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Njpw new year dash


njpw new year dash

Off the heels of two nights of Wrestle Kingdom 15, NJPW is set to hold its annual New Year Dash event on January 6 from Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo. NJPW has also announced that the New Year Dash event will return in It will be held on Thursday, January 5 from the Ota Ward Gymnasium in. Following Wrestle Kingdom 15 on January 4 and January 5, New Japan Pro-Wrestling held New Year Dash earlier today at Tokyo Dome City Hall in. T MONEY MSN AMERICA DAMAGED BRANDS INVESTING

A battle for the ownership of this move is what the people really need from this feud, but we just get a post-match set up for Kojima-Ospreay when Tenzan gets stretchered out after the match. Dangerous Tekkers match at Wrestle Kingdom for its crime of weird vibes, and in contrast, the rematch feud that begins at NYD immediately has its tone down perfectly. They have real heel 4 heel energy going now, with one side smug in victory, the other bitter in defeat, and both of them cheating whenever possible.

The G. This match both continues the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship feud that climaxed the day before and sets up a new one for the junior tag titles. The junior tag title feud unfortunately does include El Phantasmo, but at least the loaded heel superkick thing is less tired than when his big thing was low blows. Neither team in either of these feuds has a real moral high ground or a clean, competitive spirit, but this time at least the heavyweight tag picture provides more of a reason to pay attention.

Nothing gets set up for the poor, neglected six-man titles despite all of the trios champions being involved in this match, but we do see seeds planted for two singles matches that are sure to be impactful. Evil and Okada pair off in the ring, then call each other out backstage, with Okada pointing out that last year he started to fall short after Evil beat him in the New Japan Cup final. The feud between the pair that ends the match, Jay and Ishii, could, in theory, be set up the same way; it would be typical Switchblade to find a way to blame Ishii blocking him from the G1 final for his eventual loss at WK Ishii, in a completely non-judgemental way, actually encourages him to get it together and come get revenge, and I wish he would do that for me sometime.

You can imagine this ending with White going back to his Switchblade self or maybe a more respectable version of that, or possibly an actual face turn. However these special singles matches play out, it looks like either Evil vs. Okada or White vs. Miscellaneous Good Guys ten-man tag match is a big group tag on a show full of big group tags, but they manage to give it some main event importance.

Their post-match pose looks like it needs workshopping, but in an endearing way. Hiromu vs. Sho looks like, based on their wrestling here and in past matches, it should be very good. Ibushi vs. He explains that this is basically to give himself something to do, which I respect a lot.

Ospreay saved Cobb from a TenKoji Cutter. Cobb then covered for the O-Khan hit a tombstone driver on Tenzan. Ospreay threw the ref out of the ring and hit Kojima with a Hidden Blade. Ospreay cut a promo. He said the crowd thinks they're weak, but they're strong. Ospreay said he's angry after Wrestle Kingdom and more hungry. Ospreay said they're the united Empire. O-Khan then did his Empire roll call promo. They did a heavy injury angle with Tenzan, putting him in a collar and taking him out on a back board.

Heavyweight Tag titles. Suzuki-gun attacked before the opening bell to kick off this chaotic brawl. Bullet Club used a kendo stick shot from Jado on the floor to establish the advantage and worked over Desperado. Desperado was cut off in the Bullet Club corner. Sabre got a tag and got a rare opportunity to show some babyface fire. He tried to strike with Tanga, but Tanga used his power edge to win that battle.

Sabre came back with a guillotine. Everyone jumped in and all four Suzuki-gun members used submissions on the Bulet Club side. Tanga hit Sabre with a spear to set up Phantasmo and Kanemaru tagging in for the closing sequence.

Everyone jumped in and hit a big move. Kanemaru tried to swing a whiskey bottle but Phantasmo ducked the shot. Phantasmo hit one superkick and pinned Kanemaru. The English announcers teased the idea that Phantasmo loaded his boot and that's why the superkick was so effective. Phantasmo and Ishimori posed with Desperado and Kanemaru's title belts after the match.

Goto and Yujiro tagged in. Togo recovered to trip Okada from the floor and allowed Bullet Club to take over. EVIL hit Okada with stomps. White tagged in and got a nice round of applause from the crowd.

Fale, Yujiro and Owens tripled up on Okada. Fale covered for a near fall. Ishii tried to save Okada but he got dragged to the floor. Bullet Club pulled Okada to the floor and continued working him over. Back in, the team continued with a 5-on-1 on Okada. EVIL tagged in for a fisherman buster and a two count.

Okada escaped and used the Money Clip. EVIL elbowed out of the submission. Okada hit an air raid crash neckbreaker into a double down at the ten minute call. Ishii and White tagged in. Yano and YH entered for a triple team. Ishii stacked White up with a cover for a two count. White followed with a Blade Buster for a near fall. Everyone entered for a move as the match broke down. When the dust settled, Ishii hit White with a sliding lariat for a near fall. White came back with a sleeper suplex for a near fall.

Gabriel Kidd and Gedo helped White to the back. Bullet Club left. CHAOS celebrated briefly in the ring, then left. Heavy title programs, with Shingo vs. Tanahashi and Hiromu vs. Hiromu and SHO started off with a nice striking battle. Romero tagged in and got a near fall on Hiromu. Romero hit the ropes and Naito tripped him. LIJ turned this into a brawl around ringside. BUSHI tagged in and continued the attacke with a chinlock and a rake of the face.

Shingo tagged in and cleared the opposing apron. He first feigned as though he was going to leave Tanahashi alone, but he then knocked Tana off the apron as well. Naito tagged in and hit a combinacion cabron on Romero. He broke the hold with a dropkick. Tanahashi and Shingo tagged in. They traded strikes. Tanahashi hit a flying forearm and a dragon screw.

Shingo blocked a slingblade attempt. Tana ducked a pumping bomber and hit twist and shout. Shingo answered with his own twist and shout. Shingo hit a series of strikes.

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No card has been announced for the event, as traditionally, the matches are announced at the opening of the show.

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