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Ron paul on bitcoin


ron paul on bitcoin

US Congressman Ron Paul doesn't believe bitcoin is 'true money', but he's still a big fan of the concept. ron. The Bitcoin conference in Miami kicked off today with libertarian and ex-presidential candidate Ron Paul slamming the Federal Reserve. Former Congressman Ron Paul said that Bitcoin is a form of money, and money should not be regulated. "Right now, if you buy and sell gold, you. BEST FOREX ANALYSIS SOFTWARE

He later said that one of the reasons he did not run in the general election as a third-party candidate, after losing the primaries, was that, as a concession to gain ballot access in certain states, he had signed legally binding agreements to not run a third-party campaign if he lost the primary.

He said that each of them had pledged to adhere to a policy of balancing budgets, bringing the troops home, defending privacy and personal liberties, and investigating the Federal Reserve. Paul also said that under no circumstances would he be endorsing either of the two main parties' candidates McCain—Republican Party, or Obama—Democratic Party because there were no real differences between them, and because neither of them, if elected, would seek to make the fundamental changes in governance that were necessary.

He urged instead that, rather than contribute to the "charade" that the two-party election system had become, the voters support the third-party candidates as a protest vote, to force change in the election process. He received 42, votes, or 0. Michele Bachmann to Paul. On May 14, Paul's campaign announced that due to lack of funds though despite financial backing from financiers Peter Thiel and Mark Spitznagel [] he would no longer actively campaign for votes in the 11 remaining primary states, including Texas and California, that had not yet voted.

Irregularities[ edit ] In June, a group of supporters of Paul, demanding the freedom as delegates to the upcoming Republican party national convention to cast votes for Paul, filed a lawsuit in U. District Court against the Republican National Committee and 55 state and territorial Republican party organizations for allegedly coercing delegates to choose Mitt Romney as the party's presidential nominee.

The suit further pointed to incidents at state conventions, including acts of violence and changes in procedural rules, allegedly intended to deny participation of Paul supporters in the party decision-making and to prevent votes from being cast for Paul. An attorney representing the complainants said that Paul campaign advisor Doug Wead had voiced support for the legal action.

I think for the most part these winning caucuses that we've been involved in we have followed the rules. And the other side has at times not followed the rules. That would undo everything I've done in the last 30 years. I don't fully endorse him for president. Although more knowledgeable about precious metals, he highlighted several parallels between physical and digital gold.

Ultimately, he believes cryptocurrencies ought to be able to compete with the U. Legal tender laws First, Paul mentioned a piece of legislation introduced in the U. Congress that would enable auditing of the Federal Reserve. He said that currently if you buy then sell gold or bitcoin, you are taxed on the profit.

Ron paul on bitcoin trade forex for dummies ron paul on bitcoin

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