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Free spread betting charts for horse


free spread betting charts for horse

Timeform is a sports data and content provider specialising in horse racing and greyhounds racing. Get the latest news, form, tips, results and betting. Betting on the point spread is when you wager on how many points a team will win or lose by. Point spread betting is particularly popular when wagering on. That is for sports betting as opposed to the racebook. You will receive a $25 risk-free bet at BetOnline's racebook, along with a rebate of 5% to 9% on daily. BUYING BTC USA

Odds-against A price that is bigger than evens. Betting odds where the potential winnings are higher than the stake. Odds-on A price that is shorter than evens. Betting odds where the stake is higher than the potential winnings if the bet is successful. On the nose Turn of phrase used to describe a narrow winning margin, often photo-finish winner.

May or may not have actually won by a nose. Overround The practice of factoring in a profit margin on the prices offered by a bookmaker. Patent A bet consisting of 7 bets involving 3 selections. Including a single on each selection, plus 3 doubles and 1 treble. Just one successful selection guarantees a return. Permutations Also known as combination bets.

A permutation bet is a wager that involves a number of selections. Place Backing a horse to finish in the places. The number of places depend on the number of runners, with two places available for a five to seven runner race, three places for eight to 15 runners, and four places for handicaps with 16 runners or more.

Extra place terms are often offered by bookmakers. Price Often referred to as odds. The chance a horse has been given by the market to win the race. Return The amount of money to be returned to the person who placed a bet if it wins.

Round Robin A series of three or more selections in 2-fold accumulators. A round robin means 3 selections in different races, in 3 doubles, 1 treble and 6 single stakes about bets. Rule 4 One of the most commonly invoked betting rules, dealing with deductions from winning bets in the event of any withdrawn runner s from a race.

The rule applies to winning bets struck at prices e. The rate of deductions is in proportion to the odds of the non-runner s at the time of the withdrawal. SP Starting Price. The starting prices are the final odds prevailing at the time the race starts and are used to determine the payout to winning punters, unless a punter took a specified price at the time of placing the bet.

Spread Betting Similar to the handicap betting system. If you back a team to cover the spread, so a team will lose bu no more than 5 points, or win by more than 6 points. Stake The amount of money you bet on a horse. Steamer A horse who has shortened in the market considerably.

Tote A type of bet frequently placed at a racecourse. You can back horses to win or place, and a dividend is paid out afterwards to winning bets as the bets all go into a pool. The tote also runs other bets such as the placepot and jackpots Trixie A bet consisting of 4 bets involving 3 selections. The bet includes 3 doubles and a treble. A minimum of two selections must be successful to get a return. Void bet This is a bet which is declared invalid.

The stake is returned without deduction. Yankee A bet consisting of 11 bets involving 4 selections in different events. The bet includes 4 doubles, 4 trebles and an accumulator. Guide to Betting Where to Place a Bet If you have never done it before, you may not know where to place a bet. Bets can be placed at a number of different outlets such as on the racecourse, in a betting shop or, even easier, directly through the Racing Post App or Website.

Through the Racing Post App and Website betting online is easy. Scrolling through the various menus of the racecards section you can find the different meetings taking place on the day — simply click on the meeting and the list of runners in the first race at that meeting will appear. The odds of the horse will normally appear on the right-hand side, if you click on that button a pop-up will allow you to place your bet.

At the races on-course bookmakers One of the traditional ways of betting is at the racecourse. It is recommended to take cash to the races as the transactions tend to run quicker, but some on-course bookmakers do take cards. Simply tell an on-course bookmaker the number of the horse, the stake of your bet and whether or not you want an each-way bet. Simply take a blank betting slip, then write the name or number of the horse, whether it is a win bet or an each-way bet, and the time and venue of the race.

Before placing the bet, make sure to find the current odds as they could be much lower by the time the race starts. This can be done by looking at the various screens or asking whoever is working in the shop. History of the bet Long before the days of computers and internet gambling, punters were reliant on placing wagers solely through face-to-face transactions. During its infancy, on-course bookmakers would communicate price changes in slang to punters on track. Although these methods are still prevalent, the digital age has led to on-course bookmakers being represented far less at race meetings and the number of betting shops declining.

Digital betting is a continually expanding market and this trend shows no signs of reversing any time soon. Guide to Betting What is a Free Bet? The most common promotions are new customer offers and money-back specials on specific races. These betting offers are predominantly a benefit of betting online through mobile, desktop and tablet, as opposed to in betting shops.

It is important to note that winnings from a free bet will not include the stake. New Customer Offers Most bookmakers will advertise an attractive sign-up bonus which offers customers free bets as a reward for opening a new betting account. We dangle pucklines like Connor McDavid scores points. Anything else will only see you wind up in the sin bin.

From moneylines to totals , point spreads to parlays , and futures to teasers , Odds Shark is your No. Odds Shark shows you how the betting line is set, who sets the line , and why lines move during the week. Odds Shark is THE place to research everything associated with betting odds and live lines. Odds Shark has enlisted experts to help explain sports and poker odds, and casino pros who can advise on the math behind blackjack strategy.

There are robust new sections around wagering events such as special features on Super Bowl betting , how to make the best March Madness bracket picks , and how to find the best odds when betting the Kentucky Derby. The only way to guarantee you get access to that sort of information is through a credible comparative betting odds provider such as Odds Shark.

We ensure you get the latest numbers each day you visit our site. We simply provide sports bettors with as much wagering information as possible. We have endless online sports betting tips, FREE handicapping information, instructional tutorials and How To guides, online sports betting picks and detailed reviews of several online betting sites. Everything on our site is set up in such a way that customers of all levels can find value in what we offer. Most importantly, Odds Shark is trustworthy.

Our reputation is built off of reliability and trustworthiness. Odds Shark has been around for as long as most betting websites, and has earned a prestigious position in an extremely competitive betting market which few can match.

Mobile Betting Gone are the days of betting on our desktops like dinosaurs. In order to preserve betting from extinction, sports bettors needed more ways in which to wager on the go.

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However, lurking in the background is another medium through which punters can try to profit from their interest in horse racings: spread betting. What Is Spread Betting? This form of gambling is more closely associated with financial trading and the city, and granted those with a prior knowledge of the spreads mechanism have a head start when tackling spread betting for horse racing, but it is not as difficult or daunting as it may first appear.

The main difference between fixed odds betting and spread betting is that generally the more right you are, the more money you make. Fixed odds betting typically works with a predetermined return on the stake, however the liability or profit can vary when taking part in spread betting according to the accuracy of the bet.

Spread betting companies will compile a list of different markets for each horse racing meeting every day. They will offer a prediction for each market and the challenge is for the customer to determine whether the outcome will be higher or lower than predicted. If you agreed with the prediction then it would make sense not to have a bet.

So bookmakers make their profit through over rounds i. Superfecta part wheels usually involve a lot of numbers and can quickly become VERY confusing, so plan your tickets carefully, never be in a hurry, and write 'em down! The chart does not cover all possible combinations.

Let's not get crazy here. How to read the chart: Example 1: 1 23 means one horse in the win position, two horses in the place position, four horses in the show position, and the same four horses in the fourth position. Example 2: 1 means one horse in the win position, three horses in the place position, the same four horses in the show position, and three horses in the fourth position, two of which 3 and 4 were also used in the place and show positions.

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