make it damage enemies during battle. It's one of the "God Techniques", which according to the sensei cannot be learned by ordinary people or wolves. It should also be noted that after having learned the Holy Eagle technique double jump you can later upgrade it to a triple jump. Considering that by the end of the game Amaterasu can walk on water, summon lightning, water, ice, and fire, walk up walls, and make plants bloom, a Double Jump is really the least of her abilities.

Double-Meaning Title : This game takes advantage of how the long-o prefix denotes something big or great, making the term "great god", as well as the word normally being Japanese for "wolf". As noted in the Anime section, kami can also mean "paper" or "hair," which suits someone who manifests her powers by painting things with a brush. Also, wolf hair is a typical material in calligraphy pens.

The Dragon : All the big climactic bosses are such to Yami, but most notable are Orochi and Ninetails, who are the most active nemeses to Amaterasu. Orochi, Amaterasu's Arch-Enemy , has as his goal becoming the god of the underworld through the maidens sacrificed to him every year prior to his sealing by Nagi, and his true form especially gives off the appearance of a divine being by being covered in golden armor.

Dramatic High Perching : Waka has ethereal powers and a superior attitude and introduces himself while standing on a tree branch. Since you've learned to control lightning at this point, and the foe enjoys flourishing her highly-conductive sword, this works to your advantage. One of the phases of the Final Battle repeats this, with lightning flashing as the boss raises its sword-shaped arms. Drunken Master : Mr.

Orange enthusiastically breaks his vow of temperance to perform the Konohana Shuffle and restore Sakuya's tree. Additonally, Susano and even Amaterasu get a fighting edge by drinking special sake. Parodied with Kasugami, the god of mist. When the god makes her entrance, a bunch of imps throw instruments at her. She takes a swig from the bottle of alcohol on her back, leaps into the air Turns out that drinking doesn't make her a kung fu master, it just makes her drunk.

Dual Boss : The twin demon owls, Lechku and Nechku. Dual Wielding : Ammy can equip both a Main weapon and Sub weapon — note that rosary beads are the only ones still visible when equipped a subweapon. Waka also fights with two blades: one of metal wielded in a Reverse Grip , no less and one of energy.

Dub Name Change : An odd example. The names in the US version were not exactly changed but those who had four syllables or more except Amaterasu were shortened. However, the English translation shortened it to simply Yami, which means "darkness". Dude, Where's My Respect? And most people will still call you demeaning nicknames until the finale. They'll also take credit for your work, though Amaterasu does seem to be trying to make her contributions not so obvious.

Issun and Amaterasu also tend to help others by letting them take credit, such as telling Kokari he rebuilt the bridge to Taka Pass to get his confidence back when really Amaterasu used her Vine brush skills to stop a rampaging log, or most times with Susano early on. These people generally come back to help later on, though, so letting them take the credit at first eventually pays off.

Ironically, anything related to animals or nature tends to give Amaterasu the respect she deserves; restoring nature and feeding animals are two of the main ways to increase Amaterasu's Praise. So nature itself gives Amaterasu respect, but the humans generally don't. Subverted in the final battle when, thanks to Issun's propaganda, everyone realizes she was a god all along, and blame themselves for her difficulty.

In the end, it's their sincere gratitude that gives Amaterasu the strength to defeat Yami once and for all. Dungeon Crawling : Downplayed, since the dungeons and mini-dungeons are a secondary aspect of the games, both in plot and in gameplay, and only two of them Moon Cave and Oni Island are noticeably complex. Dungeon Shop : Justified. The only shops in dungeons are run by monsters. And yet, they still sell the holy paraphernalia Ammy needs to do her job.

Note that some of the Canine Warriors notably Ume are capable of using this against you. It's worth it. Eastern Zodiac : The brush techniques are taught by the various members of said zodiac, with Amaterasu herself taking the role of the Dog. It also includes the Cat, the animal who was tricked out of joining the zodiac in the myth. Because Amaterasu leaves a trail of plant life when she sprints.

Edge Gravity : Generally speaking, Ammy won't go off cliffs or edges of platforms; if you want to, you'll need to jump off. Eldritch Abomination : Yami is explicitly described as being so alien, it is never represented in human or animal shape, and its form is anachronistically technological to highlight its ill-fitting nature. Elemental Baggage : Paintbrush techniques can pull various elements across the screen.

Interestingly, late-game weapons double as literal Elemental Baggage - if you need a stream of fire, you can just pull it from your flaming disc weapon. Which uses up a whole lot less ink then making it appear out of thin air. Same goes for your final rosary and glaive; Her rosary contains the ice element while her glaive contains thunder. As far as techniques that have you connecting two targets on-screen with a line, this just leaves the water power which was obsolete in just about every way but one at that point and the vine power which was incredibly circumstantial and was mainly used for transportation.

Elemental Powers : Earth is Ammy's initial element , with unlockable minor control over others coming later. The strongest weapons form a Power Trio of sorts, and allow you become an elemental source e. Said weapons also lets her use elemental brush magic corresponding to said elements without needing a source. Enchanted Forest : Agata Forest is a misty forest with a murky lake where, according to legend, the moonlight cannot be reflected because it was literally eaten by a big fish known as the Whopper.

The forest of Yoshpet in Kamui was very magic even before the dark forces moved in. The forest expels any outlier after a time limit, making Amaterasu need the guidance of Kai and later Issun when heading to a destination that can only be reached through this forest. End-Game Results Screen : The player gets an overall ranking after the epilogue, with grading criteria including the number of continues used and the total amount of money collected.

Getting the top rank in each category unlocks goodies for New Game Plus. Equipment-Based Progression : Though the game has a leveling system, it is independent from its combat system. The brush techniques may not be equipment, but they do add new powers, allowing for further exploration and more effective combat, as well as some puzzle-solving.

Sakuya as well once her Stripperific outfit comes into play, with Amaterasu panting heavily when she sees her. Issun, though, can't stand him. Every Episode Ending : The game ends every boss battle with a victory howl from Amaterasu.

It gets subverted in the battle against Yami when he doesn't stay down the first time and drains all the power from Ammy, but then Ammy comes back to kick ass anyway. Everything's Better with Rainbows : At the end of the game, a rainbow forms a bridge to the Ark of Yamato. Evil-Detecting Dog : Amaterasu is a goddess taking the form of a white wolf. She's often seen preemptively reacting to threats before they appear onscreen. While Issun can usually also feel when a particular place has a bad vibe, there is one particular scene where this trope is played straight: when Amaterasu comes across a dead Queen Himiko and finds Rao also present and claiming to have witnessed the queen being attacked by a demon, Ammy immediately realizes that Rao is not who she says she is and attacks her.

Issun thinks Ammy has gone crazy until "Rao" lets out an Evil Laugh. Evil Old Folks : Mr. Cutter are a creepy old couple who attack anybody who comes near and threaten to cook them, with evidence they've followed through before.

They're really a pair of monsters called Crow Tengu. Walls of poison spines that you only have the tiniest space to jump through unharmed and some move! Evil Counterpart : Ninetails, an evil fox to Amaterasu's wolf and the only opponent with his own version of the Celestial Brush. Evil Tainted the Place : Cursed Zones are lifeless areas covered with animate shadow, rivers of ooze, and statues that used to be living people. Only gods can move freely in a Cursed Zone, and even then death awaits them if they stay too long.

The Hero 's only recourse is to strengthen the nature around it, at which the point the world's inherent purity will instantaneously overcome the Zone and revert it to how it used to be. Excrement Statement : In the game, you play a wolf. Two of the moves you can learn at the dojo are Golden Fury, which lets you insult enemies by lifting your leg and letting loose, and Brown Rage, which adds insult to injury. These are a decent source of demon fangs. Exposition Fairy : Issun is an unusual example, as, beyond providing hints and tutorials, most of his assumptions about the plot and characters are dead wrong, and thus, he provides very little useful exposition.

He also receives more character development than many cases of this trope. In this game, door locks are monsters called Lockjaws and the keyhole is in their eye — you have to find an Exorcising Arrow key and kill them by shoving it in and twisting their eye with it.

Amaterasu also defeats the Spider Queen by destroying her eight eyes, located within her bud-like abdomen. Eyes Do Not Belong There : One of the enemies in the game consists of a wheel with a huge eye in the center. Even better though, the locks in the game consist of a single giant eye and mouth. You unlock them by driving the key right into the eye. One of the bosses, the Spider Queen or "Prostitute Spider" in the original translation.

It's scary enough her head is just an eyeless giant mouth complete with oversized mandibles, but her abdomen can open up like a flower bud which has 8 EYEBALLS for petals. Faceless Goons : Imp-type enemies, which more accurately resemble monkeys, cover their faces with paper slips, with a kanji drawn on them as identification. Later on, as Amaterasu infiltrates their stronghold, she puts on the impenetrable disguise of Facial Markings : Amaterasu, though they're Invisible to Normals.

Failed Attempt at Drama : Several of the Brush Gods' introductions are foiled by humiliating slapstick. Fairy Companion : Issun, coming from a race of tiny, forest-dwelling spirits. At first glance, he might look like a bug, but close-up shots reveal him to instead be a tiny man wearing a beetle shell as a hat.

Fake King : Played with the leaders of Sei-an City; the game and Issun hint that Queen Himiko is behind the Emperor's illness and the city's curse, when in fact Ninetails, using the appearance of Priestess Rao who he killed previously , infected the Emperor and caused him to exhale the evil mist that caused the curse. Nagi himself also serves this role, as when you first meet him in person, he's every bit as lazy and cowardly as Susano.

And like Susano, he ends up being a Real Ultimate Hero when it's all over. The Bestiary says that his apparent laziness and cowardliness is actually an act to fool his enemies, though this could just be him being viewed as such over time. Note that your effects needs to be locked unchangeable in-game only if you are stacking the same effects on an item.

But If you care: If your save is on a version lower than game version 1. It tries to automatically detect what effect to lock and what not to lock. Once your save is on a 1. Effects will be locked only if you stack them. The tool does all this decision making for you automatically. Including, splitstaff and fists. Note: Values above will only work for game version below 1. Also, it will not unlock any DLC. Depending on your game update.

Useful on 1. Note: On 1. It automatically puts the effect at its max value. This can be used to stack effects to have God like health, Infinite Magic etc. You can stack effects to get more attack power as well. Note: It became very useful for users past the 1. Use at your own risk until a fix for these people is found.

Note: You need to have the related DLC for this to work. Giving you GOD like powers if you wish to. Note: On updates above 1. This was noticed for Items having the same effects equipped multiple times stacking effects or using effects not normally available for an item. However, you effects will be locked unchangeable in game. If you are editing a save on version 1. Your decision. Note: Demon Scrolls no longer crash up completion now, by selecting an option in the fix available in the tool, however note that at least one scroll effect will be changed.

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Nioh - Ethereal Items Tutorial (Best Weapons, Armor \u0026 Accessories)

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