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Ref betting nba basketball


ref betting nba basketball

The latest episode of sports investigative series Untold premieres on Netflix August Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul looks at former NBA. Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy got real on placing bets on games in Netflix's Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul trailer. Donaghy, you'll remember, was the NBA referee who was at the center of a huge gambling scandal in that cast real (further) doubt on the. 2022 SUMMERSLAM BETTING ODDS

Why leave it open to interpretation and something that referees can use for their own agenda? Same goes for the rule of verticality and other variations of traveling violations, which are applied inconsistently, if at all. In the documentary, Donaghy cites a vivid example. He says the league decided to crack down on a certain spin move by calling it a traveling violation. One night Donaghy made that very call — on Michael Jordan.

I just wanted to be the best referee and advance up the ladder and I saw the way guys that were in the NBA Finals handled the game. They came to see them play. In the early s, the sports-betting world was undergoing its own equivalent of a dot-com boom. Black-market street bookies from all over the U. It was situated in a house a block off the beach. And it was there, in fall -- between beers under palms at the Mambo Beach tiki bar, between rounds of golf and late-night poker sessions at the Holiday Beach hotel's casino -- that the Animals began to cash in on one brilliant discovery.

Rhino Ruggieri was booking bets made by an acquaintance from back home, a guy he knew from the golf course named Jack Concannon. Back in Philly, Ruggieri had noticed that Concannon's bet sizes were an order of magnitude higher on certain NBA games. And those bets won -- won like Concannon had never won before. And normally this guy lost. But suddenly this recreational dumb-money insurance salesman was putting five dimes each on select NBA games and beating the bookies? There had to be a pattern.

They'd studied his wagers. It hadn't taken long to deduce. Because he was a sometime member of the same golfing circle back home, Ruggieri knew that Concannon and NBA ref Tim Donaghy were friends. They checked the games. Who were the referees? Sure enough, there he was. One of the three was always him. Fing Donaghy. Holy s! Donaghy and Concannon are betting on Donaghy's games -- and making a goddamn killing. So what do you do when you stumble upon a possible criminal conspiracy in progress?

Large sums but, if handled deftly, not large enough to alert the broader market that something screwy might be going on. They had possibly just stumbled on the ultimate edge. They now had one job: Do not lose the edge by letting the information leak.

Whether Donaghy was using his whistle to fix games was beside the point. When Donaghy reffed and Concannon bet, the side he bet was covering the spread between 60 and 70 percent of the time. The Animals went so far as to study the box scores after each of Donaghy's outings.

That was obvious. Yeah, I did. But I didn't give a s, because it was great information. From to , we didn't miss a game. Any game that he reffed we had a wager on. Battista had since decided to set up shop on his own as a bet broker. Whatever his issue was, Battista said he couldn't talk about it over the phone. A decade later, in the break room of the hair salon he worked in, Martino told me how it had gone: Martino had already known that their mutual buddy Tim Donaghy had been betting on his own NBA games with Concannon, and winning those bets.

Battista, after discovering this, had been following those bets for the better part of the past four years. But now, when Battista arrived at Martino's house, he dropped the bomb. The big problem, Battista said, was that the betting markets appeared to be getting wise to the emergence of an astonishingly accurate NBA handicapper. Because this edge, this treasure, was in danger of evaporating, Battista had decided that he needed to assume direct control over the referee.

Martino was not a gambler, had hardly ever placed a bet in his life. But he'd remained close friends after high school with both Donaghy and Battista, who, in turn, were never that close with each other. Martino, in that way, was about to become the unlikely bridge upon which the conspiracy would travel. To Martino, Battista seemed desperate, even frightened. And it was there, in the otherwise vacant dining area, seated around a table, that Battista and Donaghy, with Martino witnessing, consummated their deal.

Much later on he would come to call this meeting "the marriage. According to statements Donaghy made to federal law enforcement, Battista's deal was effectively an act of extortion. You don't want anyone "from New York" coming to your house, Battista told him. According to Battista, though, it was Donaghy who reached out, asking for a meeting.

Both Battista and Martino have said that there were no threats, that everyone was nervous but the situation seemed copacetic, and that what sold Donaghy on the deal was Battista saying to him: We know you're giving the games to Jack Concannon. And then, twisting the knife, Battista told him how much Concannon was winning. Donaghy rose from the table. He had to use the bathroom, he said, and motioned for Martino to please come along. It got out to Battista that I'm giving games to Jack!

But no. You know what he says? He goes: 'Do you believe it? They came out of the station bearing a packet of rolling papers, and right there inside the car, under the fluorescent gas station lights, in the rental-return sprawl adjacent to the Philadelphia International Airport runway, Martino rolled a joint. They passed it back and forth -- Battista, who'd snorted some coke earlier, demurred -- and as the car filled with smoke, they made, Martino told me, "a pact.

Because that's how you get in trouble. The Celtics played the 76ers the night after the Marriott meeting. Donaghy worked the game. It was his first pick for Battista. The Celtics, favored by 2. We had a big bet on every fing game. There's a defined trading session. It opens in the morning and closes right before tip-off. It's possible, in effect, to buy and sell bets, to go long or go short, to hedge. The best movers spend years compiling vast networks of clients and "outs," or counterparties, with whom the movers can trade.

Battista had such a network. It's possible, through Don Best Sports, a betting information service, to pull the line-movement data for individual NBA games going back years. It's like looking at a stock chart. The data chronicle price fluctuations.

If the spread widens during the trading session, then you know that demand among gamblers for betting on the favorite has intensified. And indeed, the chart for the Boston-Philly game on Dec. Huge bets on Boston in the middle of the trading session, between a. In the NBA markets, betting experts say, any move of 1.

The night after the Boston victory, according to all parties, the conspirators met once more, at Martino's house in the Philly suburb of Boothwyn. From here on out, Battista said, he and Donaghy would never communicate directly. Instead, Martino would be in the middle. They would use, per Martino's statement to the FBI, a code.

Martino had two brothers. One, Johnny, lived in Jersey. The other, Chuck, lived in Delco. According to Martino, if Donaghy mentioned out-of-state Johnny's name, the pick was for the visiting team. If Donaghy talked about Chuck, bet the home side. Not exactly the Enigma cipher but better than yapping about specific teams and risking someone overhearing. That way, Battista could begin to prepare the markets, to manipulate the prices in their favor. He would start before dawn with the enormously liquid Asian betting markets, an amorphous group of black- and gray-market internet sportsbooks based in places like Manila and Kuala Lumpur.

Normally this meant making a few "head fake" bets.

Ref betting nba basketball justin thomas masters odds


In the previous two seasons, this only happened 44 percent of the time. According to Bell, the odds of such a discrepancy are 1 in 1,, and there was "a The big money won every time —another indication that "something was going on. According to Lang, an official can directly influence the outcome of a game 75 percent of the time if he has money on the game. For instance, Lang said that a crooked NBA referee can fix the total score by calling enough fouls to get both teams in the bonus.

When a game is being fixed, Lang said, the officials should be the prime suspects because the players are making too much money to risk their future. Lang also believed a bookie connected to the mob turned Donaghy in to the FBI. Despite the labor agreement for referees, which restricted them from participating in almost all forms of gambling, it was revealed that about half of the NBA's officials had made bets in casinos, albeit not with sportsbooks.

In addition, almost all referees had admitted to engaging in some form of gambling. Alternatively, if it looks like a blowout is about to ensue in the second half, we could take the larger spread knowing how both teams are playing. When it comes to NBA betting, the closing line is the last odds provided by a sportsbook before an event takes place. It is widely understood that by the time a LA Lakers vs Golden State Warriors game is about to begin, all relevant information has been factored into the odds and that the closing line for that game is far more accurate than the opening line was.

If NBA online betting is something you want to do, then make it a priority to be checking odds early on game day or maybe even the night before. Waiting until the last moments before LeBron James tips off against Steph Curry means that you will be dealing with the sharpest and most accurate odds on that game. However, when it comes to NBA online betting, we have to remember that underdogs come through as often as the favorites, once you factor in spreads.

Last year, there was a point in the season when the New York Knicks were a. The Knicks were losing the same amount of games as they were winning, but from a betting the spread standpoint, they were one of the best teams in the league. There is a difference between teams who win and teams who cover.

The same applies for betting on unders. It is widely known that the general public would much prefer to watch a game that is high scoring and are therefore more likely to bet the over on that game. Great NBA online bettors know that betting underdogs and unders will payout as often as favorites and overs will.

Be an expert: Being an expert when it comes to NBA betting means limiting the number of teams and games you bet on. There are 30 NBA teams and very few of us are experts on every team and every division. If you are a fan of the Boston Celtics, then maybe focus the majority of your betting time on other teams in the Eastern Conference, like the Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets or Miami Heat.

Becoming an expert on a couple of teams or one division can give you an edge over those who are wagering on every team in the league. Shop around: There are lots of options when looking for NBA betting sites, but when it comes to finding the best NBA betting sites that meet all your needs, you have to shop around.

Most of the sharp bettors will have multiple accounts at different sites. You might like the Philadelphia 76ers to beat the Atlanta Hawks. If you shop around with different online sportsbooks, you will find there are probably three or four different spreads or moneylines for that one particular game — now as an educated gambler who has shopped around, you can pick the odds that work best for you.

To withdraw each bonus and any winnings associated with it, you often need to wager an amount equal to ten times the applicable bonus granted.

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