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Ethereal planar dust


ethereal planar dust

Ashi. Dust. Travelers must save vs. breath weapon or "erode":" for 1d4 points of damage: travelers cannot heal this damage while on this Border. You do need to mentor down to farm Rifts for Eternal Planar Dust. Alternatively, you can salvage level 48 essences with Apothecary for Eternal Planar Dust. The Ethereal Plane, or the waveless sea as it is also known, to the Quasielemental Plane of Ash may touch the Sea of Dust on Oerth. SPORTS BETTING TUTORIAL

In the end, even the toughest planewalker will collapse and be consumed by Salt. When that happens, all that's left is a withered corpse that looks as if it'd been mummified a thousand years before. Vacuum The quasiplane of Vacuum is a region of utter nothingness. Formed at the junction of Air and Negative Energy, it has no light and very little matter. Few creatures can endure such surroundings. That means that any cutter with a mind to travel to the quasiplane should plan to stay on the good side of the inhabitants.

There's no sense in making all manner of magical preparations against the deadly nature of Vacuum only to be sent to the deadbook by an angry native. Philosophy Earlier, it was mentioned that philosophy has little to do with the Inner Planes — that belief just doesn't seem to matter in the face of pure reality.

It's true that faith won't move mountains here, but that doesn't stop folks from concocting various ideas and theories to explain the mysteries of the Inner Planes. Alchemy The study of alchemy owes its entire conceptual basis to the Elemental Planes. In the dim recesses of time, graybeards spoke of these planes as the sole components of matter.

Interestingly enough, they discovered the elements air, earth, fire, and water first, and only later realized that each had its own physical plane of existence. Later, of course, folks learned of the paraelements and quasielements. Unlike the Elemental Planes, the para- and quasiplanes were discovered long before anyone included those substances into a cohesive philosophy of the nature of matter.

In other words, folks knew about Ash before they knew about ash — they didn't work those components into their theories until after learning of the associated para- and quasiplanes. Chant has it that the quasiplane of Lightning was the first to be discovered, though it was originally thought to be a demiplane. Other graybeards say that the paraplane of Ice was the first inner-planar find after the discovery of the four basic Elemental Planes.

Long before primes trod elemental ground, natives of those planes lived and died here. The histories of races like the djinn and the efreet extend much farther into the past of the multiverse than do those of most, if not all, prime peoples. Surely the elementals existed as long as the Elemental Planes themselves — and if the Inner Planes provide the rest of the multiverse with its building materials, the elementals may be the oldest intelligent beings of all.

In any case, alchemy's a study that really only serves a purpose on the Prime, so this book doesn't give it much attention. Still, many bashers might benefit from realizing that all matter's composed of the elements along with the appropriate measures of negative and positive energy and — if the matter's found on the Outer Planes — belief. For example, a spellslinger might find it useful to know that wood in a living tree is part earth and part water imbued with the resonance of positive energy as are all living things.

Once cut, the wood retains a little of that positive energy, but ever so slowly the spark fades away. Wood that's particularly light has a little air to it, which replaces the solid, dense earth. Truth is, a body can look at anything this way. A diamond is earth mixed with positive energy, glass is earth and air, and poison gas is air with a little water and negative energy. All the different materials that comprise the multiverse are just different combinations of these elements.

Parallelism The cutters who wigwag about which Inner Plane was discovered first are also the folks who rattle their bone-boxes about parallelism. This belief expresses the idea that all aspects of an Elemental Plane and perhaps all Inner Planes share an equivalent counterpart in the other Elemental Planes.

Simply put if a body runs afoul of a fire bat in the plane of Fire, as sure as Sigh there's a water bat in the plane of Water, an earth bat in Earth, and so on. Certainly, a good deal of evidence supports this theory. Air, Earth, Fire, and Water each have a type of elemental, fundamental, genie race, genasi, mephit, elemental grue, and even archomental ruler. A body might observe that various spells, substances, and magical essences from the Elemental Planes also appear to exist in parallel.

For their part, the graybeards point out that while not all of these sets of counterparts're identical, enough similarities exist to carry the point though the frost and fire salamanders may be a bit of a stretch. Opponents of parallelism claim that while some similarities may exist, a canny basher won't always assume that everything's got an equivalent on another plane. Plenty of things, from the xorn of Earth to the tshala of Fire, appear to have no parallels.

What's more, the Paraelemental and Quasielemental Planes don't seem to possess all the qualities and components of the Elemental Planes, let alone one another's. Still, the theory's useful, even if it doesn't always hold true. It can't hurt for a planewalker to remember that each Inner Plane except, perhaps, for the Energy Planes — and that depends on who a body asks has its own basic "elemental" native, that each, serves as home to a type of mephit, and that each often requires some sort of magic for long-term survival.

In other words, a smart cutter'll let the graybeards spout the philosophy and just learn the facts needed to get by. Opposites and Fours The so-called inner-planar experts tend to claim other truisms specific to such places. For instance, they say that supposedly multiversal laws like the Rule of Threes and the Unity of Rings don't hold true in the Inner Planes.

To support this theory, they stress the differences between the Inner Planes and the Outer — differences as pronounced as belief and cold, hard reality but aren't both just different sides of the same coin — alternating views of truth?

The importance of opposites and the harmony that comes from a balance between them can't be overlooked. An elemental force can struggle against its opposite all it wants, but in the end it's still defined by that opposite — at least partially.

What would Air be without Earth, or hot without cold? That said, some of the opposites found in the Inner Planes just don't seem intuitive. What makes Lightning the opposite of Dust? Why would the multiverse put Mineral and Vacuum on different sides?

The answer, of course, is that they're positive and negative aspects of opposing core elements, but that doesn't really help a leatherhead understand it. An easier thing to remember is the idea that each element or pars- or quasielement embodies its own unique aspects, and is as opposed to all other elements as are any of the rest. None of the creatures of an Inner Plane seem to get along with those from any other Inner Plane — of that a body can be sure.

In reality, then, all of these planes are in opposition. Some of the same folks who hold to the Law of Opposites also dismiss the Rule of Threes as having any bearing in the Inner Planes. They claim that it's replaced by the Rule of Fours, and as proof point to four Elemental Planes, four Paraelemental Planes, eight four doubled Quasielemental Planes, and two four halved Energy Planes. Everything comes in fours in the Inner Planes, they say, which to their critics sounds like little more than a different take on parallelism.

By the way: It should be mentioned that true inner-planar natives don't give a mephit's backside about any of this. They don't care about the Rule of Threes or Fours. To them, the Inner Planes simply are what they are — home. Elemental Evolution Some scholars have noted that as time passes, it seems that more and more elemental creatures, locations, and specific nuances appear. At one time, for example, it was thought that nothing lived in the quasiplane of Vacuum, or that the paraplane of Ice was the same wherever a body looked.

Both statements are now known to be false. While most explain this by saying that as outsiders spend more time in the Inner Planes, they learn and discover more about them, others have postulated that, in fact, the Inner Planes are evolving. These theorists put forth the idea that as time passes, the primal and simplistic nature of the Inner Planes fades, and the planes become more and more sophisticated and complex.

Many graybeards believe that it's actually the increasing presence of nonnatives that "corrupts" the Inner Planes, infecting them with the intricacies of the Prime Material and Outer Planes. Ironically, they point out, such a change in the Inner Planes could lead to their dissolution.

If correct, this theory would indicate that as primes and nonnative planars travel to and settle in the Inner Planes, they destroy those realms conceptually. And the destruction of the foundation planes could only mean an eventual end of the multiverse.

Getting Around Naturally, the immediate concern for any inner-planar traveler is survival. But once a cutter's figured out how to keep himself alive, he's got to learn how to move around in his new environment with getting lost in either sense of the word. North is North, ain't it?

The concepts of "north and south" or "east and west" don't mean anything in the Inner Planes. A body won't be able to tell one direction from another without help from a native source. Chant is that an item called an elemental compass lets a traveler find his way around the Inner Planes. While it doesn't indicate "north" or anything like that, the compass points toward the various elemental frontiers.

Thus, a body in the plane of Air can use such a device to determine which direction will lead him to the paraplane of Smoke or the quasiplane of Lightning. These widgets can be found in Sigil's Great Bazaar or in many of the markets of larger outer-planar burgs — particularly those with known portals leading to an Inner Plane.

Buyers should be careful, however, because many a swindler has left a gullible sod stranded in the Inner Planes with a compass so useless that it might as well say "north" and "south. Many sods're used to some of the Outer Planes or the Astral, where they just need to think about their destination and they get there one way or another.

Not here, no matter what a body thinks, believes, or feels, it won't move him an inch closer to his goal. Maps can be useful, but only in planes like Earth where there's a path to follow or recognizable landmarks to spot. For example, the fabled obsidian maps of the plane of Fire are helpful only if a basher can tell where the Plain of Burnt Dreams ends and the Sea of Searing Waves begins — and of course, it all looks like fire, even to the best planewalkers.

Sometimes, folks living in the Inner Planes create minor magical charms called beacon seeds. When swallowed, these pebblelike seeds guide the swallower to a particular destination on a particular plane. No matter where he is in the plane, the eater always knows how to get to the keyed location.

Natives often give these to newcomers or visitors so the sods can find their way back when they invariably get lost. Occasionally, the high-ups of an inner-planar burg, seeking to attract new merchants or wealthy tourists, mass-produce the seeds and distribute them freely in places like Sigil.

And then there's the story of the berk who took the name beacon seed literally and planted one in the ground. Chant is the seed either grew into a magical bush that literally sprouted golden leaves, or gave rise to a creature like a shambling mound that eventually devoured the poor planter.

One or both tales're probably screed, but that's the way of the chant. Elemental Guides Traveling within or between them can be a difficult and timeconsuming endeavor. Guidelines for getting around a given plane appear in that plane's article.

Still, certain considerations apply to the Inner Planes as a whole. The most important of these regards the hiring or use of elemental guides. An elemental guide is a native of a particular Inner Plane — usually an honest-to-goodness elemental, mephit, or other such creature. Some, however, are humans or other nonnatives who've called kip in the plane for most or even all of their lives after all, few Inner Planes lack communities of displaced planars who've learned to live in the environment.

A group of travelers can hire one of these guides to lead them to a given destination in the plane, though the advantages of securing such a guide can extend far beyond mere direction. Movement with the aid of an elemental guide is far swifter and more accurate than independent travel. Because the Inner Planes are infinite, a lone planewalker can journey forever without reaching his destination. An elemental guide, on the other hand, can bring a body to any given point in its home plane in to 1, 10d hours, it can also lead a basher to the border with another plane even more swiftly — such a trip lasts only 10 to 1d hours.

At the DM's discretion, some of the more powerful native guides can confer a certain level of protection to a traveler. While a body is in physical contact with the guide, he's unaffected by the natural environment of any plane in which the guide can survive. Thus, a cutter who's hired an elemental guide from the plane of Fire can move about there without feeling the searing kiss of its deadly flames, and he's safe in Magma and Radiance as well.

Naturally, the cost of hiring an elemental guide can be quite high. And to make matters worse, few of these creatures have any interest in gold or the like. Exactly what type of payment an elemental creature expects is determined by its nature.

For example, an air elemental might demand fragrances and perfumes, while a fire elemental might insist upon rare fuels it can consume. In all cases, however, the value of such payments will not be less than gold pieces per hour of service. Safe Havens Wherever a cutter goes, it seems that someone's been there before him. Now, that impression obviously isn't always true—if there's any doubt, just look up the definition of infinite — but it sure can feel that way.

The Inner Planes are no different. Even in the most hostile of environments, some basher's long ago tumbled to a way to survive there and call it home. Sure, this can be unsatisfying to the intrepid planar explorer who wants to get everywhere first, but it can also save his life. Where a basher finds other planewalkers or nonnative residents, he's sure to find what he himself needs to survive, whether it's clean air, fresh water, or some sort of protection against the harsh surroundings.

Throughout the Inner Planes, a traveler might find anything from humble waystations to entire cities of humans, elves, dwarves, githyanki, or just about anything else the DM can imagine. The Inner Planes exemplify survival and harsh reality, and those who call it their home, whether by birth or by choice, usually adopt the same ideal.

A body who needs aid or refuge should expect to pay far more than he would just about anywhere else in the multiverse except, perhaps, the Lower Planes, but who goes looking for aid there? Soot sails the Inner Planes like eighteen individual seas and knows each like a well-seasoned sailor on the Prime knows the waters of his own world. He's respected among even geniekind, all of whom have pledged him safe passage through their realms.

Soot's not a guide as such, but he does carry passengers, at a cost of gold pieces per person and gp per cubic feet of cargo—and that's just to go from one neighboring plane to the next. Thus, it's one of the best ways to travel to the Inner Planes in general, or to move from one Inner Plane to another. Fact is, numerous intelligent elemental creatures use the Ethereal as a neutral ground upon which to meet or parlay.

The Deep Ethereal is a place far removed from any of the planes that the Ethereal touches, with its own qualities and parameters. But on the Border Ethereal, which intersects by each Inner Plane in turn, a planewalker can experience a fraction of the environmental dangers associated with each plane.

For example, bashers traveling through the Border Ethereal where it touches the paraplane of Magma find movement a little slower and may suffer a small amount of fire damage. Bloods can use the Ethereal to move "through" an Inner Plane without suffering its severe environmental dangers by crossing required distances on the Border Ethereal rather than in the plane itself. This can be tricky, but those accustomed to becoming ethereal on the Prime Material Plane can do it with relative case.

It's not completely safe, of course. Most inner-planar creatures aren't aware of ethereal objects or travelers, but some — including some genies, powerful elementals, and other beings — can see into the Ethereal and won't allow an ethereal planewalker to trod through their territory unchallenged. For the most part, however, being ethereal's a good way to avoid notice and conflict. Speaking of conflict, many creatures in the Ethereal usually avoid the elemental border areas, since the crossover environments cause damage or at least difficulty.

Astral Plane A silvery void that connects the Material and Inner Planes to the Outer Planes , the astral plane is the medium through which the souls of the departed travel to the afterlife. A traveler in the Astral Plane sees the plane as a vast empty void periodically dotted with tiny motes of physical reality calved off of the countless planes it overlaps.

Powerful spellcasters utilize the Astral Plane for a tiny fraction of a second when they teleport , or they can use it to travel between planes with spells like astral projection. A traveler in the Ethereal plane experiences the real world as if the world were an insubstantial ghost , and can move through solid objects without being seen in the real world. Strange creatures dwell in the Ethereal Plane , as well as ghosts and dreams, many of which can sometimes extend their influence into the real world in mysterious and terrifying ways.

Powerful spellcasters utilize the Ethereal Plane with spells like blink , etherealness , and ethereal jaunt. Powerful spellcasters utilize the Shadow Plane to swiftly travel immense distances on the Material Plane with shadow walk , or draw upon the mutable essence of the Shadow Plane to create quasi-real effects and creatures with spells like shadow evocation or shades. Inner Planes These six planes are manifestations of the basic building blocks of the universe.

Each is made up of a single type of energy or element that overwhelms all others. The natives of a particular Inner Planes are made of the same energy or element as the plane itself. Each Inner Planes is made up of a single type of energy or element that overwhelms all others. Example Inner Planes include the following.

Elemental Planes The four classic Inner Planes are the Plane of Air , the Plane of Earth , the Plane of Fire , and the Plane of Water —it is from these planes that the creatures known as elementals hail, yet they house many other strange denizens as well, such as the genie races, strange metal-eating xorns, unseen invisible stalkers , and mischievous mephits.

Energy Planes Two energy planes exist—the Positive Energy Plane from which the animating spark of life hails and the Negative Energy Plane from which the sinister taint of undeath hails. Energy from both planes infuses reality, the ebb and flow of this energy running through all creatures to bear them along the journey from birth to death. Clerics utilize power from these planes when they channel energy.

Outer Planes Beyond the realm of the mortal world, beyond the building blocks of reality, lie the Outer Planes. Vast beyond imagining, it is to these realms that the souls of the dead travel, and it is upon these realms in which the gods themselves hold court. The Outer Planes are also the final resting place of souls from the Material Plane , whether that final rest takes the form of calm introspection or eternal damnation.

The denizens of the Outer Planes form the mythologies of civilization, comprising angels and demons , titans and devils , and countless other incarnations of possibility. Each campaign world should have different Outer Planes to match its themes and needs, but classic Outer Planes include lawful good Heaven , the chaos and evil of the Abyss, the regimented lawful evil of Hell , and the capricious freedom and joys of chaotic good Elysium.

Powerful spellcasters can contact the Outer Planes for advice or guidance with spells like commune and contact outer plane, or can conjure allies with spells like planar ally or summon monster. The deities live on the Outer Planes , as do creatures such as celestials, fiends, and other outsiders. Esoteric Planes Source PRG:OA The planes of the Great Beyond encompass all of existence, from the simple and sublime wonders of the material world to the impossibilities of heavens, hells, and everything in between.

Arcane tradition conceptualizes this multiverse of planes as a series of nesting spheres, with each layer and the spaces between representing different vistas of reality. At the center of it all, suspended within the silvery seas of the Astral Plane , lies the Inner Sphere of the Elemental and Material Planes.

The Elemental Planes are the raw building blocks of the multiverse, while the planes aligned with positive and negative energy govern the forces of life and death, creation and destruction. The invisible mists and eddies of the Ethereal Plane connect and interpenetrate the worlds of the Inner Sphere, just as the Astral Plane connects these worlds in turn to the infinite realms of the Outer Sphere, the domains of gods and the final destination for the souls of the multiverse.

Scholars of occultism believe that their investigations reveal a hidden truth behind the multiverse, and that mastering the implications of this secret can give an adept power over not just her mortal life, but also her life after death. She can then enter a cycle of reincarnation that allows, over successive cycles of existence and reflection, the complete mastery of body, mind, and soul, opening up new vistas of consciousness and immortality.

Consequently, the adept does not concern herself with the courts of petitioners enjoying their final reward or laboring eternally under fiendish masters, nor with the raw building blocks of the material world such as air, earth, fire, and water. Her final personal journey into a more evolved existence is loftier than the base elements, and more self-determined than the proscribed fate of the pious petitioner.

The orthodox view of the planes sees two opposing forces underlying existence in the multiverse: positive and negative energy. Each of these primal forces commands a vast plane of its own at the core of the Inner Sphere. The Positive Energy Plane is the source of life, and the Negative Energy Plane is the source of death; each exists as antithesis to the other. The great secret of occultism holds that rather than positive and negative energy being conflicting forces, they are in fact two halves of a single whole.

Their polarity is not a sign of opposition, but rather two integral aspects of a single dualistic cycle. The positive aspect of this duality is the Cosmic Fire, the breath of life that grants vital force to living creatures. The Negative Energy Plane is the intake of that same breath, a return to dust, the recycling of component parts to pave the way for that which comes next. Delving deeper into the ancient wisdom reveals even more enticing secrets regarding the nature of existence.

Among the oldest creatures in the Great Beyond are the enigmatic outsiders known as aeons , who are said to be the caretakers of reality and the original architects and crafters of the multiverse itself. Befitting the esoteric view of the planes, these primordial beings always manifest a powerful dichotomy sustained in equilibrium: Birth and death.

Fate and freedom. Creation and destruction. A human and a pleroma aeon are both emanations of the cosmic flame—the aeon is simply much closer to the source and believes itself to be in communication with it, whereas the monadic soul of a human is esoterically distant from the Fire , being focused primarily on the mortal affairs of the base Material Plane. Imagine a blazing sphere of brilliant energy blocked by a thick screen.

This sphere represents the Cosmic Fire. Now imagine multitudes of tiny holes in the screen, each allowing some of the light to shine through. From the exoteric viewpoint of the uninitiated, each pinpoint of light appears distinct and unique.

The esoteric perspective looks behind the screen and understands that all of the individual lights are but rays from a single source. The greater an adept understands her place in this scheme, the more power she holds over her eternal destiny. The short summaries below offer an occult viewpoint on the realms generally referred to as the Esoteric Planes.

Many prominent planes in the orthodox scheme, such as the Shadow Plane and Elemental Planes , do not feature prominently in the cosmology of the adept concerned with multiversal truths and the journey of the mortal soul. Occultism freely acknowledges the existence of these planes, but does not dwell on them, an approach likewise observed here. Demiplanes This catchall category covers all extradimensional spaces that function like planes but have measurable size and limited access.

Other kinds of planes are theoretically infinite in size, but a demiplane might be only a few hundred feet across. There are countless demiplanes adrift in reality, and while most are connected to the Astral Plane and Ethereal Plane , some are cut off entirely from the transitive planes and can only be accessed by well-hidden portals or obscure magic spells. The planes of the Inner Sphere and the Outer Sphere form the overarching structure of the multiverse. With their unimaginably ancient histories and vast scales, they contain most of reality within their borders.

Yet the dimensions of reality are not static, particularly in the Astral and Ethereal Planes, which serve to connect the other planes. Under the right conditions, any plane can warp so profoundly that portions coalesce into entirely new planes. These selfcontained pockets of reality are known as demiplanes. A typical demiplane is a relatively small, finite plane governed by its own set of laws determined upon its creation.

Some of these pocket dimensions owe their existence to the collision of natural forces within other planes. The Positive and Negative Energy Planes exert powerful tidal forces upon the Ethereal Plane , generating ethereal mists. However, these forces are not perfectly synchronized, and when the strain from opposing forces grows too great, the Ethereal Plane sometimes releases energy by coalescing ethereal mists into a demiplane.

Occasionally, instead of forming a new demiplane, these mists graft themselves onto an existing demiplane, which expands to accommodate the new material. Meanwhile, in the Astral Plane , the ever-shifting currents of the River of Souls combine with energy from Limbo and the Plane of Fire to produce massive, hurricane-shaped astral storms.

Like hurricanes on Golarion, these storms have stable eyes at their centers. These demiplanes can grow over time as they absorb storm-tossed fragments of the Astral Plane into their mutable structures. Astral and ethereal demiplanes are similar in structure, though the differences in their creation leave lingering effects.

Because of the role of currents on the River of Souls in their creation, astral demiplanes bear fragments of the nature and memories of passing souls. Meanwhile, ethereal demiplanes can absorb echoes of dreams, most commonly from the pull of the Dimension of Dreams, and particularly from dreams tied to strong emotions. While some demiplanes arise from planar forces, others are born when individuals deliberately fracture pieces of the Astral or Ethereal Planes and reshape them into pocket dimensions to suit their needs.

Even mortals can weave demiplanes into existence with complex rituals or powerful magic. The most common reason behind the creation of demiplanes is a desire to isolate their contents.

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Structure[ edit ] The Ethereal Plane has two parts: the Deep Ethereal, which is like a deep sea, and the Border Ethereal, which is like the shore.

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Bitcoin bear market For example, an air elemental might demand fragrances and perfumes, while a fire elemental might insist upon rare fuels it can consume. Because Avernus is the likeliest beachhead for any massed demonic attack, fortifications are always being added to the Bronze Citadel. Avernus is a rocky wasteland with rivers of blood and clouds of biting flies. Lesser deities can alter Mechanus with a thought; ordinary creatures require spells and physical effort to do so. Certain substances will block ethereal travel, for example lead, gold, diamond, expensive crystal, stone mortared with the blood of a gorgon ethereal planar dust, and all living creatures including, for example, walls covered with crawling ivy.
Seattle impact investing firms The usual rules for ability scores, carrying capacity, and encumbrance apply. Each of these primal forces commands a vast plane of its own at the core ethereal planar dust the Inner Sphere. Travelers to this place discover that It's unbearably cold and as difficult to tunnel through as Earth. It is alterable in the normal manner for more ordinary creatures. What would Air be without Earth, or hot without cold? Tombs, mausoleums, gravestones, and sarcophagi litter the landscape.
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