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Wave dash


wave dash

To move with haste; rush: dashed into the room; dashed down the hall. 2. To strike violently; smash: waves dashing on the rocks. betfootball.website 1. Wavedash, or Crouch-dash is a move introduced in Tekken. In Japan, it is also known as Wind God Step (風神ステップ, Fūjinsuteppu), though the term wavedash. Wavedash is Gavin, Luke & Michael, from Austin, Texas. We just released our debut album "World Famous Tour". Check it out here: betfootball.website ILLEGAL BETTING

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Hypers function much like supers, but give the player an increase in speed that is significantly greater than either a super or dash. Madeline travels lower when performing a hyper, allowing her to jump through tighter gaps than a super. However, this lower jump height may cause the player to hit obstacles that are low to the ground if they are not careful.

This move is first introduced to the player in Chapter 8's C-side, but is only used in two sections once at the beginning of the level and once again at the end of the final room. As with supers, it is possible to do a reverse hyper by switching directions when jumping, although this has limited practical value.

This move is performed by doing a hyper, but only jumping after Madeline's hair becomes red again. Extended hypers can be reversed to do a reverse extended hyper. Notably, a reverse extended hyper is used in speedruns of the Chapter 5 A-side to perform the YEET, which allows speedrunners to skip through two otherwise slow rooms in a short amount of time.

While a wavedash is similar in function to an extended hyper, it can be used in different scenarios. Unlike an extended hyper, it is possible to perform a wavedash on one single tile, while an extended hyper requires either more space or an adjacent wall to be performed. Wavedashes can also be reversed, much like extended hypers. Wavedashes are formally introduced to the player in Chapter 9 's 5th sub-chapter, Event Horizon. The relatively high technical difficulty of the wavedash may result in two common issues: the wavedash not performing, and the failure to retain the dash afterwards.

The former is a result of the player initiating the downward diagonal dash too high off the ground. In this case, the dash has already finished once the player has touched the ground, thus resulting in a failure to perform the wavedash. The second problem, in which the wavedash is performed but without the retaining of the dash, is a result of the player initiating the downward diagonal dash too low off the ground.

By jumping before Madeline's hair turns white, the dash is unable to be reset. Wallbounce[] A wallbounce in Chapter 1. A wallbounce occurs when the player dashes upwards when adjacent to a wall and then jumps during the dash. The jump can be done at any time up until the end of the dash, causing the wallbounce to travel higher the longer the jump is delayed.

Wallbounces allow the player to travel vertically more quickly than a dash or wallkick, and can be used in multiple levels to complete them faster. Ultra[] A reverse hyper transitioned into a downwards ultra and a bunny hop, in Chapter 6's 5th subchapter. An ultra is an oblique dash that occurs when performing a diagonal-down dash when already moving with a high horizontal velocity. This causes the player to maintain their speed and get a speed boost upon hitting the ground.

Using a diagonal-up dash instead results in an "upwards ultra", which has the key difference that the momentum ends when the dash does — the momentum does not carry. Demodash[] A demodash performed in Chapter 3's Elevator Shaft subchapter.

A demodash named after its discoverer, DemoJameson is performed by dashing down, then immediately within 4 frames or 0. This causes Madeline to dash horizontally while keeping a crouched state at the same time. Being crouched reduces the size of the player's hitbox, allowing them to fit through gaps that could not be travelled through under normal circumstances.

If one not only releases the down key, but also inputs other directions, a demodash can be done upwards or diagonally up. It didn't become necessary for top level competition until months later. Technical details Wavedashing describes a sliding motion that occurs by jumping and then immediately air dodging at a sharp angle into the ground. The length a character slides in their wavedash is determined by a number of factors: by the angle at which they air dodged low angles yield long wavedashes , how close to ground they were before air dodging the closer the character, the longer the wavedash , and the character's traction.

Low traction yields long wavedashes and high traction yields short wavedashes; thus, characters like Luigi , Ice Climbers , and Mewtwo have long wavedashes, while Peach and Zelda have short wavedashes, generally considered to be less effective unless performed on icy surfaces. Additionally, there are surfaces on which characters can wavedash great distances; classic examples are the UFO on Fourside and the oil slick on Flat Zone.

Performing the technique Traditionally, wavedashing is the technique-to-know for newer players, for a mastery of wavedashing reflects both a nimbleness of fingers and a knowledge of high-level play. It is performed by pressing X or Y or up on the control stick to jump, followed immediately by L or R, and diagonally down on the control stick, to perform the air dodge. Ideally, the wavedashing character should slide without ever appearing to leave the ground.

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