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Ethereal plane creatures


ethereal plane creatures

Due to the Ethereal Plane's nature as a connection between other planes, most creatures found here will be travelers themselves, likely a. It is a place of ghosts and monsters. It is right next to you, and you don't even see it. The Ethereal Plane is a misty, fog-bound dimension that is coexistent. The Ethereal Plane is a misty, fog-bound dimension that is sometimes described as a great ocean. Its shores, called the Border Ethereal, overlap the Material. HANNAH GORMAN BETTER PLACED HRSD

While on the Ethereal Plane, you can see and hear the plane you originated from, which is cast in shades of gray, and you can't see anything there more than 60 feet away. You can only affect and be affected by other creatures on the Ethereal Plane. Creatures that aren't there can't perceive you or interact with you, unless they have the ability to do so.

None of these clauses especially the ones involving a distance on the origin plane make any sense unless the spell sends you to the Border Ethereal in the same location as you were in your plane of origin. I can't think of any other interpretation that wouldn't turn at least one of these clauses into nonsense. Unfortunately, the spell doesn't come out and just say it, so the best we can do is infer the assumption that the spell appears to be making.

Beyond being the only consistent interpretation I can think of, arriving at the corresponding location in the Border Ethereal seems like a pretty good "default" for any travel to the Ethereal Plane by any means that doesn't specify a precise destination. Traveling through the Deep Ethereal to journey from one plane to another is unlike physical travel. In combat, however, creatures are considered to move at their normal speeds.

Ether Cyclones- An ether cyclone is a serpentine column that spins through the plane. The cyclone appears abruptly, distorting and uprooting ethereal forms in its path and carrying the debris for leagues. Travelers with a passive Wisdom Perception score of 15 or more receive 1d4 rounds of warning: a deep hum in the ethereal matter.

Roll a d20 and consult the Ether Cyclone table to determine the effect on all creatures in the vicinity. The most common effect of an ether cyclone is to extend the duration of a journey. Each character in a group traveling together must make a DC 15 Charisma saving throw. If at least half the group succeeds, travel is delayed by 1d10 hours. Less often, a group is blown into the Border Ethereal of a random plane.

Rarely, the cyclone tears a hole in the fabric of the plane and hurls the party into the Astral Plane. Ethereal Plane Encounters- Most encounters in the Border Ethereal are with creatures on the Material Plane whose senses or abilities extend into the Ethereal Plane phase spiders, for example. Ghosts also move freely between the Ethereal and Material Planes.

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Dungeons and Dragons: The Ethereal Planes


It is a place of ever-shifting mists with little hard matter to obstruct the traveler. Near its borders, one can peer into the neighboring planes and easily move back and forth, provided one has that ability. Travelers from these other planes often momentarily step into the Ethereal Plane via magic to bypass dangers or solid matter. Time passes at the same perceived rate as on the Material Plane, and the permanence of matter what relatively little exists in the In-Between is the same on the Ethereal and Material planes.

Certain spells cast on the Material Plane that generate magical force , as well as certain abjuration spells, can affect ethereal beings in the same relative location. The Material Worlds are largely safe to visit, though visiting the Border of the Plane of Lightning might give you horrible shocks the longer you stay in it, whereas the Border of the Positive Energy Plane may fill you with so much life that you explode in radiant energy.

Deep While there are multiple Borders, there is only one Deep Ethereal where all travelers must journey through if they hope to reach another world. To arrive in the Deep Ethereal, you must leave the Border through a color curtain, similar to the color pools of the Astral Plane or cast a spell to immediately transport you here.

These curtains appear to be glittering lights in different colors depending on where you are going to, and hover in the air, slowly moving as if by an unfelt wind. While in the Deep Ethereal, visibility is severely limited and dangers unknown lurk in its mist-filled depths. There is no ground, though luckily a sort of gravity can be felt, allowing for groups to quickly orientate themselves with it.

Traveling from one Border to another Border is a dangerous proposition and could take several hundred hours of moving towards your goal. Due to how long this takes, and that there is no natural sustenance to be found in the Deep, travelers must come prepared for travel that might take them over a month to finish. Many claim that the Ethereal Plane is far more populated than the Astral Plane, though it can be difficult to tell due to the severely limited vision provided on the plane.

For this reason, travelers are recommended to stick together in groups, no one should wander off on their own, and you should be on guard at all times. Strange creatures, with many of them never having been seen before, lurk in the thick mists. Demiplanes While the Ethereal Plane is separated into two distinct locations, the Border Ethereal and the Deep Ethereal, there are also smaller locations known as Demiplanes that seem to have been created out of nowhere in the Ethereal Plane.

Many believe that these demiplanes were created by massive clusters of Stable protomatter that grew so large that it created a demiplane in the Deep Ethereal, though others dispute such claims. Regardless of how they form, they are all different with their own realities. Some demiplanes may be a massive writhing mass of worms, another may have severely powerful gravity, and another may even have two Border Ethereals.

Every Demiplane twists and distorts reality, and many of them feature hidden dangers that swallow up travelers. The Black Abyss This demiplane is in a permanent state of decay and those who journey here are first met with a mass of stone. Moving through the Border allows a traveler to find caverns and tunnels until the Border abruptly jettisons a traveler out into the demiplane.

Following these tunnels and moving deeper into the plane, the rocks give way until explorers see bridges extending out into a void, at the very ends of these bridges, the rocks are crumbling away and slowly circling down into a black abyss far below.

It is said that space and time are heavily distorted in this demiplane and that staying here too long can cause years to pass outside. No one knows what is in the abyss, and no one has ever returned. Demiplane of Moil Long ago there was a city of immense wealth and glistening, marble structures. The citizens of this city had grown lustful of more wealth and more power and had made a deal with a dark force known as Orcus.

Over time, the citizens realized that it was a mistake to follow the demon lord, and began turning to other powers to worship. This angered Orcus and he forced the city into a magical slumber and mde it so that the only way to ever break this enchantment was for the sun to rise once again over the city, he then ripped the city from its Material World and threw it into the Deep Ethereal where there is no sun.

Hundreds of years later, the city still exists as a demiplane in the Deep Ethereal, though the citizens are no longer sleeping. Not long ago a powerful entity known as the Devourer arrived at the city and found the slumbering masses.

The Devourer transformed the people into undead and forced them to build a massive fortification for it, destroying many of the undead in the process. Rumors persist that no one, once they step onto the demiplane, can ever leave it again. Instead, they are ripped apart by the Devourer and its undead for pleasure and entertainment.

These mazes are created in the Deep Ethereal by the Lady of Pain with a single, hidden exit out of it. Those trapped in the Mazes can spend lifetimes wandering the twisting corridors as punishment for going against the Lady of Pain, with only a handful ever actually finding the way out of them.

Stable Protomatter Some believe that if you gather enough Stable protomatter into one place, you can craft your own demiplane and reality. Whether that is true or not, no one has been able to prove but plenty have attempted it.

There are locations in the Deep Ethereal that have miles and miles of Stable Protomatter put together piece by piece by an individual. The Realm of Dreams Between the Deep and every Border Ethereal is a different colored curtain that glistens and sways as if in a breeze, to most travelers it is thought to be two dimensional and merely act as a portal to move from one section of the Ethereal to the next.

For those who have studied such things, it is, in fact, three dimensional and there is a space inside of the curtain that only dreamers of that neighboring plane can reach, though unlucky travelers caught in an ether storm may be thrown inside of a curtain. Occasionally, travelers may wind up in here and, unless they find a way out, might be destroyed by the nightmarish creatures dreamed up by dreamers.

While the Ethereal links only the Prime Material Plane and the Inner Planes, even celestials and fiends can be found drifting through the Ethereal, looking for lost artifacts, for people to drag into the Blood War, and their mysterious reasons. Ghosts When a creature of great evil dies, they may be unwilling to move on and have their soul judged and then sent off to the Outer Planes to their eternal rest, or torment as the case may be.

Instead, they form into ghosts, creatures that reside on the Ethereal Plane and look into the plane. Here, they look on with jealousy and hatred at those who still live. They can partially materialize themselves from the Border to the adjacent world and lash out at those they hate, quickly moving back into the Border so as not to be destroyed.

Neth is a massive creature and demiplane onto itself, which may cause most travelers pause. Neth, the demiplane, thinks that it is alive and is constantly searching for answers as to why it is alive and how it happened. Unfortunately, no one has the answers it is seeking. When a creature arrives on the Border of Neth, they can only see pink mists everywhere they look. If they materialize on the demiplane, they find themselves suspended in oxygen-laden fluids with the pulsing membranes of Neth beneath them.

Travelers can swim through this fluid, exploring the chaotically folded membrane of Neth, seeing the massive organs under the membrane, and large antibodies that float about, protecting Neth. Here, thousands of faces appear in the membrane like bumpy busts.

This is where Neth questions visitors, demanding answers and information about worlds outside of the Ethereal and the meaning of life. If Neth finds them boring or lacking answers, Neth will simply absorb them into its body, on the other hand, if they are found to be charming and informative, Neth can remove a portion of itself and produce a Nethling.

This Nethling can act as a guide to the Ethereal, and help the travelers get to their destinations and protect them from other threats. One of the creatures that have used the Ethereal Plane for their own end are the phase spiders, here they have produced massive colonies and massive webs that slowly float through the Deep Ethereal.

The greatest of these webs is controlled by the phase spider matriarch, Ommiad. This massive web slowly spins through the Deep Ethereal and has hundreds of phase spiders that live on it, always searching for food. Ommiad is said to be massive in size and wears many powerful magic items, and recently many have claimed that Ommiad has put in a policy that merchants are to be traded with, not eaten. Other Inhabitants There are other inhabitants in the Ethereal Plane, though they are all strange and their bodies created out of strange realities.

Many believe that several of these creatures were created from the ruptured dreams of the Dreamscape, slowly reproducing more of their kind in the Ethereal Plane. These inhabitants offer very different abilities and unique talents, with many wizards drifting into the Ethereal Plane searching for strange creatures to fill their towers as guards. Cerebral Parasite These parasites exist on the Border Ethereal, searching for creatures with immense psionic powers.

Once they find someone on the adjacent plane, they begin draining their psionic and mental powers, slowly feeding away and producing more parasites the more they eat. Terithans These humanoid-like creatures reside in tombs of their own making in the Deep Ethereal where they search for sleep. They have an innate ability to sense great displays of magic and when they sense them on any plane whose color curtain is near their tomb, they angrily rise and seek out the spellcaster quickly.

Finding the magic-user, whether in the Ethereal Plane or an adjacent plane, it will quickly attack, draining all magic from the magic-user and transporting the offending creature back to the Ethereal where it rips out and eats the creature's heart. It despises magic above all else and is quick to destroy it. Tween These shadow creatures are rarely found without a host, and incredibly difficult to detect, even on the Ethereal Plane.

They appear on the adjacent worlds where their hosts live as faint, secondary shadows. They are known to be parasites, and it is almost impossible to get rid of them once they are bound to their host, only able to be destroyed on the Ethereal Plane. They suck luck from other creatures around their hosts, and feed on it, giving some of it to their host, allowing their attacks the ability to hit more often, to help their host avoid getting hit, and more.

If the host dies, a tween goes through immense emotional pain and splits into two, each immediately searching for a new host. Encounters Building Home - Stumbling through the Deep Ethereal, the sound of a creature whistling can be heard. Investigating this strange noise cutting through the otherworldly quiet of the Deep Ethereal is a halfling, busily moving the mists through her hands.

As she slowly works, more and more of the protomatter is transformed into Stable blocks, where she quickly moves it into place with more blocks of matter. The halfling is attempting to build a demiplane of her own and claims to have created 3 miles of Stable protomatter, she reckons she only has a few more miles to go!

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D\u0026D Lore - The Ethereal and Astral Plane

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