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Chembetaine cad surfactant replacement


chembetaine cad surfactant replacement

Examples of ASE polymer thickened surfactant based formulations are Chembetaine™ CAD, Cocamidopropyl Betaine (amphoteric surfactant). Amidex™ LIPA surfactant can replace DEA amides and MEA amides at a 75% use level. Chembetaine™ CAD surfactant is a high purity, extremely low color and. Expertise on every level to craft science & technology solutions in life science. CRYPTOCURRENCY MONEY HACKS

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Se recomienda usarlo en formulaciones de productos terminados con rangos de pH de 5 a 7. Es un agente de limpieza suave, formador de viscosidad y solubilizante. Utilizado como cosurfactante, puede reducir el contenido total de ingredientes activos en formulaciones que generen espuma sin alterar su rendimiento, y es ideal para una gran variedad de aplicaciones de cuidado personal. Produce viscosidad y aumenta la espuma en un amplio rango de pH. Presenta buena tolerancia a los electrolitos, lo que permite un mejor rendimiento en agua dura.

Sus propiedades superiores de solubilidad crean muchas posibilidades para fabricar esprays, mousses, geles fijadores y acondicionadores. Es un acondicionador efectivo en productos para el cuidado del cabello y de la piel. Se usa en formulaciones de pH 3. Es un acondicionador altamente efectivo, especialmente en enjuagues para cabello claro y lociones para acondicionar la piel. Application properties Due to its high content of active matter, the new, highly con- centrated betaine offers great formulation flexibility.

The light color is particularly beneficial for clear personal cleans- ing products. An additional advantage of the low content of by-products is the low odor, which allows formulations with decreased amounts of perfume, even at pH values above 7. While standard betaines require the addition of a preservative to ensure microbiological stability, concentrated CAPBs are self-preserving due to the low water content, which allows greater flexibility during formula development and throughout the production of final products.

The formulator is enabled to select independently the most suitable stabilizing system for the final formulation. Foam Improvement of foam quality is a crucial point for the appli- cation of secondary surfactants in general and especially of Cocamidopropyl Betaine. The foam properties are evaluated by the Sita method [8], which is based on a stirring procedure.

This method allows the monitoring of the kinetics of foam formation as well as foam quantity in a fast and reproducible manner. The new highly concentrated Cocamidopropyl Betaine provides good lather properties. The foam forms rapidly dur- ing application. The generated foam is creamy, dense and stable. Rheology The new highly concentrated Cocamidopropyl Betaine pro- vides robust thickening properties in surfactant solutions. In the graph, the levels of NaCl necessary to obtain a viscosity of mPas are indicated.

The formula- tion with the highly concentrated CAPB requires 1. The viscosity of the formulation with the highly con- centrated Cocamidopropyl Betaine can be easily adjusted by choosing the appropriate level of NaCl. Mildness The mildness to skin and mucous membranes of Cocamido- propyl Betaine is one of its most outstanding properties. Cocamidopropyl betaine CAPB or coco betaine made from coconut oil is a derivative of cocamide and glycine betaine. Coco betaine is a mild co-surfactant that is compatible with anionic, non-ionic, and cationic surfactants.

It is an efficient cleanser and foam booster. Coco betaine finds applications predominantly in cosmetic products such as body washes, shampoos, bubble baths, cleansing lotions, creams, hand soaps, baby products, hair conditioners, and cream rinses.

Coco betaine is considered a low to moderate hazardous product. Skin and eye irritations have been reported in certain cases; however, coco betaine is generally a harmless product for external use. The introduction of coco betaine provided manufacturers and formulators with a way to improve the mildness of their surfactant formulations over traditional sulfate systems.

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