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Mb forex reviews


mb forex reviews

This MB Trading review was written by industry experts with over 20 years of financial experience in Share dealing. Please note that protection does not cover forex trading. Review the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options brochure before you begin trading. MB Trading has always been my first choice in Forex trading. Technology is solid and reliable and their customer service is the best in the business. New 'Pay. OP AMP BUFFER INVESTING IN SILVER

This is a ridiculous notion when you consider the big boy brokers make tens of millions per year. Do you think they really care about ripping off tiny accounts? Trust me the brokers know the odds. They know most newbie traders are perfectly capable of blowing their own accounts.

The newbies take care of the rest, taking dumb trades and losing money is what newbies do when I was a newbie I blew my first two accounts in a few weeks. When these newbies blow their accounts what do they do? They run to a Forex review site. They write a review about how they got ripped off by their broker. They give the broker a very low rating. So instead of taking responsibility for their own screw-ups they blame their broker for them.

This absolutely sucks for the brokers themselves. The whole concept of Forex broker review sites is flawed. That is ridiculous! I have used both those brokers for years and I have rarely if ever had a problem. When I do have issues the support staff are very helpful. For example, MB trading once even handed me the money back for a trade that I took. Their price feed had a problem that day and it went higher than it was meant to go. The trade ended up losing.

I called up and they apologized profusely and gave me back all my losses. With reviews what happens is a bunch of newbies sign up with a good broker. Through their own mistakes they lose all their money. Then instead of taking responsibility they leave negative reviews about the brokers performance. One of the most commonly used accusations levelled against brokers is slippage during highly volatile period. It is the nature of trading, you do not get perfect fills when the market is jumping up 20 pips per second.

When you are offered with numerous options for directing your trading experience, the chances to find the one that suits your needs at most becomes larger. Today, we are focusing your attention on another Forex broker that can definitely thrill you with its big bunch of opportunities and interesting features to discover.

Read our MB Trading review and find out more about this trading arena. The brokerage firm appears in year and since then its trading website is online for traders from all around the world. In few words, MB Trading Forex broker is quite reliable and trustworthy and it does have an official license for financial service provider since its establishment.

The fact that this platform has won Best Forex Broker Award several times — for the years of , , , , , , and again in — is a superb evidence for the reliability of the website. You can contact the responsive customer support representatives at MB Trading Forex Broker at any time via email, skype, phone call, web form and through its brand new integrated live chat. The broker offers up to 30 currency pairs for trading, as well as many other trading instruments to take benefits of — futures, stocks, binary options, commodities and etc.

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Order entry is intuitive and easy and their streaming quotes and integrated charts are particularly helpful for getting the most up-to-date information right before sending an order on the move MB Trading also offers the NinjaTrader platform, a trading platform that provides trader with the tools to analyze the markets and trading ideas in a flexible, customizable and user-friendly manner using its Advanced Trade Management ATM system.

Charting via NinjaTrader provides traders with powerful market visualization, multi-time frame and multi-instrument analysis and over pre-built customizable indicators plus s of optional 3rd party indictors. MB Trading offers spreads are some of the tightest ones offered in the FX marketplace. The commissions are also some of the lowest in the FX markets. MB Trading offers different pricing plans for volume or frequent traders on stocks, options and futures trading.

Education Education is strong at MB Trading. It basically uses a list of trading partners to provide some good learning materials. It also offers several of its own tutorials on general trading and market education to gear up their clients' knowledge as many other brokers do.

Bank wire transfers and checks are also acceptable but not credit or debit card payments. Withdrawals are made via wire and ACH transfers and checks. Customer Support. They keep charging and rearranging their platform which is uncomfortable.

It took some getting used to to begin with. Small traders have a great disadvantage. They act like crooks. I have traded with them for over a year. I can't even get my demo to work any more. They freeze the platform during maintenance time for longer and longer times in recent times. One rule, i guess is all the broker in US is the same. One person cant open a same trade in both direction, long and short.

I am Daniel Tan, fr Penang. Wish all trader the best in its trading and talk to your broker on issue, so as the broker can make a point to correct or improve it. So to be the best is pooling of brains and working to the common goals of many. The bottom line is everybody is looking for a profit, right! Small deposit traders are put into in-house pools and not really traded on the real forex market. It would cost to much for them to take small deposits and allow them to be traded on the real forex market.

So, small traders are churned till all money is gone. I have watched MB Trading for a while and have notice how they or some other entity has run stops obviously continuously till all funds are gone. It is better to deposit larger funds or only trade when volume is very high. When volume is high it make it impossible for brokers to manipulate your account without it being noticeable.

That is why news trades are best and that is why some brokers want let you trade news or try to discourage you from doing so. Now, am I trying to say that BM trading is doing you that way? But I am saying that these are well known practices in this industry and I would not count them out.

Something is fishy. I am not interested in that baloney. The price opened at 1. If I had went long the order would have been filled at 1. I would say RUN as fast as you can from these shysters. One thing you can count on is the order will be filled at the best price for MB Trading.

They say they don't trade against you but I do not believe that anymore. Also they told me the margin calls are automatic, but they aren't, they are manual, and if during one of these spikes your account goes into a margin call for a second, but then returns to the normal price, and their risk is no longer there, they will still close your positions at the price of the spike even if it is 5 minutes later. If you ask then if they do that, they say NO, they do not, but when it happens, they say did your account reach margin call level?

The policy they wrote states they do margin calls to protect mb trading from risk, BUT if they wait 5 minutes after the spike, the risk is not there anymore, but that is irrelevant, they will close your positions at the spiked price, and they do it manually. If the margin calls are automatic, then there is no problem. But they close positions manually, and they can enter any price they like. He apologized and said he would reduce my commissions for one month because of the issues I was having.

So I decided to stay. They lowered my commissions for 30 days but wont let me trade. What good is that? Their policy states you must have a minimum account value of dollars. I am teaching my wife the ins and outs of the platform and how to trade.

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