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Ethereal as a guild name


ethereal as a guild name

name |?Has event level |format=template |template=Event result format |link=none |default=Defeat Captain Mattox and his Ethereal Vanguard |userparam= }}. Listen to Ethereal Count on Spotify. One Guild · Song · Ethereal wave, also called ethereal darkwave, ethereal goth or simply ethereal, is a subgenre of dark wave music that is variously described as "gothic". BREEDERS CUP BETTING ODDS

Instead of Possession, the ghost can cast dream, targeting creatures across the Veil. A duelist could inflict slashing damage with a spectral rapier; a pyromancer could inflict fire damage with a burning touch; a spurned lover could inflict psychic damage, literally breaking the heart of their victim. Often shades have no real existence. More potent shades could use the statistics of a shadow or a poltergeist; alternately, they could use the statistics of other creatures such as the worg-soldiers in the massacre haunt.

A Haunt reflects the anchors that are binding the ghost to the world, which may not be related to the actual moment of their death. In dealing with anchors, consider the following questions. Or are they anchored by guilt for the wrongs they inflicted on others? If the ghost was a victim, do they want bloody revenge? Or do they just want the truth to be known by the general public?

If the ghost was a perpetrator, do they want to make reparations for the crimes that they committed? Do they want the truth to be known? Or do they refuse to acknowledge that they have done something wrong, and they actually want any lingering evidence of their guilt to be wiped out? Another option is that the ghost died with a task unfinished. This could be very concrete—a letter that was never delivered, an arcane experiment that was never completed, a buried treasure that was supposed to be found.

Or it could be more abstract—they wanted a town to prosper, a child to have a good home. Loosening an anchor could be a task for an altruistic group of adventurers who want to lay a ghost to rest. However, it can also simply be used to set the tone and parameters of a haunt.

A murdered many may not be able to rest until the entire family line of his murderer has been exterminated. Where this influence is especially strong, you find manifest zones. Traits of the outer plane bleed into the material, and planar energies may produce unusual flora or fauna. This changes when you cross the Veil.

But the cliffs over the Dagger are now formed of thick cloudstuff. The towers themselves are formed of crystal and mist. You can see shadow angels circling in the skies, along with whorls of living cloud-stuff the minor air elementals mentioned on page of Rising From The Last War. In the material plane, this stretch of jungle is unseasonably warm and prone to flash fires.

But when you cross the veil, you find that same forest, except that the trees are always on fire and yet never consumed. Mephits leap from tree to tree, delighting in the flames. While the trees are never consumed, their flames will burn any travelers who touch them, and the stifling heat is deadly to mortals. In short, the Border Ethereal takes on some of the elements of the traditional Feywild Thelanian Borders and Shadowfell Borders with Dolurrh or Mabar , while adding a host of other blended realms.

However, the stories of the Border Ethereal are smaller in scope and scale than the stories of the planes; you might make a deal with a terrifying hag in a Thelanian Border, but if you want to deal with an archfey or dance in the Palace of the Moon, you need to go to Thelanis itself.

You can use any of the methods described in Breaching the Veil to reach a Border, but sometimes there are other options unique to the manifest zone. Dance in the ring of mushrooms when Rhaan is full and you might end up on the other side of the Veil. Sacrifice something you love in fire, and your grief might drag you across the Fernian border. The Border Ethereal resembles a blend of the two planes, and people can see shadows of the inhabitants on both sides of the veil.

So for the most part, the Border Ethereal is empty and relatively safe for travelers. However, there are exceptions. Some Ethereal Borders are home to an anchoring entity, who plays the same basic role as a lingering ghost does with a haunt. A Lamannian Border might be anchored by a massive megafauna beast, while a powerful beholder might watch the world from the Border Ethereal.

Sometimes Borders will have a small population of native creatures from the associated plane. Mabaran Borders are often home to shadows, and sometimes when powerful undead are destroyed in Mabaran zones they linger in the Veil instead of going directly to the Endless Night; a slain vampire might continue to haunt their castle as a wraith in the Border Ethereal.

Restless souls can linger on the edge of Dolurrh. A Thelanian Border might have a small population of native sprites… and a Xoriat Border may be home to aberrations. As with Haunts, Borders can manifest illusions relating to their story—creatures that seem so real that they can inflict slight damage, but which have no ongoing existence or logical ecology surrounding them.

But in general the Ethereal Veil is a place you pass through—not a place where mortals dwell. Passing Through The Ethereal Veil extends from the plane its attached to, but no farther. However, the Borders are where planes come together, and it may be possible to move between material and the connected planes in such places. Anchor Lords often have the power to open passages for travelers. Otherwise, passages are often well hidden and may require particular actions to open.

There might be a gate of rusted iron in a Shavarath Border that only opens when blood is spilled in anger, or a clearing in Thelanis that provides passage when adventurers tell the story of their destination. The Effects of the Planes Typically the Border Ethereal resembles the overlapping region in the Material Plane—the material foundation—transformed to reflect the influence of the outer plane.

The Lamannian Border of a city will be overgrown; the Shavaran Border of a city will be shattered by war. The misty echoes of the creatures of the material plane can be seen moving around, and occasionally echoes of extraplanar beings can be seen as well. A crucial feature of the Border Ethereal is that its structures are solid. Angles feel sharper.

Structures or plants may be formed from metal, perfect and precise. Anything naturally chaotic—the patterns of ivy, clouds—are structured and reliable. Misty images of marching modrons can occasionally be seen. At a glance, the Border of Dolurrh looks just like the rest of the Ethereal Veil—a grey echo of the material plane, perhaps with a little more mist clinging to the edges. Shades often linger in Dolurrhi borders. Some are husks whose memories have been stripped away, vague grey outlines of people.

Others are the spirits of people who have recently died in the area—not so restless as to become lingering ghosts, yet still clinging to the world, unwilling to slip away. The Dolurrh Border is a dangerous place; the Eternal Entrapment and Inevitable Ennui traits are in effect, and anyone who lingers too long can get trapped forever. First and foremost, FIRE. Things burn without being consumed. Bodies of water may be replaced by magma or pure fire. Obsidian, brass, and igneous stone are common materials, and the air may be filled with smoke and ash.

The Deadly Heat property of Fernia is in effect. Colors are bright and cheerful. Plants and wildlife appear healthy and vibrant, and things seem fresh and new. As one element drifts further away from the aspect of the material that cast it, another will drift back toward it; so again, overall, it resembles the material plane but is constantly shifting. Natural features are exaggerated and weather effects are more dramatic. Even if there are no denizens in the Border, shadows of massive beasts can be seen moving through the land.

It has the Primordial Matter property of Lamannia. The Eternal Shadows and Necrotic Power properties of Mabar can be felt in the Border Ethereal, consuming bright light and bolstering undead. Shadows congregate in Mabaran Borders, often following the movements of people in the material world; sometimes their movements can be seen in mortal shadows.

Everything is either formed from ice or encrusted with it. Liquids are frozen. Risian Borders have the Lethal Cold and Stagnation effects. There are rarely any creatures in a Risian Border; it is cold and empty. Imagine the world at war. The Border resembles its material foundation, but cast through the lens of a bitter, prolonged conflict.

Some buildings are ruined, others are fortified. There are craters and smoldering fires. While occasionally there are shades battling or misty visions of fiends and angels, more often than not it feels like an active war zone, as though the enemy could strike at any moment, but no one ever does. This Border has the Bloodletting property of Shavarath. Syranian Borders take different forms, reflecting the aspects of the plane that manifest in the connected zone. In the Border of Sharn, the Unburdened property is in effect and all creatures can fly; as mentioned earlier, structures are formed of crystal and mist and animate clouds drift around.

Another Border might be more grounded, but have the Gentle Thoughts and Universal Understanding properties, allowing all spoken languages to be understood. Every Thelanian Border has a story, and builds on the material foundation to sell that story. In one forest, the woods may grow darker and deeper, promising that wolves and far deadlier things lurk just off the path; in another forest, the trees may be full of dancing lights, with misty images of satyrs dancing in the groves.

A city may become more beautiful and magical, or it could seem cruel and oppressive if the driving story is one of a bitter tyrant. The story of the Border will be well known to anyone who lives in the region. In the case of the bitter tyrant, the actual rulers may take pains not to resemble the cruel leader of the tale… or it may be that the Border seeps into reality and drives the locals to be cruel.

Storybook Logic is in effect, and where there are fey, Words Have Power. In another, writhing tentacles stretch up from the earth, burrowing through buildings and grasping any travelers who come to close. Mirrors ripple and reveal unpleasant truths. Colors are disturbing and gravity is unreliable; the Strange Reality property of Xoriat is always in effect. In my campaign, the Ethereal Veil and the Plane of Shadow are two different words for the same thing.

Theory According to magical experts of old, the Ethereal Tide is a river of arcane energy which flows from the earth into every individual, creature and mineral in Astaeria, influencing the very nature and development of the world. Zeverrias Erragar, hypothesised that the source of the Tide resides somewhere beneath the surface of the continent, and much of his research before his disappearance in A. Perhaps the most interesting theory in his work was the idea that the Tide was actually used by the ancients to travel instantaneously around the world.

If a person chose to surrender themselves to it, the Tide would carry them away, resulting in them disappearing and reappearing in a different place entirely. Though, how he came to this conclusion remains to be seen. He fled Malvarron after the fall of the Duchy, with the only thing remaining of his was an incomplete research paper now held at the Bridgeport Guild of Scholars in a secret vault.

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