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Forex brokers trading platinum


forex brokers trading platinum

City Index is a global CFD and FX broker founded in The company offers two ways to trade forex: spread betting and spot FX through its. Learn more about platinum trading – from how the market works and what drives the it was not traded as a currency like gold and silver. Contracts for difference, or CFDs, are contracts which exist between traders and brokers offering these contracts, where the broker covers the difference. DELTA DESKTOP CRYPTO

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There are numerous factors that may affect the price of platinum, many of which are related to its uses in industry and therefore the demand for the metal: More than half of all platinum produced is used in jewellery manufacturing. This can leave it highly exposed to changes in buying habits, tastes and consumer demands. Platinum is an essential component in catalytic converters.

Whilst this has ensured an abundant demand for platinum since they became compulsory in vehicles in , new cars are turning to different energy sources and are therefore no longer being fitted with the devices.

This will have the effect of reducing the demand for platinum in the coming years. Platinum is gaining use in photography, thermometers and crucible electrodes for high temperature melting. Again, this increased demand would lead to a change in the price of the metal. How is Platinum Traded? Futures and options are common instruments used to trade platinum, and are provided by the CME Group, amongst others.

Each NYMEX futures contract is for 50 troy ounces of the metal, with a requirement for the platinum to be delivered under the contract to be We trust them to a point where we currently have invested our own money at their brokerages across a portfolio of accounts. Is the broker regulated? Does the broker have tight spreads?

Does the broker offer account management? Does the broker have fast execution times? We have worked it all out for you so you can focus on trading. Our list will grow as we assess and discuss with other potential recommended brokers. Zero issues with deposits and withdrawals. Highly recommended, safe, reliable and delivered with a dedicated account manager.

VT Markets has different options for accounts where you can select what best suits you.

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