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Laguerre rsi amibroker forex


laguerre rsi amibroker forex

Well there are many inbulit mt4 indicators which are available like macd,moving average,adx,rsi etc and all of them are made and operated by. Ehlers Instantaneous Trend · Ehlers Laguerre RSI · Ehlers Reflex Indicator · Ehlers Trendflex Indicator · ekeko price chart · EKEKO SAR-MF · Elder Impulse. Candle Pattern Function · Candle Stick Analysis · Candle Stick Demo · candlestick chart for Volume/RSI/OBV · CandleStick Comentary--Help needed · Candlestick. BEST WAY TO PARK YOU MONEY IN CRYPTO

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We suggest using that Laguerre gauge as an addition to some good forex strategy to confirm entry points. It fits all kinds of timeframes and currency pairs. The indicator is displayed in a separate window placed just below the main trading chart. The default settings can be modified directly from the input tab. Feel free to experiment with the settings and parameters to fit your personal preferences.

Now go to the left side of your MT4 terminal. Target profit is 10 pips, when it is reached, you exit the entire trade or a part of it with the subsequent protection by a trailing stop at a distance of 10 pips. Laguerre RSI paints a shelf at zero level and goes up crossing level 0. The moment of crossing the level is marked with a red vertical line in the chart. The signal candlestick when there is crossing is the one that is on the right that is, it closes after the level is crossed.

We enter a trade at the next candlestick that is highlighted with a pink box in the figure. Red horizontal line mark from bottom to top: stop loss, entry point, and the level where you should protect your trade with a trailing stop. Two important notes: The longer is the indicator at the borderline, the better.

The green circle marks the example of a false sell signal conditions for a short trade will be described below : the indicator only touches level 1 which suggests that the trend is not steady. Even if this is acceptable by a risky trading style although the signal is weak , but the candlestick is rising when level 0. Entry conditions are similar to the long trade.

Here, the signal delivered by the indicator is weak. It only touches the signal line and then rebounds. But the size and the direction of the candlestick when there is crossing confirms the signal. In this case, the body of the candlestick is more than 5 pips and the candlestick is falling, so, one may enter a trade.

The figure also presents 4 situations with false signals, when the condition of the minimal size of the signals candlestick is not satisfied. Only in the first case, I can say that level 0. Trading system based on the Bulls Bears Eyes indicator The Laguerre indicator is not directly applied in this strategy that can be used to enter swing trades. The major and the only indicator is a complex tool Bulls Bears Eyes, whose signals are smoothed by the Laguerre filter.

He suggested that the MA moving average is an agreement between sellers and buyers during a particular period of time. The highest price represents the maximum power of buyers. This is the timeframe indicated in minutes and it must be equal to the standard time frames in MT4. This is Laguerre smoothing averaging parameter. Levels: «0», «0. CountBars the number of bars where the indicator is displayed.

You may enter any value, for example, You can download the template archive here Conditions for entering a long trade: The indicator touches zero level in the time period between 9. The target profit is 5 pips.

The initial condition is the time of the session, this period is marked with a yellow circle. The first hour of the European session features that traders are just beginning to identify their further targets to take investment decisions and the price is moving rather by inertia. If the trend reverses the moment we try to pick up during this period, the trend is likely to be strong to yield a moderate profit. You enter a trade at the next bar and exit it around the bar marked with a green arrow.

If you compare the performance of the indicator signals over a different time period, you will see that Bulls Bears Eyes performs well only at a short time interval. Blue circles mark winning trades, green — losing or not successful ones. Conditions for entering a short trade: Indicator touches level 1 during the time period is between 9. Indicator goes below level 1. You enter a trade according to a similar principle. There is a similar situation: almost all the trades entered in a different time interval are losing.

In other words, you can enter a trade only once a day with this strategy. You can trade other currency pairs with this strategy. But you must bear in mind that the volatility of currencies is different during different trade sessions. So, you will need to find out both the most suitable time and the correct Gamma parameter. Another example of using the Laguerre filter in the Laguerre Volume indicator is described in this overview.

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