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Betting bias horse racing tips


betting bias horse racing tips

In those instances, there's a rather obvious track bias that can help a handicapper in a two-fold manner. It can point out a winner of the next. Betting Bias is a free tips website which offers sports tips on football, horse racing, golf, rugby, tennis, and cricket. Much like our own weekly EPL. Horses race right-handed over distances of 5f, 6f, 7f, 1m, 1m3f, 1m4f and 2m. The 1m 5f triangular course used for National Hunt meetings is a totally fair. INSTAFOREX PAKISTAN KARACHI TIME

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Betting bias horse racing tips forex currency trading explained


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Betting Bias Chooses Stable Lays For Steady Profits


The Oklahoma Derby is another key race that takes place at the track and is held during the thoroughbred season. The track is owned and operated by GlobalGaming SP, with the company taking over the day-to-day running of the track in DeBartolo Sr.

He also owned Thistledown Racetrack in Ohio and Louisiana Downs and was keen to add a third venue to his portfolio. Upon completion in , it became the first world-class pari-mutuel track in Oklahoma and was an immediate hit with the local residents. The track made the headlines shortly after opening by experimenting with a synthetic surface known as Equitrack. Other Considerations The final thing to bear in mind when it comes to the course is what the camber of it is like.

Does it tend to slop down towards the rail? A course that has a slope that sends the water towards the rail will mean that the horse drawn first will lose its advantage thanks to the fact that the turf it has to run on will be heavier than the part of the course that the other horses will be running on. Draw Bias on All-Weather Tracks A quick note at this point regarding the draw bias in play on all-weather tracks.

It is common for courses that have synthetic tracks to use a starting gate, but they often take advantage of the surface on the track to negate any perceived draw bias. Courses that offer all-weather tracks have the ability to alter the Going in order to make it whatever they want it to be, meaning that the Going can be made one thing at the start of the race for the horses in the first gate and something entirely different for the horse in the last gate.

If so, it might not automatically mean you should be put off betting on it. Number of Horses Likewise the amount of horses taking part in a race will make a difference to the importance of their position. If there are are only a few competitors entered into a race then their position in the starting gate will make little difference because all of the horses will come together virtually straight away and it will pretty much just end up being a battle of which one is the quickest.

If, on the other hand, the field contains ten or more horses then it will be much more difficult for the horse in the tenth berth to get over past all of the horses. Is it one that enjoys getting to the front early? If so a draw bias that sees them closest to the rail will definitely help them and likely see them come home first.

Equally a horse that tends to hang back and see how the race develops will struggle if it gets a high draw because it will be fighting against its own instinct and the disadvantage offered by its position. Even so, doing some investigation to find out if the horse is genuinely likely to be a contender in the first place and bearing the weather in mind will set you up nicely for races at Chester Racecourse. The proof of that is in the pudding of the turf track at Lingfield, where a high draw puts horses closer to the rail than the lower draws.

After that, have a look at the horses starting the event in gates five to eight, which tend to finish as winners more often than those that start life in gates one to four. At Beverley, horses that are drawn in gates 1 and 2 are almost seven times more likely to win the race than those drawn in gates 10 and

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Betting Bias Chooses Stable Lays For Steady Profits

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betting bias horse racing tips

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