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Ethereum wallet not connecting


ethereum wallet not connecting

I cannot connect to the platform · Make sure to select the correct network (Ethereum Mainnet). Normally on the wallet provider you can switch the network in the. betfootball.website › en-us › articles › Solving-a-MetaMas. Connect walletChoose how you want to connect. There are several wallet providers. Ethereum. Solana. Tezos. Immutable X. LEAFY CSGO BETTING GUIDE

I try to use as few libraries as I can. I hope the code is simple enough so that you can easily port it to other tech stacks. The whole project can be seen in this GitHub repository. A demo is hosted here. We initialize nonce as a random big number.

This number should be changed after each successful login. I also added an optional username field here that the user would be able to change. A more rigorous implementation would add a validation function to check that all addresses here are valid Ethereum addresses. Step 2: Generate Nonces Back-end This is done in the defaultValue function in the model definition above.

If no, create it. Then we check whether this publicAddress is already present or not on the back end. We either retrieve it, if the user already exists, or if not, we create a new account in the handleSignup method. We now have in our possession a user given by the back end be it retrieved or newly created. In particular, we have their nonce and publicAddress. This is done in the handleSignMessage function.

Do note that web3. We need to convert our UTFencoded string to hex format using web3. Step 5: Signature Verification Back-end This is the slightly more complicated part. The first step is to retrieve from the database the user with said publicAddress; there is only one because we defined publicAddress as a unique field in the database. The next block is the verification itself. There is some cryptography involved.

If you feel adventurous I recommend you reading more about elliptic curve signatures. To summarize this block, what it does is, given our msg containing the nonce and our signature, the ecrecover function outputs the public address used to sign the msg. If it matches our publicAddress from the request body, then the user who made the request successfully proved their ownership of publicAddress.

We consider them authenticated. This is a classic authentication scheme, and the code for integrating JWT with your back end you can find in the repo. Step 6: Change the Nonce Back-end The final step is to change the nonce, for security reasons.

Simplified UX: This is a one-click okay, maybe two-click login flow, done in a handful of seconds, without the need to type or remember any password. Increased privacy: No email needed, and no third party involved. Of course, a MetaMask login flow can perfectly well be used in parallel with other traditional login methods.

A mapping needs to be done between each account and the public address es it holds. However, to integrate it into an existing complex system, it requires some changes in all areas that touch authentication: Signup, database, authentication routes, etc. This is especially true because each account will be associated with one or more public addresses. Shortcomings on Mobile As we have seen, web3 is a prerequisite for this login flow. On desktop browsers, MetaMask injects it.

There are some standalone mobile browsers which inject web3—basically MetaMask wrapped up in a browser. They are pretty early-stage as of this writing, but if you are interested, have a look at Cipher , Status , and Toshi. Basically, you would need to rebuild a simple Ethereum wallet yourself. This includes public address generation, seed word recovery, and secure private key storage, as well as web3.

Fortunately, there are libraries to help you. Then, to confirm your account selection and complete the connection, click Connect. Immutable X Link will send a signature request to your wallet. Sign the request with your wallet, to authorize the connection and confirm your identity.

A unique Immutable X Key will be created and registered to your Ethereum wallet. Click Set up key to complete the setup. Setup is complete! You can check whether you have successfully connected in two ways: When returning to Immutable X, the Connect Wallet button should have changed to Disconnect Wallet, which you can do so at any time.

Ethereum wallet not connecting sh4rp csgo betting ethereum wallet not connecting


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