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Terraria old ones army event all enemies are ethereal


terraria old ones army event all enemies are ethereal

We all love a bit of spice in our pumpkin latte but there is such a thing as too spicy. That applies to horror games too. -Collect Etherian Mana and any heart drops between waves. This can help you heal quickly as well as prepare more sentries. Do note that enemies. Among them are special sentry summon weapons, which are fueled by Etherian Mana, a resource that drops only during this event. Etherian Mana allows multiple. CRYPTO WEB BLOCKER

Grenades roll on the ground and do heavy AOE damage to him and his mooks, which makes them perfect on a flat stretch of land. They also drop the Slimy Saddle, one of the better pre-Hardmode mounts, very useful in a surface Eater of Worlds fight if you know how to bounce it on the Eater repeatedly. Blasting them to low HP gives them a high speed dashing attack that they spam harder the lower their HP gets.

A simple wood platform about two jumps or so away from the ground is enough, though having two wood platforms one jump away from each other is also good. The longer the arena, the better. You can vastly overprepare for the fight by getting any gun from the local World Evil then buying a Minishark from the Arms Dealer, or getting a Boomstick, Thorn Chakram or crafting the Amazon yoyo from the Underground Jungle. A melee weapon like a Blade of Grass can be useful during their dashing phase, allowing you to cause damage while the Eye charges at you.

By this time, you ought to have at least Hermes Boots or any other equivalent. Constant squadrons of Eaters getting in your face is not conducive to proper arena establishment. As a Worm, they can dig through solid blocks, but they can only jump so high above the ground in open air.

In Expert and Master mode, they gain a very dangerous vile spit shot that they like to spam, and is more dangerous than the worm itself. Breaking a segment of the worm splits it into more worms, and the head segment of any Worm has markedly lower bulkiness but hits harder. High tier Ruby or Diamond Gemstaves and especially the Vilethorn will make short work of the Eater of Worlds as long as you have mana to sustain fire.

If you crafted a bow out of the evil metal Demonite in a Corruption world, Crimtane in a Crimson world the Eye of Cthulhu dropped, load it with Jester Arrows The result of mixing a batch of Wooden Arrows together with a Fallen Star you got from nighttime so you hit multiple segments at once. While it is very difficult and generally inadvisable to fight the Eater of Worlds on the surface without protection of some sort, the Brain of Cthulhu is a better candidate for a surface platform arena fight.

The Brain of Cthulhu is also very dangerous to battle in a tight area, and you need more space to jump around. Thankfully, the usual layout of Crimson chasms practically beg to be turned into an arena, a decently large central hub with surrounding arterial tunnels. The first part of the fight is clearing out his many, many eye mooks. The second part has them using illusions to confuse you, while they try to move in closer.

They are the only boss affected by knockback, so a good shot will keep them out of your face. The second part is the problem. The Brain of Cthulhu opens its eye, and it starts using hallucinations to distract you, generating 3 illusions around you to hide itself before charging into your personal space.

During the second phase in Expert or Master mode, keep a sharp eye on the minimap: It reveals the real Brain in relation to your position. It only uses its illusions in Expert or Master, and the illusions become harder to distinguish from the real thing as their HP goes down, but the minimap always shows it. Dodge their attacks and gun them down.

Terraria Mobile players have less to worry about with the second phase, since the target lock immediately targets the real Brain. This can only mean one thing: Underworld mining session! The nasty burning Hellstone, when mixed with Obsidian that occurs when water falls onto lava, can be formed into Hellstone Bars at a Hellforge. This means most weapons at this tier can barely scratch his head, barring heavier melee weapons and the Musket. One of his hands tend to swipe vertically, and the other horizontally.

You might have also found Demon Scythe, a high damage magic spell, early on. Find a giant beehive, dig inside, and for the love of all that is good, do NOT shoot at the weird larva thing inside. Before you do that, turn the little beehive into a small arena using Wood Platforms, and if you have some to spare, stick a Heart lantern and Campfire in there. The Honey at the bottom of Beehives are both a bane and a boon: Jumping into the honey gives you a Health regeneration buff which stacks with Regen Potions, Campfires and Heart Lanterns, but it is very easy to get stuck in honey since it is very thick.

Once your arena is done and lit, smash the Larva and fight the angry bee mom that now wants to sting you in half. Aim for her butt when she summons bees, so any bee summoned dies immediately rather than swarming you. Start dodging instead once she does her horizontal dashes.

A few floors inside your small arena should be enough to let you avoid the attack, or sharp use of the Grappling Hook or any jump-boosting accessories. Now the writer can suggest the Boomstick and Thorn Chakram without sounding like a madman! Another good choice is Meteor Armor and Space Gun, since those two together means the piercing Space Gun can be fired indefinitely. Meteor Armor also works with the grey Zapinator, turning the fight into a glorious RNG-fest, where you either get bees in your earholes or kill the Queen Bee in five or so super lucky shots.

While it has many intimidating attacks, learning its patterns and staying under it, while very emotionally uncomfortable for both of you, is typically the way to go. Trying to jump over him or going too far away makes him fire off a rather unpredictable rock throw attack that hits very hard. On the other hand, staying close forces him to use an equally devastating, but much more predictable frost wave spike attack.

Deerclops will fire ice spikes toward the player twice, which can be dodged by simply running toward the Deerclops and past him. After the two strikes, run away because the third frost wave happens around him with shorter range, but being able to hit where his legs are. Hack away at them or blast them with a Boomstick from in between his legs, then run on the third attack. Moving 30 tiles away from them turns them shadowy, making them immune to damage until you get in close again.

On Expert and Master mode, they occasionally summon a few Shadow hands during combat, which make things a bit more complicated. Meanwhile, Rangers have access to the Boomstick and later on, the Quad-barreled Shotgun as effective close combat weapons, though Phoenix Blaster should work fine too thanks to auto-fire and its high DPS. If there are mountains or walls in between your flat battle zone, a Water Bolt may work as the shots will bounce off the mountains and hit Deerclops multiple times, albeit slowly.

If you manage to nab a Demon Scythe during a trip to the Underworld, all the better since it has a piercing projectile that lingers before flying off, very likely shredding the Deerclops when used at a particularly romantic range. In Expert and Master Mode, the Shield of Cthulhu will allow you to dodge the frost wave attack much more easily.

Doing so gets you some very good loot, with the Eye Bone summoning a very useful Pet that acts as a mobile Piggy Bank. This is the final boss right? The guardian of The Underworld itself, summoned by sacrificing the Guide… Honestly not much of a loss. You run away for dear life, and you shoot it until it dies, and it goes faster and faster the lower its HP goes. The outer edges of the Underworld is mostly lava and a few small islands dotting the landscape, but the middle of the Underworld is an impossibly ancient, abandoned city taken over by foul, filthy demons.

That city is a bigger problem than the demons, since those structures can and will cause you to snag onto them as you try to escape the Wall of Flesh, which is a death sentence no matter how much HP you have left. The bare minimum you need for a fighting space is to blow a path through those structures, usually with Sticky Bombs and Sticky Dynamite.

If you do plan to make a proper flat arena out of the entirety of Hell, do not use Platform blocks in Expert and Master Mode: Lava Slimes in those difficulties spawn a block of lava upon death, which can burn holes through the Platform blocks.

Instead, use solid blocks like Ash, Snow ironically enough , and especially Dirt with one-block holes scattered all over, since a one block hole is narrow enough for your 2-block wide character to walk over while preventing Lava Slime corpses from pooling horrible burning hellfire all over your arena. Those specific blocks are not only easy to come by en masse, they also naturally spawn herbs Ash spawns Fireblossoms, Snow spawns Silverthorns, Dirt spawns Blinkroots so now your arena doubles as an Herb farm for those specific plants.

The ideal arena for a Wall of Flesh battle though, if you want to go completely, absolutely all out: A long railroad across the whole Underworld, with the buildings in the center demolished badly enough to ensure the Wall of Flesh has no cover against your attacks. Such a railroad is proof against Lava and surprisingly cheap, with 50 track sections being worth a piece of wood and a single bar of Iron or Lead.

Oh yeah, using a Magic Mirror or a Recall Potion instantly gibs you, and the Wall of Flesh will forcibly pull you back into the Underworld if you try getting out manually. Have fun! Water Bolt shots travel very slowly, bounce a lot of times, can pierce 10 targets, and are absolutely spammable. A surprisingly viable choice in Terraria Mobile that might hurt your mouse in PC is a Phoenix Blaster with Meteor Shot: rapid fire single shot handguns only shoot as fast as your fingers in PC, but on mobile the Auto-fire setting will make them fire at their full potential.

The final burst of damage is very important lest the Wall catch up at the last second and ruin your entire day. The Wall of Flesh is dead, and your world is liberated! Turns out the Wall of Flesh might have been trying to keep the whole place more or less civil. Now, murderous unicorns and bloodthirsty pixies fight with empowered eaters that spit foul bile and malice across the world.

Two diagonal stripes of oppressively bright Hallow and foul, disgusting Corruption or Crimson just shot through the vertical length of your world. And all of them hate you just as much as the rest of this world does. Now take that fancy Pwnhammer and bash some Demon or Crimson Altars to death, preferably 3 to 9 of them. Then go mine the ores that pop out, taking care to make pickaxes or drills first except from the Adamantite or Titanium ores, since all you really need max before skipping to the Drax is the Mythril or Orichalcum Pickaxe or Drill.

Queen Slime not only spams mooks who can absolutely fill the screen with jelly bullets, she can bombard you with larger slime bullets herself! The fight is incredibly chaotic, though it can be done with a full set of the lower tier Hardmode ore armors and a weapon suited for demolishing loads of mooks.

Ironically, she is much easier to cheese in her second flight-capable phase, since her first phase being land bound and able to teleport into your face means you have to contend with her mostly ground-bound slime babies at a less than comfortable distance. She can only be summoned in the Hallow, but she can be lured away from it with no repercussions. If you have an old arena elsewhere on the Surface and are too lazy to build a new one in the Hallow, make her follow you there if you want.

Taking her down a few times could get you Crystal Assassin armor, a generalist armor set that may give you an easier time for now, and the Gelatinous Pillion, a powerful mount that lets you fly, float on water, move decently quickly, fall at extreme speeds and goomba-stomp enemies. Much like the Slime Saddle, but with wings! Those mooks cause the majority of projectile spam to happen, so you need to thin them out somehow.

Dart guns and Crystal Darts, Hellfire Arrows, Dao of Pow and most magic spells available to you should do the trick, especially Crystal Darts since they will actively bounce into the mooks while still damaging Queen Slime. Her second phase allows her to fly, though she is very predictable: She always tries to stay a moderate distance directly above you, so flying high above the enemy mooks can help if you have The Black Spot on Master Mode, though if all you have are wings, you still need to put some effort into clearing the mooks before they start filling the screen with their attacks.

Then you go for the Twins first! By making such a high solid floor, the only way the Destroyer can threaten you is with the laser-spamming Probes they spawn when damaged, which do eventually run out since each segment can only spawn one Probe. Not to mention killing Probes has a good chance to drop Heart pickups. Her strength is entirely dependent on your Summoner gear loadout, as she hits much harder when she takes up multiple Minion slots.

Afterwards, Reitnazer is much easier to deal with, as they back off and use aimed lasers to fight in their second phase. Avoiding the lasers, while needing some quick reaction, is easier than dodging the less predictable angry charge dashes Spazmatism does. Guns are the typical weapon used against the Twins, though Repeater crossbows can make a good easily accessible substitute with their decent fire rate and high damage per shot. Dart guns and Crystal darts may actually work against you, as you do not want both of them to enter their second phases at the same time.

The Prime Laser typically hangs back and fires fast-moving lasers directly at you from your sides. The Prime Cannon sometimes fires bombs directly at you if you move in such a way as to force it to your sides, but mostly drops bombs at you from above.

The Prime Vice charges at you directly, while the Prime Saw typically denies you movement by flying below you then swiping up and down. Switching to a rapid fire DPS machine like Light Discs provided you beat the Destroyer first , Hardmode yoyos, Hardmode guns other than the Gatligator Gatligator, while a great crowd pleaser, is a less than optimal gun for bossfights other than the Destroyer because of its wide spread, at least Shotguns like the Onyx Blaster fire all their pellets at once, causing a lot more reliable damage , Crystal Storm and Crystal Serpent is a good idea once their arms are all dead.

The Jungle, already crawling with some nasty awful creatures like giant stinger-slinging Moss Hornets, high speed flying Giant Tortoises of death, and those yellow carnivorous plants that drop Uzis for some reason, now has some cute pink bulbs growing on it. Mine out as much Chlorophyte Ore as your heart desires, taking care to leave a single nugget in every mined out ore vein to regrow, since Chlorophyte can spread through Mud blocks to a limit, making it renewable.

Is it a new item? Maybe a crafting station! Soon enough, your insides are all the way over there, while your outsides are all the way over here. Plantera is a jump in difficulty compared to the Mechanical Bosses, and a serious one at that. A useful addition is a panic hole, essentially a very wide hellevator About blocks wide, this could be made easily by blasting below you with a ton of Dynamite sticks for this specific arena you can jump down into so Plantera chases you in a predictable manner.

First, you must add a roof to your arena, about blocks above the ground. Then, you must collect as much stone as you think is necessary, which may take some time. You must then take a Heavy Workbench to a graveyard and craft as many Boulder Statues as possible. Bring the statues back to your arena, and place them along your newly constructed roof. You should get some wire , wrenches , and a timer , and a switch is recommended, all of which can be bought from the Mechanic. All you need to do now is connect the wires to the Boulder Traps and timer, and place two blocks on each side of the Eternia Crystal to prevent the boulders from damaging it or you, without being too high to start the event.

You may also place some platforms above the boulders, so you can still move around without taking as much damage from them. Note that the boulders only fall every 15 seconds, which means you should leave enough space for the portals to spawn at maximum distance. You will also want the ground to be flat, so the boulders can go all the way across the arena.

Using this tactic, you only need to defeat flying enemies, such as Etherian Wyverns or Lightning Bugs , along with any bosses that spawn. Note that this tactic works best in lower tiers, and only adds additional damage to enemies on higher ones. Actuator Drop[] Since the crystal stand can be actuated, the entire event crystal can be dropped down, much like the flat terrain the event requires.

If the Eternia Crystal NPC stands on sufficient ground for the various grounded enemies in the event to stand on, or on its initial elevation, they will float toward the crystal with a shadow aura and still reach it. However, if the crystal is dropped to a single platform or block, and grounded enemies are dropped beforehand recommended roughly 40 blocks from the center , they'll only float if they get far enough down from the crystal, in which case they float diagonally toward the crystal.

When employing this strategy, you should consider placing a water platform using Bubbles and using some iteration of Water Walking Boots or a Water Walking Potion to provide yourself with a platform underneath the crystal, but also to cancel enemies floating toward the crystal: since water is considered a physical block, they'll stop floating.

The by far most effective strategy, to solve the issue of floating, is on the other hand placing a long platform of blocks at least 65 blocks below the crystal entity's platform, with a 5 wide by 10 high chamber in the middle.

Terraria old ones army event all enemies are ethereal impact investing definition deutsch


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Terraria: How To Summon \u0026 Defeat The Old One's Army Guide (Eternia Crystal Tutorial) terraria old ones army event all enemies are ethereal


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Terraria - Old One's Army Tier 3 (Master Mode, Pre-Lunar gear)

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