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Crypto portfolio script


crypto portfolio script

All your crypto data in one place for Excel, Google Sheets or the web. Unified access to real time data from hundreds of API providers. This second Google Sheets crypto tracker template is slightly more complex and uses Google Apps Script and CoinMarketCap to keep track of all Crypto Updates. In. Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a ready-made source code that allows you to build a trading platform for digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC). SPREAD BETTING INDICES TIPS TO IMPROVE

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Crypto portfolio script aapc coin crypto crypto portfolio script


Y-Exp This is yearly expected return of the asset. It is simply the mean of the yearly returns of the asset. Remember that the higher this value is the better it is because historically the asset have shown good returns but there is a tip: Always check the available historical data in any asset that you are adding if you add an asset that has only 1 year of data available or you use an exchange data that recently added the coin you will get unsignificant results and the results can not be trusted.

You should always selects coins and market coins can be changed in setting that have the largest data available. Y-SDev This is a little bit complicated than the previous. This is the standard deviation of the yearly returns. This is a classic measure of RISK in financial markets.

The higher the value, the more risk is involved with the asset that you have added. If you added two assets that have same returns but different Standard deviations, the rational thinker should choose the asset with lower Standard deviation. The standard deviation is a good place to start but there are some considerations to have -it is getting complicated and average user should not be involved with these terms and can ignore the next phrases- standard deviation and mean of the yearly returns are random variables, these variables have a theoretical probability density function and these functions are not gaussian normal distribution.

Because of this in the professional usage these returns should be transformed to a normal distribution and have all these terms calculated there and then transform back to its own normal state and then be used for any serious investment decision. I think these calculations can be done on Tradingview but I need you support to do this in the form of like and share of my scripts and ideas.

As it goes for yearly return, the monthly returns change once a monthly candle closes. So be patient to use this indicator. I highly recommend not to make decisions on monthly data due to a lot of noise involved with this market but in long run it is ok. So go with yearly returns and wait at least for 3 years to see your results. Sharpe Ratio This is one of the most used metric as a risk adjusted return measurment. Simply specify the user, exchange name, and the API keys for that exchange.

Note: You can link up to 20 exchange accounts to a single user. Simply call the library and ask for the balance data for a specific user and account. The response to this call will return every asset we own, the balances for these assets, and the dollar values.

In this case, we will just print them out, but you can certainly do anything you wish with the balances. We will iterate over each asset in the returned list and display the asset and the value of our asset holdings. You have successfully connected to your exchange account and accessed your balances without logging into the exchange through the UI.

Whenever you wish to update your balances, you can simply request the latest balances from Shrimpy again by passing in your user ID and account ID. Shrimpy will handle the rest by accessing your linked exchange account and collecting the balance data. Those steps are a one-time thing. Putting it All Together The first time you want to connect to an exchange and access the balance data for the assets you hold on the exchange, you can run the entire script here.

Each subsequent time, you only need to run the portion which collects the balance data This script can also easily be modified to link multiple exchanges, so you can access your balances across every exchange for which you have an account. Notice this script removed the steps to create a user, link an exchange account, and sleep for a few seconds. Shrimpy will automatically remember this information for you, so all you need to do is connect to the Shrimpy APIs again, tell Shrimpy what account you want balance data for, and print out the balance data which is returned in the response.

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