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Sun crypto accelerator 6000


sun crypto accelerator 6000

The crypto accelerator pcie xa lp card low profile bracket Memory Card is manufactured by SUN and was added around February Sun Microsystems Xa Crypto Accelerator PCI-Express Low Profile Bracket Card SUNB. The minimum Solaris SPARC operating system is Solaris. FINANCIAL SERVICES. Using the Sun™ Crypto Accelerator Card. Serge Nadon and Joel Weise. Sun Microsystems. Sun BluePrints™ Online — February CLONMEL COURSING BETTING ONLINE

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Metaslot — Is a single slot that presents a union of the capabilities of other slots which are loaded in the framework. The metaslot eases the work of dealing with all of the capabilities of the providers that are available through the framework. When an application that uses the metaslot requests an operation, the metaslot figures out which actual slot should perform the operation. Metaslot capabilities are configurable, but configuration is not required. The metaslot is on by default. To configure the metaslot, see the cryptoadm 1M man page.

Mode — Is a version of a cryptographic algorithm. Policy — Is the choice, by an administrator, of which mechanisms to make available for use. By default, all providers and all mechanisms are available for use. The disabling of any mechanism would be an application of policy. The enabling of a disabled mechanism would also be an application of policy. Providers — Are cryptographic services that consumers use.

Providers plug in to the framework, so are also called plugins.

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Unwrap Key Unwrap a wrapped key using Command Unwrapped key the given key. The driver can perform similar services as the user role such as bulk encryption and asymmetric cryptographic function, but cannot perform object management services. The Cryptographic Accelerator is returned to its factory state.

The public key exchange protocol begins with the Sun Crypto Accelerator providing a public RSA key to the host machine where the admin application is running from along with the hardware Ethernet address. A pre master secret is generated by the host machine, encrypted using the SCA public RSA key, and than sent to the firmware. The host machine will compute its own verify on the messages and compare them to the SCA before this exchange is completed.

A CO is identified using a username. When a command requiring multi-admin authentication is issued in multi-admin mode the card goes into a polling mode and waits for COs belonging to multi-admin group to login to the card. A separate secure session is established for each CO. The CO is given a message indicating that the board is in the middle of authorizing a Multi-Admin command and the CO cannot administer the board. In case the CO has authorized the command already a message indicating that the CO has already approved this is given.

A total of M COs of the multi-admin group must login and authorize the command. If M COs do not authorize the command within the timeout period the multi-admin command is terminated. At the end of the command, control is transferred back to the initiating CO. The module allows multiple CO logins only in multi-admin mode.

The module uses passwords to authenticate an operator in the Crypto Officer, User and Driver role. The following table shows the strength of authentication used by the module: Authentication Type Strength Password The SCA accepts 93 different characters for a password and the probability that a random access will succeed with a 6 digit password is 1 in ,,, with repetition of characters.

A failed login is accompanied by a 1 second delay allowing for no more than 60 attempts within one minute. The chance that any of these attempts will succeed within a one-minute time period is 1 in 10,,, Table 5 — Estimated Strength of Authentication Mechanisms 2. None of the services listed below provides information related to CSPs. The LEDs on the rear of the module provide status information.

The Crypto Accelerator is returned to its factory state. Load Load firmware Firmware Status of load image Load bootstrap Bootstrap Status of load image Debug Services debugInfo Displays the registered None List of debug routines callable from the debug routines callable host.

The SCA card is completely enclosed in a hard epoxy coating with only specific interfaces providing access to the module. Components excluded from the cryptographic boundary are not covered in epoxy see section 2. This key transport methodology provides bits of security strength. Once the driver is authenticated, the driver can send encrypted commands with the KTK securely to the module.

Once the card has been initialized, the module generates a new Remote Access Keypair. The RAK is used to negotiate two AES session keys for a single secure tunnel encryption session that are used for Crypto Officer and card communication. These AES session keys will be negotiated at the time a Crypto Officer selects a keystore, and will terminate when the Crypto Officer terminates the session with the module.

There are two different CO session keys generated to create sessions; one session key to receive data and one session key to send out data. The RSA private key is wrapped using the Master key and stored on the host file system. See Initializing the Board With scamgr for information on how to initialize the board. Handling the Board Each board is packed in a special antistatic bag to protect it during shipping and storage. To avoid damaging the static-sensitive components on the board, reduce any static electricity on your body before touching the board by using one of the following methods: Touch the metal frame of the computer.

Attach an antistatic wrist strap to your wrist and to a grounded metal surface. Caution - To avoid damaging the sensitive components on the board, wear an antistatic wrist strap when handling the board, hold the board by its edges only, and always place the board on an antistatic surface such as the plastic bag it came in.

Installing the Board on Oracle Solaris Platforms Installing the board involves inserting the board into the system and loading the software tools. The hardware installation instructions include only general steps for installing the board. Refer to the documentation that came with your system for specific installation instructions.

Install the Hardware 1. As superuser, follow the ins tructions that came with your system to shut down and power off the computer, disconnect the power cord, and remove the computer cover. Attach an antistatic wrist strap to your wrist, and attach the other end to a grounded metal surface.

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