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Etherium gold cryptocurrency


etherium gold cryptocurrency

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You won't find this in textbooks yet. In general, a metallic element is physically stable and is a relatively good conductor of both heat and electricity and is usually chemically active. To the contrary, monatomic atoms of the same element behaves more like a ceramic in that they are generally poor conductors of both heat and electricity and are chemically inert.

In addition, according to Hudson, monatomic elements exhibit the characteristics of superconductors at room temperature. Russian scientists at the Institute of Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Crystal Chemistry of Rare Earth's in Kiev explicitely state in their literature that atoms in lattice structures are metallic in nature and that these same atoms in the monatomic state are ceramic in nature.

However, Dr. Kogan of the institute does not support all of Hudson's findings as being scientifically valid. It would be worthwhile if we could obtain a detailed critique of Hudson's work from that institute. Monatomic atoms have been observed to exist in all the heavy elements in the center of the periodic table. These are the elements which have "half-filled" bands of valence electrons and include the following elements. Their atomic numbers are given in parenthesis the atomic number represents the number of protons in the nucleus.

Other metallic elements in the same part of the periodic table have also been observed in microclusters. Because the atoms of monatomic elements are not held in a rigid lattice network, their physical characteristics are quite different from atoms which are locked in the lattice.

Thus, it is the grouping of atoms which defines the physical characteristics of the element; not just the number of neutrons and protons in the nucleus as previously believed. If you don't have a lattice network, you don't have a metal even though the atoms of the two forms of matter are identical!

The implication here is that there is an entirely new phase of matter lurking about the universe. This form phase of matter is comprised of monatomic elements; a heretofore unknown form phase of matter. They have remained unknown for so long because they are inert and undetectable by normal analytical techniques.

This might be nothing but a scientific curiosity except for the fact that Hudson now claims that a relatively large amount of this previously undiscovered monatomic matter seems to exist in the earth's crust. How could it be that a small percentage of the earth's matter could be comprised of material which heretofore has been completely undiscovered? It has to do with the theory of analytical chemistry.

None of the detection techniques of analytical chemistry can detect monatomic elements. They can only detect elements by interacting with their valence electrons. Because the valence electrons of monatomic atoms are unavailable, the atoms are unidentifiable.

To detect a monatomic element requires that you first convert it from its monatomic state to its normal state to allow the element to be detected with conventional instrumentation. As a result, this phase of matter has existed as a stealth material right under the noses of scientists without detection until very recently. Some observers claim that there should be reliable detection techniques for monatomic matter but you have to know what you are looking for to make use of the techniques.

If you do not suspect that monatomic matter exists, it is unlikely you will accidentally find it. The monatomic form of an element exhibits physical characteristics which are entirely different from its metallic form. These differences are currently being investigated by nuclear physicists so it isn't possible to make an exhaustive list of the differences.

A few of the differences will be noted. Classical literature states that the white powder has a fluorescent-like glow. Hudson says that this powder behaves as a superconductor at room temperature, giving it very interesting properties. Because it is a superconductor, it tends to "ride" on the magnetic field of the earth, giving it the powers of levitation. It has been found to be very difficult to determine the specific gravity of monatomic elements because the weight varies widely with temperature and the magnetic environment.

Under some circumstances, monatomic elements weigh less than zero! That is, a container full of monatomic matter could be observed to weigh less than the empty container. These elements have characteristics akin to porcelain in that they do not chemically react with anything and are very stable, durable and heat resistant.

Some of the potential applications of monatomic elements are discussed later in this report. Because monatomic atoms are not held in place by a rigid lattice structure, the coulomb forces cause the atoms to distribute themselves much further apart than their metallic counterparts. Thus, the physical material appears as a fluffy powder.

For example, the specific gravity of metallic iridium is about 22, whereas the specific gravity of monatomic iridium is about 3 - a difference of greater than 7 times. One way to view this phenomena is to examine popcorn. In the unpopped state, popcorn is a rather dense material.

However, if you were to heat the kernels, the kernels dramatically change shape and texture to that of popped popcorn which has a much lower density than the original kernels. It has been experimentally observed that monatomic atoms distribute themselves in a very orderly manner in a wave pattern, similar to that of a lattice pattern except at greater distances.

This would imply that these atoms have a wave-form of energy associated with them and they arrange themselves in a very definite pattern determined by that energy. Because it has not been previously observed that the coulomb force has wave characteristics, this discovery might suggest that there is yet a third force, as yet unidentified, within the nucleus.

Either that or the nature of the coulomb force will have to be redefined to fit the new evidence. As you might observe, these discoveries are on the cutting edge of nuclear physics. It is truly amazing that nature can offer two identical atoms identical number of protons, electrons, and neutrons with such different physical characteristics. The only difference between the two is the manner in which groups of atoms are bonded together.

Perhaps the popcorn analogy is quite appropriate. Popped corn and kernel corn are chemically identical yet they have quite different physical characteristics. Production Methods Although the exact production techniques for the white powder involve 14 discrete steps, each of which is proprietary and will not be revealed, Hudson did make a few general comments concerning the production methods.

He said the ore is quite plentiful and easily identifiable. It is part of a volcanic eruption which occurred about 60 million years ago and it is readily available in all the western states. He will get his own ore from his own farm near Phoenix. Most of the ore is similar in composition so there isn't much concern about variations in quality. The first step is to chemically remove all non-monatomic elements such as dirt. This is reasonably easy to do, Hudson says, because they are all reactive with one solvent or another.

The end result is a pure, naturally-occurring white powder with a rather definite percentage of each precious element. This is the powder which will be made available to the members of the spiritual foundation.

In response to a direct question by the author, Hudson stated that he did not intend to do any separation on any of the material which would be delivered to members of the foundation. Each of the elements, including gold, would be included in the deliverable material in their naturally-occurring proportions.

He was further pressed on this point with the question: "Would you consider delivering pure monatomic gold to a member of the foundation? The answer was "no. This is contrary to what Hudson has stated on earlier videos. This is an important issue because classical literature only discusses the white powder of gold.

It doesn't talk about the white powder of rhodium, iridium, palladium, etc. If the material being delivered by Hudson is not the white powder of gold, then the question comes up: "What is it? For industrial purposes, the white powder needs to be separated into the individual elements.

Hudson says he has methods to do this for all of the precious elements without ever converting them to the metallic state. He says that gold is the simplest to separate; it is hardest to separate rhodium and iridium from each other. Because there is no particular benefit to separate these two, it is his intention to skip that step and provide the two as a pair unless some particular customer is willing to pay for such a separation. Pure monatomic rhodium or iridium would be special-order items.

NOTE: You must select a currency for gold first, even if you don't enter a value for gold holdings. If you wish to select a currency other than USD for the Silver holdings calculator. The current price per unit of weight and currency will be displayed on the right. The Current Value for the amount entered is shown.

Totals for Gold and Silver holdings including the ratio percent of gold versus silver will be calculated. The spot price of Gold per Troy Ounce and the date and time of the price is shown below the calculator. If your browser is configured to accept Cookies you will see a button at the bottom of the Holdings Calculator.

Pressing the button will place a cookie on your machine containing the information you entered into the Holdings Calculator.

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Display total in header bar The Holdings Calculator permits you to calculate the current value of your gold and silver. Enter a number Amount in the left text field. Select Ounce, Gram or Kilogram for the weight. Select a Currency. NOTE: You must select a currency for gold first, even if you don't enter a value for gold holdings. If you wish to select a currency other than USD for the Silver holdings calculator.

The current price per unit of weight and currency will be displayed on the right. The Current Value for the amount entered is shown. All these coins are pegged to the US dollar, which is reportedly stored in reserves in a ratio. This launched in as a collaboration between Binance and Paxos, and it is specific to trading on their platforms. PAXG is a stablecoin backed by gold, which is stored in vaults in London.

This can be redeemed for physical gold at anytime. As stablecoins become more regularly utilized, businesses make an effort to accept these as viable payment options. Bullion Exchanges is more than happy to let you buy gold with BitPay and stablecoins so you can easily convert your safe haven crypto holdings into safe haven precious metals. Please keep in mind that if BitPay does not support your cryptocurrency, we cannot accept it. BitPay began in as Bitcoin was still slowly gaining popularity.

This company started because it noted the potential for Bitcoin to revamp the financial system as a more secure and efficient way to buy on a global scale. Therefore, as the first official company to support cryptocurrency trading, BitPay is a pioneer that built blockchain payment technology. It is constantly evolving and updating the availability of crypto trading on its platform. Stablecoins are similar to and formed because of cryptocurrencies. But, stablecoins derive their worth from an asset of some kind.

This might include fiat currency, precious metals, other cryptos, and more. PAXG is a gold-backed stablecoin that Paxos launched. Why are stablecoin payments becoming increasingly more common? Here are some of the advantages. PROS: Convenience — with a stablecoin wallet, you can easily and quickly make secure payments internationally.

Although stablecoins are backed by an asset stored in reserves, all transactions occur online and do not require physical transportation or currency exchange of its pegged asset. Stability — The main drawback of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum is that they are highly volatile.

Stablecoins cannot move nearly as quickly in value as these unpegged cryptos. As a result, stablecoins are a much safer option. Security — Stablecoins originate from the basis of cryptos as a digital token with complete transparency and anonymity. Therefore, as long as you keep your wallet information private, you do not need to worry about identity theft or fraud. Since stablecoins operate on a blockchain, you can be sure your payments are completely anonymous to those who are not participating in the transaction.

International currency — As long as a merchant accepts stablecoins, you can use yours anywhere in the world. Since its price is consistent internationally, you do not need to account for exchange fees. Low transaction fees — transaction fees for stablecoin payments and purchases are zero or completely minimal, but the amount can be dependent on the size of the purchase. Divisible currency — like Bitcoin, you do not need to worry about owning or using one entire stablecoin in order to use it.

However, if you want to exchange your stablecoin for the asset it represents, like PAXG, you might need to own one entire token. There are many benefits associated with using stablecoins. But, like any payment system, there are risks you should be aware of before performing some transaction, such as buying gold with stablecoins.

CONS: Lack of Transparency — The biggest pitfall of stablecoins is that the company who runs the stablecoin and controls its reserves does not have to be transparent about its reserves. However, it was discovered that Tether only had about cents to a dollar for what investors actually put in.

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