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Not seeing the bitcoin deal you are looking for? Create your own betfootball.website trade advertisement with DASH or try with different search. LocalBitcoins CSV import. Upload your CSV file here. 1. Login in your LocalBitcoins Account 2. Download your betfootball.website file in the export. betfootball.website user dianafontaine wishes to sell bitcoins to you. Price: 8, USD / BTC. Payment method. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ETHEREAL ELVES

As a seller, you can set the rules for your trade, such as the rate, the payment methods you accept, and other details. Buyers who agree to your terms will then indicate interest in buying, and the exchange can be complete within minutes, depending on how quickly both parties respond.

Once you agree to sell your bitcoin, LocalBitcoins locks it in escrow and will release it to the buyer as soon as you confirm receipt of payment or vice versa if you're buying—the seller will release them on receipt of your fiat payment. If there is any issue with the trade, such as false claims by the other party, you can file an appeal, and the team will look into it.

Such issues are easily resolved in most cases. There are more than countries supported on the LocalBitcoins marketplace. The restriction is mainly due to regulatory and other financial restrictions that make it illegal for residents of the countries to use the marketplace.

If you don't live in any of the restricted countries, you can hop on LocalBitcoins at any time and start using the platform once verified. Is LocalBitcoins Secure? Security is a major concern when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, even more so on a decentralized marketplace. LocalBitcoins has security measures in place to ensure that its users, both buyers and sellers, are protected.

First is the escrow it uses to hold bitcoin to be sold. Once a seller agrees to sell a particular amount of bitcoin, it is locked in escrow and released to the buyer when fiat payment has been successfully sent. This ensures that the seller cannot receive payment and decide to hold on to their bitcoin. In a case where the seller does not receive a payment within a stipulated time, the bitcoin is sent back to them, and no one loses.

Secondly, LocalBitcoins ensures that all traders are verified before they can buy or sell bitcoin. Although some may find this intrusive, It significantly reduces the chances of scammers coming out of nowhere and deceiving verified users. In addition, two-factor authentication 2FA is applied to all user accounts to confer an additional layer of security. Accounts that have 2FA activated cannot be accessed until the registered email address or phone number returns a confirmation that the owner of the account truly wants to transact.

All these measures make LocalBitcoins one of the most reliable decentralized marketplaces for trading bitcoin. LocalBitcoins Fees It is absolutely free to buy or sell bitcoin on LocalBitcoins, provided you don't create an advertisement. Other than that, sellers set prices, which may be slightly higher than bitcoin's market value.

Sending bitcoin to the wallets of other LocalBitcoins users is also free, as well as incoming transactions to LocalBitcoins wallets from wallets outside the marketplace. LocalBitcoins also pushes their users to set up 2FA to help protect their accounts. There are scammers who have stolen Bitcoin from sellers in the past, and the LocalBitcoins terms are worded so they take no responsibility for payments.

Also sellers take risk in that their accounts could be frozen. Previously, users have been busted for laundering money on LocalBitcoins. Is LocalBitcoins Regulated? This is a complicated question. However, it is possible to find advertisers on the platform and buy in person, which is a loophole.

LocalBitcoins asks users who set up accounts to go through a few tiers of verification, depending on how much they transact. It is possible to find Bitcoins to buy in person without an account on their platform. However, LocalBitcoins asks more vetting questions during sign up than any other exchange. Vetting includes both SMS and email verification, entering your address, and answering questions about your occupation and intended trading volume.

Extra Information Educational Resources Because the platform is so different from other exchanges, LocalBitcoins provides a number of guides, FAQs, and other educational materials on their site. These include how to buy, sell, security, account verification, pricing, fees, how to use their wallet, and more.

Tools and Charting There are no technical tools, indices, or charts. Buyers only have filters to browse seller ads, which they can respond to in messages on the platform. Customer Support LocalBitcoins has a good reputation for customer support. When there is conflict between buyers and sellers they can be reliably contacted.

The sign up asks for a lot of information including your name, email, phone number, occupation, address, and more. Step 3 - Browse listings Browse listings by country, payment method, and quantity. Step 4 - Make negotiations Contact a seller and negotiate the payment amount and quantity. Step 5 - Execute payment After the seller puts the Bitcoin in escrow, execute the agreed upon payment in the next 90 minutes. Then, in the contract, mark the payment complete.

Simply message the seller and kindly ask them to put the money back in escrow after the payment clears so you can mark payment complete. Step 6 - Wait for the purchase to arrive to your wallet The seller will release the Bitcoin and in 30 to 60 minutes it will arrive in your LocalBitcoins wallet.

Step 7 - Place the listing to your wallet After the seller releases the Bitcoin you can transfer it from your LocalBitcoins wallet to another wallet. It is best to keep your crypto stored in a wallet where you control the keys such as Math Wallet or Trust Wallet. How to Sell Crypto on LocalBitcoins This process is much more complicated but we will cover the basics here. Step 1 - Make a deposit to your LocalBitcoins wallet After you create and verify your account, make a deposit in your LocalBitcoins wallet of at least 0.

The platform created this extremely large limit years ago when the value of BTC was much lower. Step 2 - Create an advertisement Create an advertisement. Set the filters for buyers. These include how much you will sell, what payment you will take, how experienced buyers have to be, and what hours you will be available to respond to their requests.

Step 3 - Stay available during your specified hours Stay available during the hours you specified in the ad. Make sure you have push notifications enabled so potential buyers can contact you. Step 4 - Be alert Be patient and stay wary of buyers who are in a rush. If they report you, simply message the platform customer support politely and explain you felt uncomfortable and your account will be unfrozen soon.

Wait for payment. After they make the payment just put it back in escrow. Tell them to mark payment complete on their end.

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betfootball.website dashboard. Localbitcoins free alternative.

LocalBitcoins sellers must make a deposit of at least 0.

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Betting on euro 2022 tips Users have localbitcoins dash register and get verified to start trading, but this takes only a few minutes to complete. Step 1 - Make a deposit to your LocalBitcoins wallet After you create and verify your account, make a deposit in your LocalBitcoins wallet of at least 0. Is there an alternative to LocalBitcoins? It is a decentralized marketplace where people from all over the world can buy and sell bitcoin directly to each other without using a centralized exchange. Is LocalBitcoins Regulated? Buyer experience is clunky, forcing buyers to search through listings in dash localbitcoins countries with different currencies, payment methods, and possible order sizes.


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