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btc justice

Restorative justice is a profoundly relational practice. IMPLEMENTATION TIP. In your role as a Restorative. Practices Facilitator, you will be asked to explain. The US Justice Department seized on Tuesday $ billion in bitcoin that it says is linked to the hack of the Hong Kong cryptocurrency. According to court documents, Lichtenstein and Morgan allegedly conspired to launder the proceeds of , bitcoin that were stolen from. BETFAIR AUTOMATED BETTING SOFTWARE

Charlene Fadirepo speaks to Yahoo Finance about Bitcoin. So those are amazing returns for any kind of asset class and incredible returns for Bitcoin. Following years of slavery in America, and decades of fighting for civil rights, the racial wealth gap in the U. Disproportionate access to credit and loans, generational effects of redlining and a lack of banks in Black communities have all played a role in the wealth gap. Progress towards equity in these arenas for the most disadvantaged communities has been slow, but many Black Americans see crypto as a prime opportunity to course correct.

Similarly, studies have shown Black and Latino Americans now outpace white Americans in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing. Black, Brown, LGBTQ, and Latino Americans are distrustful of an establishment and its systems that have failed them time and again — and are failing them now. The headlines speak for themselves. The senseless deaths of Breona Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd, have sparked nationwide protests against police brutality and racism. Charlene Fadirepo is a former regulator and the founder of Guidefi, a fintech platform that connects women of color with financial experts and wealth education courses.

Nearly statues dedicated to the Confederacy have been taken down after being labeled as symbols of white supremacy. These pivotal events have had an impact on Americans. We are reflecting and acknowledging the devastating injustices done to our marginalized communities and communities of color. As the co-authors of a new book on Bitcoin and America, we believe this call to action has led directly to the rise of an alternative monetary system.

We understand you may be dismissive of Bitcoin, that you may have heard that the technology is tied to white supremacy and groups seeking to spread hate and division.

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