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Crypto audit sites


crypto audit sites

Paladin is a blockchain security firm specializing as an auditor for smaller protocols. This “small business” target demographic means they have. Hacken is a leading cybersecurity consulting company with an essential focus on blockchain security. It conducts audits of Blockchain Protocols, Ethereum, EOS. Quantstamp is a blockchain security company that specializes in automated smart contract audits. They employ a team of skilled developers who. COSA SONO I TOKEN ETHEREUM

It is considered a mark of authenticity and integrity for the project. These audits are typically carried out in several steps. The initial step is the team and the auditing group agreeing on the scope and specifications of the audit. It means that the design, purpose, architecture and other details of the smart contract are given to the auditors. Next is the testing phase, where the auditors test the individual functions unit tests and then larger parts integration tests.

Automated bug detection and analysis tools are also used to look for commonly known vulnerabilities in the contracts. Finally, the report is issued with the findings and the applied fixes by the team. The importance of smart code audits can be gauged by the fact that the Ethereum chain split in was because of a code vulnerability exploited by an attacker, putting millions of dollars of funds at risk.

The subsequent actions by the community over whether to forcibly return the funds caused disagreements and a hard fork. Smart code audits are increasingly important in the burgeoning DeFi industry, where bug-filled smart contracts are often rushed out to meet investor demand.

The second thing you need to keep in mind is your requirement. While most firms audit smart contracts on the Ethereum chain, only some support other chains such as Solana or Binance Chain. Also, you might have to choose your auditing firm depending on how thorough you want it to be. The third is the cost of the audit. Getting the most-talented people to audit to review your smart contract is going to be very expensive. Some of the top auditing firms charge six figures per audit.

So you might have to choose your auditing firm depending on your budget. Hacken Hacken is a cybersecurity ecosystem founded by cybersecurity experts, Big Four professionals, and white hat hackers. Since its inception in , Hacken has been educating and growing the ethical hacker community and building Web 3.

Clients include Solana, VeChain, Gate. Hacken certification is accepted as a Web 3. One-stop-solution service kit includes a smart contract security audit, KYC background check, pentests, and Bug Bounty program. Certik Certik is probably the biggest name in the Smart Contract auditing industry.

Established in , the company was founded by professors from Yale University and Columbia University and has conducted over 1, audits. Certik performs one of the most comprehensive smart contract audits in the industry and even suggests recommendations when they discover vulnerabilities.

Founded by Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin and offers various services on the Ethereum ecosystem. Auditing smart contracts through diligence are one of their products. ConsenSys Diligence does a thorough job of smart contract testing, audits, automated analysis, threat modeling, and much more. ConsenSys also offers various tools that is used for auditing smart contracts on Ethereum Chain.

Slowmist Slowmist is a smart contract auditing firm based out of China. It was founded by an experienced team of attack-defense experts who transitioned into the blockchain space. SlowMist offers smart contract auditing, defense deployment, vulnerability scanning, etc. They also offer crypto companies anti-money laundering AML services that regulators often require.

QuillAudits is another new smart contract auditing firm specializing in auditing on multiple blockchain platforms. They perform both manual code reviews and automated testing for smart contracts before providing the final report.

Conclusion An audit has become the norm, with several hacks and exploits in smart contracts every week.

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With hacks continuing to rise, security is paramount in the crypto space. Smart contracts are one critical element that needs auditing. They are self-executing computer programs with the terms of an agreement between buyer and seller encoded in the lines of code. These contracts are hosted and executed on the blockchain via a computer network that renders transactions traceable, transparent, and irreversible. As more enthusiasts join the crypto space every day, audit companies are seeing a lot of demand from projects in crypto, DeFi, NFT, and the metaverse.

However, there are only a few companies that offer these services. Because a small mistake in crypto can easily result in the loss of billions of dollars, it is essential to get it all right. Hacken This auditor has been focused on educating the community and building Web 3. Its clients include Solana, VeChain, Gate. Besides smart contract security audit, it also provides KYC background checks, pentests, and Bug Bounty programs.

Certik One of the biggest names in the Smart Contract auditing industry, Certik was founded in by professors from Yale University and Columbia University. It has conducted nearly 3, audits globally. Besides the popular wallet MetaMask, Infura, a toolkit for blockchain developers, and having a venture capital arm to invest in projects building in the sector, ConsenSys also performs smart contract auditing through diligence. Runtime Verification This security firm puts a special focus on formal verification, which is a time-consuming but thorough way of mathematically proving that the code meets a set of exactly written standards.

They also perform traditional audits. ETH 2. Certora Certora is another security firm that provides formal verification services. Its Certora Prover tool is one of the most powerful suites available for executing formal verification. Certora also sponsors community education events and is working with the Secureum auditor bootcamp.

Slowmist The China-based smart contract auditing firm was founded by an experienced team of attack-defense experts who transitioned into the blockchain space. Besides smart contract auditing, Slowmist performs defense deployment, vulnerability scanning, and anti-money laundering AML services.

In other words, the solution provides an array of software security services that encompass smart contract audits, blockchain security research, software development, and so on. Over the years, Trail of Bits has developed formidable security tools for smart contracts. Some of these blockchain-focused solutions are Crytic, Slither, and Echidna. These libraries are used in most Solidity projects as a tested and standard template for contracts deployable on decentralized applications.

Besides development, OpenZeppelin has a strong focus on smart contract security and audit services. Also, OpenZeppelin was one of the first teams to reinvent blockchain security by introducing elements of gamification to identify loopholes in smart contracts. Unlike other security firms mentioned on this list, ConsenSys dedicates its resources and technological know-how to the development of Ethereum blockchain applications and software, especially financial infrastructures.

As such, its product, ConsenSys Diligence, offers security analysis for smart contracts. This solution provides a robust API, which developers can use to access security analytics tools. It classifies itself as an enabler of private and disruptive storage solutions.

At the moment, the platform has two major products available to its users. The first, Privatestorage formerly S4 , is a centralized system that provides storage infrastructure to end-users and offers them the autonomy over the collection, processing, and distribution of their private data. On the other hand, its second product, Tahoe LAFS, enables a decentralized, distributed, and fault-tolerant storage facility.

In addition to providing different storage architectures, LeastAuthority has published security reports for Ethereum, Tezos, and others. It also works with developers throughout their development cycles to ensure that their projects are not susceptible to security threats.

With this partnership, PWC Switzerland offers consultant services to blockchain projects from the exploration stage to the post-deployment stage. This platform assesses smart contract designs, tests their viability, and monitors metrics detailing their performances after deployment.

It excels in its ability to combine automated analysis tools and the expertise of security professionals to identify and eliminate potential threats. As Chainsecurity, this blockchain team developed several security tools, including Securify and VerX. They perform extensive blockchain security services that include smart contract audits, blockchain security audits, wallet security testing, and much more.

Slowmist also has a safe staking project for blockchain ecologies, which delivers real-time data on the growth and security patterns of EOS, Cosmos, Vechain, and other top blockchain projects. Another interesting bit of detail about this platform is its powerful firewall project for EOS smart contracts, named FireWall.

Likewise, Slowmist is constantly tracking and publishing data and stats about security situation on crypto exchanges through their Blockchain Threat Intelligence BTI service.

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