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Destroy all humans bulletproof crypto


destroy all humans bulletproof crypto

At the Mothership 'Main' menu hold L2 and enter R1, R1, R2, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, R2, R1 to enable the Mmmm Brains! Cheat which increases DNA (Must be. Bulletproof Crypto: Enter X, Y, LEFT, LEFT, Y, X. Deep Thinker: Enter BLACK, WHITE, Y, RIGHT, WHITE, Y. Mmm Brains!: Enter (increse DNA) -. Crypto does not have to run all the time, he can also use his flying saucer to abduct humans or animals, cause havoc or face bigger threats. Next to the story-. HOT TO PURCHASE ETHEREUM

This cheat allows the player to jump straight into the action with the most chaos possible. Bulletproof Crypto This cheat code essentially activates god mode and sends Crypto into an unkillable state. The player becomes impervious to enemy attacks, allowing for mass destruction without dying. Pairing this cheat with Ammo-A-Plenty makes for unrivaled chaos, even in the remake.

Deep Thinker Crypto has many mental abilities, including psycho-kinesis, hypnotize, and transmogrify. These powerful abilities allow Crypto to manipulate the world around him and its people, to sometimes hilarious results. The player can even cause civilians to forget all the carnage they just witnessed with the ability Free Love. This cheat gives the player unlimited access to these useful mind powers and is performed by pressing R1, R2, Circle, Right D-pad, R2, and Circle from any location.

Purchasable Upgrades This cheat makes every upgrade in the game purchasable, allowing the player to quickly ramp up in power. Upgraded mind and weapon abilities allow Crypto to unleash powers far beyond his means. All of these abilities being purchasable puts the player on a fast track to unleashing armageddon. Mmmm Brains! This cheat provides Crypto with useful DNA that he uses to obtain upgrades. Normally, Crypto would have to extract the brains of humans to harvest DNA. This cheat is unique in that it is one of two cheats that must be performed from the mothership.

Survival is not an option, but you should be honoured to support the legacy of the Furon Empire! Destroy All Humans! Crypto can hypnotize and scan people, and lift objects using psychokinesis. He can also control humans using the Hypno Blast to impose his commands.

Extracted DNA can be exchanged in your mothership for new weapons and ability upgrades. Furon weaponry includes a Zap-o-Matic, disintegrator ray, abducto beam, quantum deconstructor and even the famous anal probe. Not to be overpowered, you have to disguise yourself using the Holobob. There are different alert levels, similar to the Grand Theft Auto games and if you are not careful, you will be hunted down by the police, military or the government.

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Destroy All Humans: Bulletproof Crypto

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