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Fm13 goals galore betting


fm13 goals galore betting

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So my current save is with Wolves on FM What made you start writing? There was also a series by Charles Pulling where he tried to take Sporting Lisbon to European glory in five seasons which I really enjoyed. Reading all of these, I always wondered how I would put together a series.

You use FM13 due to your laptop situation, would you say it was your favourite version of the series anyway? I noticed you started with a version of CM2 — the foreign leagues to be precise. What can you remember about that? It was a copy lent to me by my pal when I was about 12 or 13 — our home PC was pretty awful so I could never play any better version at the time. It was a version that only allowed you to play French, Italian or German teams. All the other teams in the world were there and you could buy and sell to them but nothing more.

Everybody has their favourite save of all time — can you tell us about yours please? At the time, I was having great fun with it so carried on, trying crack Europe, which we eventually did in by with the Europa League and then the Champions League in I will certainly go back to it though.

I've been downloading stuff from there for years and they're legitimate. Rage inducing. Got this message before the start of our first Premier League season. Since all HRs sign NDAs, I obviously can't talk about anything that is supposed to be kept confidential, but if anyone has questions about the research process or the way the database works most of which is not a secret , feel free to ask. Some screenshots and feature information. Genuinely proud If you need to then mutually terminate the contract and head straight for the Staff Search.

Your Assistant Manager should be the go-to guy. He can be your tactics expert, your voice in the media, a coach and a scout. It helps with your opposition instructions prior to matches and also dictates his tactical feedback during a match. You should be looking for someone with at least a 15 in that area.

When looking for coaches you should look for the same attributes as the final point in the search for a good Assistant Manager. Then you need to find variety of coaches who specialise in attack, defence or tactics to cover all bases. Generally the only people who are going to be involved here are the Director of Football, Head of Youth Development, Chief Scout and yourself i. I have my Director of Football deal with first team transfers and the Head of Youth Dev take care of youth transfers.

The HoYD, on the other hand, really needs those attributes to bring the best possible youngsters into your club. The Team Report was spot on about my weakest player, Danilo Zini. But the 2nd best right back in the team is young and has potential. The next weak area of my team is up front.

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Here we offer up some advice specific to Goals Galore. One key question is how many games to go for. If you are chasing a huge payout you have to accept your bet is more of a lottery and should be entered into very much in the spirit of fun.

The other big question is whether to go for the Long List or the Bonus option and this again depends on your approach to risk. The other thing to note, as alluded to previously, is that Goals Galore offers better value when you are backing favourites.

Because the odds are fixed you will receive better value if you select games where the bookies think both teams scoring is very likely. Normally you might go for an outsider at evens or even higher but because the effective payout on Goals Galore is well below that there is nothing gained from adding this type of match to your coupon.

Our final piece of Goals Galore advice is to always consider hedging your bets if you have landed several bets towards a big acca. If you have just one or two results to come in to land a very big payday, locking in a certain profit by betting against both teams to score with a different bookie could be a wise move.

Others, whilst offering the same service, have simply set a market on each match and you can then add them to a coupon as you please. How does Goals Galore work? To start with you will get a list of around 50 games for the upcoming week. Games are often found over the weekend but can range in terms of kick off times, dates, and even leagues.

Some companies add foreign games as well to bolster the coupon, but generally the leagues are UK based or International games if they happen to fall on such a game week. The more games you pick the higher the odds will be.

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Paul Plays FM13: Everton #3 My Tactics


Betting Tips Goals Galore Explained Goals Galore was the great new bet invented by Betfred a few years ago and the market that really started the craze for betting on both teams to score. With Goals Galore you are simply picking matches where you think both teams will end the game with at least one goal and you can only select games from the specific coupons.

Also, as said, there is a minimum of three games. Note that with some other bookies you have more both teams to score options including a wider choice of games, the option place singles and upwards and, with some, the option to bet on either both teams to score or both teams NOT to score that is, one of the two failing to score during the match. Goals Galore is great for people looking to win big from a small stake who enjoy betting on BTTS and like to keep things really simple.

Having all the games on a single coupon makes navigation easy and you always know exactly where you stand and what odds you will be getting. However, in the interests of balance we have to point out that there are several advantages of using the standard BTTS markets of other bookies.

The most obvious one is that you have more choice, both in what games to bet on and in that you can bet against both teams registering, and also that you can bet on singles and doubles as well as larger accumulators. That said, if you bet on favourites at very low odds you will sometimes find that Goals Galore does indeed offer higher odds than many other online bookies. Who offers Goals Galore? However, since the integration of the market many other bookmakers have come up with very similar formats — some identical — just under a different branding.

Others, whilst offering the same service, have simply set a market on each match and you can then add them to a coupon as you please. How does Goals Galore work? To start with you will get a list of around 50 games for the upcoming week. Games are often found over the weekend but can range in terms of kick off times, dates, and even leagues.

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Football Manager 2013 Video Blog: Finance (English version) fm13 goals galore betting

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New hampshire sports betting apps What made you start writing? He is probably the most ridiculed player who managed to get as much as 27 caps for England. Steven Caulker Tottenham Hotspur Back when English talents were seen as a myth or even more a joke, Steven Caulker was supposed to be the next great defensive player. Like I said earlier, I want to click a in fm13 goals galore betting the lone striker will probably have to do a lot of work on his own so an Advanced or Complete Forward would be a good option here. The next weak area of my team is up front. He has played just the one game for them in two seasons now which probably says more about the game rather than the player. Yet, eight seasons later, Jones is still at United, battling injuries, high-profile competition on his position, and the memes and jokes he's often the target of.

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