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Gaston julia fractals forex


gaston julia fractals forex

This paper deals with a brief historical introduction to fractals, fractal dimension and fractal geometry. Many fractals including the Cantor fractal. mathematician Gaston Julia, who discovered many of the has properties of this set in represents a fixed point off^fx) and hence a periodic point of f(x). Keywords— Mandelbrot Set, Julia Sets, Complex, Fractals, fractal theory [6]. In , French Mathematician Gaston. Julia () [7] y S f x. INSTA FOREX UNTUK BLACKBERRY

Figure 2: Elliott wave phases Impulsive or motive waves do consist of 5 phases and corrective waves consist of 3 phases A-B-C. This was a first indication that there could be substantial value in using fractals for explaining the stock market. Mandelbrot discovered this was indeed the case.

For me this was a confirmation that it would make sense to add fractals to my model. The structure of my model My basic assumption is that an index has the character of one unique complex fractal. I also assume that each index is represented by its own unique different fractal. When analyzing any index, I take the following steps: 1. Find the right fractal Julia Set for the index being analyzed 2.

Determine the character of the last fully completed wave: impulsive or corrective 3. Determine the right position of this wave in the specific Julia Set found 4. Determine with the Julia Set what the character is of the current wave: impulsive or corrective 5. Determine and confirm the right position within the Julia Set of the current wave 6. Validate the character of the last and current wave and this must correspond with what is calculated, if unsuccessful, go to step 1.

Use the wave character and the Julia set to calculate the next price target. Validate this price target of the last wave, if unsuccessful, go to step 1. Determine the price target of the current wave based on the Julia Set The first two completed building blocks CD and CU indeed portrayed the expected wave character and achieved their respective price targets. Clearly, the current wave just started in September and has an impulsive downward character.

I calculated a price target of points. Although timing is rather complex and preliminary, I expect a major bottom in December - January time frame. Every index has to be identified with its appropriate fractal, but I do expect at least some directional price correlation. A significant price decline in the AEX index does not come alone. Major indices should head the same downward direction, whether that be corrective down CD or impulsive down ID. The model predicts a major bottom near a calculated value of 1, points.

In other words, both indexes trade within totally different fractals. Secondly, the calculated price decline for the AEX index starts from a different point where a previous wave already completed. The aim of this chapter is to present fractal geometry, its properties e. A fractal could be defined as a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be subdivided in parts, each of which is approximately a reduced-size copy of the whole Mandelbrot, This term was created to differentiate pure geometric figures from other types of figures that defy such simple classification.

When Mandelbrot presented the list of publications between and , date when the French version of his book was published, the people were surprised by the variety of the studied fields: linguistics, cosmology, economy, games theory, turbulence, noise on telephone lines Mandelbrot, Fractals are generally self-similar on multiple scales.

So, all fractals have a built-in form of iteration or recursion.

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